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Why Guys Like Asian Girls (and Why it Pisses of Asian Women)

An angry rant from YouTuber Anna Akana. Why do men like Asian girls and why does it make her mad?

Japanese Wife Sick of Husband's Porn Addiction

A Japanese wife was sick of her husband's porn addiction, so she took matters into her own hands.

Chinese Woman Discovers She Has No Cerebellum

A Chinese woman in her 20s makes a shocking discovery about her brain. It's a wonder that she's even still alive.


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August 2014 Nikita Esco


Gorgeous models + business advice. How much better can it get?



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"Grimey Thirsty" - Far East Movement x Rell the Soundbender x YG

Check out the new song "Grimey Thirsty" from Far East Movement, Rell the Soundbender, and YG which premiered on TSIS.

Top 5 Most Notorious Asian Womanizers

Let's take a look at some Asian men who have been known to take multiple wives, have affairs, and basically be womanizing bastards.

What the Recent OKCupid Survey Reveals About Racial Bias, "Yellow Fever," and Dating Preferences

OkCupid just released their latest survey which analyzes the dating preferences of different races of people. Some results may surprise you.

September 2014: Entrepreneur Issue Release

If you're an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, this magazine is chock full of great tactics and strategy to help you succeed in your endeavors. Plus all the hotties you'll ever want.

Could You Pick Up Girls Wearing a Dog's Shock Collar?

Simple Pickup is back in form. Their latest video is f*cking hilarious. Check them picking up girls wearing a dog's SHOCK COLLAR.

Asian Boy Has Swag - Check out his Michael Jackson Performance

This is one of the most talented 7-year-old dancers in China. Check out his sick Michael Jackson performance on China's Got Talent.

Feelin' Like Music Video - J-Reyez

Take a peek at J-Reyez's newest release with the typical amount of sexy Asian chicks including Elizabeth Tran.

We Interviewed This Asian Girl About Her Problem With Guys That Have "Yellow Fever"

We discussed the yellow fever phenomenon with writer Emma, and asked whether she's truly bothered by guys that have a fetish for Asian girls.

Streetwear Spotlight: Fokai

Fokai is a streetwear brand based out of Guam that looks freakin' sick. Check out their sweet designs and the sexy ladies modeling them.