Jeremy Long Became a Pornstar to Prove Against that 1 Asian Stereotype

I‘m sure we’ve all noticed that Asian male porn stars are pretty much non-existent. What does this mean for us? It means that Asian men will continue that stereotype of having a small dick (which people will say is the reason we aren’t starring in porn). It means that Asian men will rarely ever be seen as masculine sexual figures. It means that most non-Asian girls will have no idea what to expect with an Asian guy in bed.

Yeah. Who knew porn could be that important for Asian men?

With the proliferation of tube sites and free porn all over the internet, the porn industry has taken a turn to a focus on niche content. One very underdeveloped niche is the the Asian male X female genre (where X is a non-Asian). Some enterprising producers have began to tap into this market, and I got a chance to interview one of their first male performers.

Jeremy Long (stage name) has always had an interest in the Asian American community and didn’t want to idly stay back and let Asian guys take a bad rep for having small penises. So when he was offered the opportunity to become a performer in the adult film industry he didn’t hesitate and decided to show once and for all that Asian men can be pornstars as well.

Jeremy shoots for (NSFW), one of the first of its kind, offering rare, premium content featuring Asian males and non-Asian females. We were able to get an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Mr. Jeremy Long, and we discussed increasing your penis size, having a lot of sex, and being an Asian guy in the porn industry.

JL Maddy Seated

“I’m Asian, I’m good at math!”

What made you guys start shooting porn with Asian males?

Asian males are probably more underrepresented in straight porn than in any other industry in the country. And Japan has one of the largest porn industries in the world, so there are tons of Asian guys doing porn—just not over here, and not in a way that has any real visibility to the US/Western public.

I think there is something very profound in being part of a group (Asian American males) that is almost entirely absent from porn—especially when our women are very much active in the industry. For years “Asian American porn” has always meant Asian women with White (or other non-Asian) men. So what we’re doing is basically flipping the script on that and producing the exact opposite type of content. In many ways this genre, whatever you want to call it (some call it AMXF) is still in its early stages of formation. We hope that it will grow to become an established mainstream genre in porn.

Your stage name is Jeremy Long. How did you come up with that?

Well it’s pretty common in porn to parody a mainstream celebrity with a porn twist. I’m a huge Jeremy Lin fan, so at some point I came up with that. I was also considering Mike Chang, the guy from Six Pack Shortcuts because I watch his videos all the time. We’re actually going to do a parody shoot of one those workout videos where he brings a chick on his show. We’re going to do that soon as I can get into good enough shape, so I’m looking forward to that.


But you look like you work out a lot and youre in pretty good shape now right?

Haha thanks, but I haven’t quite reached Mike Chang status yet though.

What do you think about the “small penis stereotype” Asian men have to face?

Haha, well I think there’s only one way to deal with that — women out there need to sleep with as many Asian men as possible and investigate for themselves.

What was the primary motivation for you to become a pornstar?

Lots of things in this industry operate very opportunistically. I just happened to know some people who knew some people which led to this. As far as my motivation though, I would say it really began in an Asian American studies class at UC Berkeley where we learned about the work of professor Darrell Hamamoto who had produced porn sort of as a research project. In those types of classes we would learn all kinds of theories about the emasculation of Asian males in the media and things like that. But this guy–instead of just writing some paper about it, he was actually doing something in the real world. As an academic, he had a lot to risk and lose, and I thought it was ballsy as hell, and I very much admired it and appreciated it as fellow Asian male. And when I was confronted with this opportunity, I just saw this as a chance to represent. And also, I mean I’ve always been a pretty ballsy guy myself and doing porn is definitely the ultimate YOLO.

I also can’t give enough thanks to my predecessors, the pioneers of Asian American porn: Keni Styles, Hung Lo, and Rick Lee. If it wasn’t for these guys there wouldn’t be a place for Asian American males in porn. They had to go into this with absolutely no precedent or security, which I have the benefit of now. It’s the greatest honor for me to even be considered an addition to that list.


As an Asian guy, how have people in the porn industry treated you?

Well you might think that because we’re so underrepresented that the porn industry is racist and it would be difficult for an Asian guy, but I haven’t experienced anything even close to that. Everyone has been very enthusiastic about working with an Asian guy, and most people think as a genre there is incredible untapped market potential.

The industry is pretty insular, and the lack of Asian males reflects the general absence of us from those inner circles more than anything else. I think it’s also mainstream society imposing a stigma and a barrier between porn and the outside world, that makes it difficult to recruit Asian guys.

Do you take any supplements for your penis? Is your penis size a result of any artificial enhancements?

Haha, well I’ve never had any surgery or anything like that. I do take some natural supplements though, and for your male readers, I think I can give some advice based on what I’ve learned doing porn. I don’t know if it’s possible to actually increase the size of your penis, but I have learned ways to help you achieve your maximum potential, which we don’t normally reach when we’re having regular sex (or masturbating or whatever).

You know, not all erections are equal. You can just watch some of my videos to see that. Sometimes it’s looking kinda flimsy and other times it’s looking pretty banging. Some of that is just the angling and camera or whatever, but a lot of it is the difference between an erection at 70-80% vs something close to 100%. Just think back to the biggest, hardest boner you’ve ever popped—you don’t pop one of those everyday, but I do think there are ways to help you control that, and get there more often. After I started doing porn, especially in the beginning when I was still getting comfortable and under a lot of pressure (mainly self-imposed), I would explore ways to improve my on-screen performance. I’d say for most guys the difference between an average erection and reaching their full potential could be about a .5 inch to an inch, and some significant girth. So nothing extreme, but definitely worth the effort.

I’ve found that taking L-Arginine, Zinc, and Magnesium in standard doses on a regular basis helps. You also need to eliminate any vasoconstrictors like stimulants (cocaine, Adderall, preworkout supplements, etc.) before activity. You want wide blood vessels and strong, healthy blood flow. If you also take an ED drug like Viagra or Cialis coupled with using a penis pump which engorges your dick with blood—you’ll be rocking a schlong I’m sure you’ll be happy with.


How much sex have you shot on camera so far?

I’ve done about 15 shoots so far and have a few more coming up this month. The craziest I’ve ever done was three in a row on a three-day weekend. That was nuts! (literally haha)

And over the years I’ve been developing a pretty large personal collection on my phone, and I’ll probably be continuing that long after I quit doing porn.

So youre an educated guy and now go to UC Berkeley School of Law?

Yep, I’m a double Bear. Went there for undergrad, went to grad school for a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge and now I’m back at Cal for law school.

Thats obviously a prodigious school. Do your classmates know about what you do and what do they think about it?

Well I’m a very open person so I’ve never made an attempt to hide it (which nowadays would be futile anyways given that so many people watch porn). But Boalt Hall (what UC Berkeley’s Law School is called) is a uniquely awesome place with amazing people. It’s what really sets us apart from other schools. All of my friends there have been extremely supportive. There is a large Asian student body, and a general culture of openness and progression, so most people at my school think what I’m doing is great. is looking for more Asian male porn stars. Do you have what it takes? Go on their website and apply today, or email [email protected].

Written by kevinhype