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Danielle Lo is Sexier than Ever in Vol. 19

There’s some exciting news coming to Amped Asia. For the foreseeable future, every single issue will be printed. We’re focusing more on print because we’ve discovered that you guys love our print issues and have been going around car shows getting models to sign them. Secondly, we’re bringing...

Ashley Vee Stuns in Amped Asia Vol. 18

Welcome to 2016, Amped Asia fans. Every year we go through a couple changes, and this year we decided we want to be more consistent. So our publication calendar will provide you guys 8 issues every year. In return, we also promise to try and print more issues. We’ve had...

The Story of Kristyana aka Kreepyana

Get a free issue of Amped Asia! Kristyana, aka Kreepyana has quickly become one of our favorite models. She’s gorgeous, down-to-earth, and is funny as hell. One look at her social media posts and you’ll soon see that she’s one of the most entertaining people you’ll ever meet....