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Jeremy Lin is Hilarious in Lindorsements

Watch a new skit from Wong Fu Productions which discusses what endorsements Jeremy Lin could possibly rake in.

Far Alone Remix - Fung Brothers

Check out the latest music release by the Fung Brothers. Nice little song with some cute ladies.

This Cute Asian Girl Shares 6 Personal Hygiene Tips to Help You Get Laid More

Writer Emma Nga Vo shares some personal hygiene tips to help you guys get laid more.


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August 2014 Nikita Esco


Gorgeous models + business advice. How much better can it get?



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Asian Sirens of the Week: September 19, 2014

A pic dump of more NSFW Asian sirens from our favorite blog.

Babes of the Entrepreneur Issue: Kairi Dreme

Kairi is one of the hottest chicks in our latest issue of Amped Asia. Check out Kairi Dreme from the "Babes of the Entrepreneur Issue."

Why Guys Like Asian Girls (and Why it Pisses of Asian Women)

An angry rant from YouTuber Anna Akana. Why do men like Asian girls and why does it make her mad?

Krystel Fontaine Has a Booty That Will Make You Weak

Krystel Fontaine is one of those girls that could bring a man to his knees just on her booty alone. Check out our SIZZLING photoshoot and hot interview with this beautiful babe.

How Pat Flynn Made 5-Figures Per Month By Teaching Online

He is one of the most renowned Internet marketers on the planet. His website Smart Passive Income has been recognized as an authority in the Internet marketing niche.

CEO of a Chinese Shoe Company Steals Their Money and Flees

In a crazy heist, a Chinese shoe company had most of their assets stolen by the CEO and COO.

Japanese Wife Sick of Husband's Porn Addiction

A Japanese wife was sick of her husband's porn addiction, so she took matters into her own hands.

Chinese Woman Discovers She Has No Cerebellum

A Chinese woman in her 20s makes a shocking discovery about her brain. It's a wonder that she's even still alive.

"Grimey Thirsty" - Far East Movement x Rell the Soundbender x YG

Check out the new song "Grimey Thirsty" from Far East Movement, Rell the Soundbender, and YG which premiered on TSIS.