Move Over Twilight, Asia’s New Obsession is REAL LIFE MERMAIDS!

Mermaids are not just mythical creatures. For $500/hr, you could rent a beautiful mermaid to sing, tell stories, and of course perform tricks in water. We bring to you one such professional mermaid who is making waves in Asia and fulfilling all your Mermaid fantasies!

Half woman, half fish. Looks fun... Via Syrena Facebook

Half woman, half fish. Absolutely gorgeous… Via Syrena / Facebook

Beautiful Syrena is Singapore’s first mermaid performer. For many college students, waiting tables and babysitting are decent part-time jobs which allow you to earn your keep. But for this gorgeous college student, these are not exciting enough jobs. In fact, she recently set up a mermaid school, where you can live your mermaid dreams. Male students are welcomed too, so ditch your vampire costume and be a merman!

Syrena, whose real name is Cara Nicole Neo, majors in English literature and also does belly dancing. The young lady with shiny flowing hair bought her first mermaid tail while finding a costume for Halloween. Appearing in fashion shows and corporate parties is just another day’s work for Syrena, but the most fulfilling thing for her is entertaining children. A girl who loves kids is always adorable, so that makes Syrena all the more loveable. In an interview with The Diplomat, she said:

“I have parents writing in telling me that their kids have seen my pictures, and would love to meet me at their upcoming birthday parties. I have little girls commenting on my photographs, telling me how much they love mermaids and how they’d love to be one. It’s so important for children to retain a sense of wonderment and awe, which is precisely what I try to instill.”

Children love Mermaids. So do we. Via Syrena Facebook

Children love Mermaids. So do we. Via Syrena / Facebook

This mermaid trend is spreading across Asia – there are not only mermaids in Singapore and Malaysia, but also from Thailand to India. In fact, The Guardian recently called the rise of the mermaids as the “new vampires”. So, move over Twilight. An academic, Prof Kokai, was quoted saying:

“I think it’s a way for women to play around with sexuality without being seen as impure or slutty.”

According to Syrena’s website, mermaiding provides plenty of benefits. It’s a sport that enhances the well-being of your body, soul and mind. You get to keep fit and tone those abs while having fun. Heck, I can’t even swim properly on my own – not to mention with a 15kg (33lbs) tail pulling me down. I imagine you’d get to burn a helluva calories while getting to admire all the other marine babes.

Syrena believes that mermaids are “strong, graceful, loving, compassionate, and confident beings”. And at her mermaid school, which opens this month in June 2015, she aims to inculcate and nurture those values in every student.

Are you tempted to join her class now? I’m definitely fascinated and totally in love with mermaids because of her – and I know you are, too.

Don't be too shocked when you see a beautiful lady-fish lying beside your swimming pool. Am I dreaming? Via Syrena Facebook

Don’t be too shocked when you see a beautiful mermaid lying beside your swimming pool. Am I dreaming? Via Syrena / Facebook

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Written by kevinhype