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Eva Sex Toy
25 Oct 2014

Vibrating Device Codenamed “Eva” Will Make Sure She Orgasms

As a woman I don’t always orgasm. My man usually does though. I don’t think that’s fair, but until now I’ve always thought there was pretty much nothing I could do. Enter Eva. This is a vibrating device that attaches on top of the woman’s clitoris snugly so that it can stay on during sex. It can also be used

Chinese Gold Digger
25 Oct 2014

Chinese Gold Digger Gets Destroyed on the Internet

It’s hard out there for a gold digger! A Chinese woman from Shanghai posted up on several of her social media profiles that she’s looking for a “temporary boyfriend,” one that will allow her to travel the world without spending any money. Her exact words: “Travel with [me]‘: Post-’95, adorable girl recruiting temporary boyfriends from all parts of China to

The Happening Japanese Idol Group
25 Oct 2014

J-Pop Band Holding Auditions… for Marriage

In Asian countries like Japan and Korea it’s a big scandal when you have a public relationship or marriage. That kind of publicity signals the end of a girl’s career in many cases because it crushes the dreams of their fans. One J-Pop group, The Happening, is breaking from that tradition and holding public auditions for potential dates and even husbands

24 Oct 2014

Nina Pham Returns Home, Free from Ebola

We previously reported that Vietnamese nurse Nina Pham had contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Duncan (the first Ebola case in the United States). She was also the first case of Ebola transmission in the United States. Miraculously, the virus is now out of her system. “I feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today,” she told reporters. Ebola

24 Oct 2014

5 Craziest Dishes Served At Fast Food Restaurants in Asia

I’m so tired of the same ol’ stuff that we get in McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFCs in America. Burgers, fries, shakes — it seems like nothing is unique over here. On the other hand, Asia has got some very “interesting” dishes that seem downright crazy. I decided to write this article because I saw this monstrosity on the news.

Asian Hairstyles
23 Oct 2014

The Sexiest Hairstyle Asian Men Should Rock in 2014 (And Beyond)

Looking for a simple change to your Asian hairstyle that can make you more attractive? Gentlemen, THE ASIAN “BOWLCUT” HAS GOT TO GO! Asian men have hair that might be widely disputed as the most desirable because it’s nice looking and easy to maintain. So when you do find the proper hairdresser that knows how to handle your hair, be

Minority Society -- Minority $ociety
22 Oct 2014

2 Asian Guys, 2 Black Guys, and a White Girl Started a Hip Hop Group Called Minority Society

Originally published in the October 2014 issue. When I went to the City Approval warehouse party this past month I ran into the hip-hop group that was performing called “Minority Society” (also spelled Minority $ociety). What really stood out to me was the diversity of their group — I’ve never seen a group that was made up of 2 Asian

Jeremy Lin Adidas Commercial
21 Oct 2014

Jeremy Lin is An Adidas Employee in This Hilarious Viral Video

This video proves how much of a funny guy Jeremy Lin is. In this latest video he pretends to be an Adidas employee and trolls the customers in Taiwan. He asks the customers if they like Jeremy Lin and also mentions that Jeremy is just a bench player and that he’s pretty bad. He also endorses Rose’s shoe in a bit


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