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Lynn Chu

Lynn Chu is Your Cover for the Summer 2015 Double Issue

The lovely Lynn Chu is our featured cover model for this month. We’re glad to have shot some extremely sexy

Lisa Mao

The Cambodian Fashion Blogger Beauty, Lisa Mao!

Unlike unicorns, this fashion blogger Lisa Mao is REAL and fulfills all our fantasies! Read on to find out more!


Gorgeous, Guarded, Hungry Girl Cecille C.

Check out this Bay Area beauty’s interview with Amped Asia! Cecille C. is one gorgeous model living in the Bay

Sex Tape Filmed In A Beijing UNIQLO Goes Viral

A sex tape was filmed in a Beijing UNIQLO dressing room goes viral. Read on and find out more. A

Marie Madore

How to Attract: Marie Madore

We picked the brain of Marie Madore, one of the hottest models in the car scene and Miss HIN Dallas.

Who Is This Cute Korean Otaku Model Driving Japanese Men Crazy?

This Korean Otaku model is making Japanese men go crazy! Read to find out more. An online model from Korea

Yuko Nakagawa Is The Gorgeous 43 Year Old Model Japan LOVES!

Women only get better with age and this 43 year old Japanese model proves it! Yuko Nakagawa is a Japanese

Meet The Model That The Japanese Have Dubbed a “Once In 1,000 Years Beauty”

Japan has been going gaga for this model they feel is a “once in 1,000 years beauty.” Do you agree?

Is This the Chinese “Hooters”?

China is known for its knockoffs. So it’s not surprising that they would try to make a clone of Hooters