Lynn Chu is Your Cover for the Summer 2015 Double Issue

The lovely Lynn Chu is our featured cover model for this month. We’re glad to have shot some extremely sexy photos of this stunner.

Lynn Chu

Lynn Chu Cover

First of all I want to issue a sincere apology for anyone who was expecting our Summer issue out a little sooner. We’ve been working really hard and it took us a while to put this one together. However, future issues will be on time. I am so sorry for the misunderstandings!

If you haven’t heard of Lynn Chu then you’re missing out on one of the hottest girls on the scene at the moment. She’s become one of the most popular Asian models on Instagram as of late. We featured her as our cover on our Summer 2015 double issue.

This month we’re also debuting our feature superhero, “Amped Girl.” The illustration was made by the very talented Terry Alec (@terryalec). We thank you so much for contributing such an awesome illustration to our magazine.

The models featured in this issue are Kimmie Diem, Rebecca Chen, and Samantha Prestidge. All three of them are extremely gorgeous, and I’m sure you will love their pictorials.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.07.41 PM

Kimmie shot a pictorial with one of our new photographers, the talented Tiffanie Marie.

Rebecca Chen shot an edgy set with ShadowGraphs, one of the photographers we’re keeping a close watch on.

Last but not least, Samantha Prestidge comes to us from Chicago. Her photos are courtesy of Mr. Y.L.F. Thanks for the submission!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.07.32 PM

A very interesting piece we wrote for this month is an interview with Miko Dai. She’s a new porn star who pretty much spills the ins and outs of the porn industry. This was a very VERY interesting interview and it was extremely eye opening to hear some of her answers.

We’re also showing off our Always Zero Apologies (AZA) summer collection in this issue.

Without further ado, have fun with our summer issue!

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Written by Editorial Staff