Eddy Lee is One of LA’s Most Promising Asian Painters

Many Asian Americans harbor a dream more than the daily grind of a 9-5 job. Many of us dream of

I Use Men for Money and Never Have Sex With Them, I’m a “FinDom”

Editor’s Note: We’re revisiting this article, which was one of the most viral hits on our website 4 years ago.

L Shima is Naughtier than Your Average Asian Girl

L Shima is very different from a lot of the girls we put on Amped Asia. She has a different

Asian Men Are Still Taking “Ls” in Crazy Rich Asians

(Minor spoilers ahead). I want to preface this negative review with some positivity. Crazy Rich Asians is a great movie

Move Over Twilight, Asia’s New Obsession is REAL LIFE MERMAIDS!

Mermaids are not just mythical creatures. For $500/hr, you could rent a beautiful mermaid to sing, tell stories, and of

Jeremy Long Became a Pornstar to Prove Against that 1 Asian Stereotype

I‘m sure we’ve all noticed that Asian male porn stars are pretty much non-existent. What does this mean for us?

RIP Willis Wilson by minority$ociety

Minority Society  (stylized as Minority$ociety) is a multi-cultural hip-hop group we interviewed for our October 2014 issue. Their group consists

How Soon Until We See Flying Cars on the Roads?

Living in LA I’ve always dreamed of being able to escape the traffic in a flying car. Those dreams are

Kasumi DOA

Top 10 Asian Femme Fatales in Fighting Games

Here at Amped Asia we have compiled a list of what we consider the Top Ten Asian Femme Fatales in