NextShark Covers Asian Man that asks Asian Women to Stop Bashing Asian Men, Asian Lus Go Insane in the Comments

Hey everyone, buckle up because I’ve got a crazy digital saga to share with you. Picture the Battle of Waterloo, but instead of cannons and muskets, we’ve got keyboards and comment threads. This online warzone? None other than the social media platform Nextshark.

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So, what set off this keyboard clash? A video from an Asian dude speaking his truth: “Asian women are free to date whomever they want, we don’t care, just don’t bash Asian guys at the same time.”

Sounds fair, right? Well, most Asian guys on our subreddit thought so too. But, man, you should’ve seen the backlash from some Asian women on the platform – total digital inferno!

Cue the torrent of eye-roll-worthy stereotypes and tired tropes about Asian men. The top-rated comments were a smorgasbord of accusations like ‘misogyny’, ‘ assumed ownership over Asian Women’ and a whole lot of gaslighting. To top it off, some folks were using their partners as “proof” to back up their shaky claims.

So, what did our internet-savvy Asian bros do? They launched a counter-offensive, using their keyboard might to debunk all the BS misinformation. The comment count? A staggering 2400!

But in the end, this keyboard clash ended much like the Battle of Waterloo: a lot of casualties and no clear winner. Both sides just dug their digital heels in deeper, with neither conceding to the other’s arguments.

It’s seriously disappointing that after 20 freakin’ years, we’re still dealing with the same issues, the same anti-Asian male arguments, and the same protagonists. The only thing that’s changed is the generation of the participants. It’s like we’re stuck in a time warp back to 2003 – 2005.

To those still clinging to their outdated arguments, it’s time for a reality check. We need to move beyond these prejudices and promote a healthier, more understanding online community. Can we make that the next trend, please?

Written by Editorial Staff