It’s Just as Cringey When Asian Men Put White Girls on a Pedestal

Scrolling through Tik Tok, I happened upon the video of this girl who had a Hinge horror story – an Asian guy who’s Tik Tok was all about dating non-Asians and why non-Asian girls should give him a chance.


like i understand types but i feel this is just way too weird #hinge #asian #datinghorrorstory

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With a little digging in the comments we found the perpetrator in question.

Min decided to base his whole online persona on one thing: his obsession with dating non-Asian and mostly white women. And it’s just… awkward. Super awkward.

The worst part? This guy seems to define himself entirely by his dating choices. It’s like his value as a person comes from who he dates, not what he does or who he is as an individual. Again, super cringe.

It plays into colorism, props up stereotypes, and might make some people feel pretty bad about themselves.

As Asian dudes, we’ve gotta be aware of this. If we’re going to call out Asian women for being LUs, it’s important that we don’t start becoming LUs ourselves.

Next time you see something cringe on TikTok or anywhere else, use it as a chance to question, learn, and promote a healthier view of race and relationships. Let’s do better, guys.

Written by Editorial Staff