NYC Restaurant “One If By Land, Two if By Sea” is Allegedly Racist towards Asians

One if By Land, Two if By Sea is a well known NYC restaurant that has been named the #5 most romantic restaurant in the world. But the Yelp reviews and an Asian Tik Toker have also called it the most racist restaurant in NYC towards Asian people.

The Yelp account has reviews claiming that there is an “Asian corner” upstairs away from the view of the street where they seat Asians and people of color. There has also been claims that the workers in the restaurant are rude towards Asian people.

The news first came out due to TikTok user Annie (@rokug4n), who created a Tik Tok calling out the racist behavior at the restaurant.

Famed YouTuber, Chang Nation, then made an expose on the restaurant in question, which gathers all the evidence and discusses what allegedly took place.

In the meantime, Asian Americans worldwide have banded together to start writing negative reviews on the restaurant, and will continue to do so until the restaurant closes its doors altogether. While Yelp has temporarily shut down the reviews, subreddits such as Azn Identity have started to target the restaurant.

Asian Americans historically have been seen as the “model minority” which allows racist restaurants the chance to bully them with little pushback. But in this day and age, the newer generation is using social media to combat and fight these institutions.

Written by Editorial Staff