Chang Nation exposes Ryan Pownall’s Racist Comments Against Asians

YouTuber Chang Nation has recently made a very insightful video on Ryan Pownall, a guy who seems to love making fun of Asian men, for no reason at all. He’s the host of a fairly popular podcast – the Pillow Talk Podcast, where he interviews mostly adult actresses.

Chang clipped and exposes parts of Ryan’s Tik Toks where he spewed racist rhetoric on Asian men and used a devious method to prove his point.

Here’s the nasty way that Pownall has been spreading racism. First, he invites a group of Asian women to his podcast, all of whom are known LUS (Asian women who hate on their own kind)

Then, he smugly asks if they would date Asian men. Predictably, they say no. Cue Ryan Pownall, laughing with delight and triumphantly proclaiming, “AHA! Look, even Asian people won’t date Asian men.”

Frankly, it’s infuriating and disgusting that this kind of racism still exists in our society, and it’s even more disturbing that Pownall continues to spew the same racist comments over and over again.

Then he uses data from 2014 to say that Asian men suck in the dating department, despite the fact that Asian men have been killing it in dating since then due to advances in our culture and entertainment industry.

And if that isn’t enough, Pownall just has to take it a step further. Whenever he has an Asian woman on his podcast, he can’t resist the urge to crack an Asian joke. In an episode with Nicole Doshi, he claimed that “dog and sushi” were the two favorite foods of Asian people? I do. It’s a low blow and a clear testament to Ryan Pownall’s racist mindset.

Chang Nation’s eye popping video shows Ryan Pownall’s racist antics in detail. You can watch it here: (also embedded above)

Now let’s play a hypothetical game. Suppose Ryan Pownall was spewing the same racist rhetoric about Black men. The internet would erupt in an uproar, and rightfully so. But since Pownall’s target is Asian men, his blatant racism somehow slips under the radar. And meanwhile, his podcast thrives.

Until Asians decide to make a stand for themselves, Ryan Pownall and other racists will continue to make ridiculous videos and tik toks that make fun of Asian men. It’s time for Asians to stand up for themselves.

Written by Editorial Staff