The Misogyny Argument Against Asian Men

There’s a lot of discussion on Asian Tik Tok about how “Asian men are misogynistic” and Asian women have the right to talk about it.

That is true, and as an Asian man, I also believe there is a lot of misogyny in Asian cultures.

But in the same vein, that’s not what most of the videos on Tik Tok are talking about.

There’s a big difference between “There’s a lot of Asian men who are misogynistic” to “I’m going to completely exclude Asian men from my dating pool, and btw, here’s a Tik Tok where I’m going to broadcast to my follower base about how Asian men in general are misogynistic.”

One is trying to start the dialogue, the other is just completely shitting on Asian men.

Most of the Tik Toks fall into the latter category.

The harmful nature of this is that POC are always cast as “generally” misogynistic, while White men are always given nuanced depictions – most videos calling out White men for misogyny may say things like “conservative” White men or “white Frat bros” while Asian men are always just a monolith.

While this creator below admits that White men aren’t excluded from the misogyny argument, they are generally absent from the discussion when Asian women decide to speak up about misogyny. Think about it, when was the last time an Asian women created a video decrying the misogyny of White men in general and how they would never date a White guy because White culture is misogynist?

When creators make Tik Toks like this below, they’re missing the point of the argument.


For once, i wish that men would understand the gravity of misogyny in people’s households and cultures and ethnicities and how that impacts dating preferences for women everywhere. #misogyny #dating #asian

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#stitch with @meenj y would i expect any less from men

♬ Cute Girl – EXJUNE

We absolutely should acknowledge the misogyny of Asian men and men in general. However, the issue lies in the generalization of Asian men as misogynistic as a justification for why Asian women have completely taken Asian men from their dating pool – the reality is a lot of these women just want a reason to exclude Asian men.

Overall, though, this is a battle that might never get resolved, as the two sides in the argument seem to be further apart than ever.

Written by Editorial Staff