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Big Sean x adidas Metro Attitude is a Beautiful Shoe

This is wearable art. Check out Big Sean's new sneaker collab with adidas Originals.

The Ultimate Guide to Hooking Up With Endless Girls in College

A college hookup specialist named Raizo has released a new manifesto to help you get laid a LOT in college.

Which Asian Dude is Megan Fox Still Crushing On?

For a promotional tour in Korea for her Ninja Turtles movie, Megan Fox revealed that she still has a crush on this hot Asian actor and singer. Guess who?


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August 2014 Nikita Esco


Nikita Esco is our cover model for August 2014.



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Selfies from August 23 2014

It's August 23rd, and it's another great day for selfie saturdays. Check out some of the DOPE selfies.

Winter Lotus is a New Streetwear Brand from Los Angeles

Designs are based off a "street goth" aesthetic, popularized by rappers such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Inspirations for the brand come from lines such as Blvck Scvle and UNDER LA.

Share Your Food by Jason Chen and the Fung Brothers

Fung Bros and Jason Chen star in a new parody music video of Rude by MAGIC!

She'll Teach You Chinese... in Her Underwear

Kaoru is not only a gorgeous model, but she's also an entrepreneur. She started SexyMandarin, an online website that teaches you Mandarin Chinese through the use of some scantily-clad women.

Asian Sirens of the Week: August 21, 2014

We got your super sexy Asian Sirens this week. No little kids allowed.

How Being Vulnerable Can Make You Attractive to Women

Asian dating columnist Will Legend discusses vulnerability and how it helps a young lad to attract women.

Watch the First Episode of 'Selfie' Starring John Cho

The premiere episode of John Cho's new primetime TV show has arrived. Watch the 26 minute pilot episode for free online.

The Reasons Why ALL Women are Gold Diggers

YouTuber Anna Akana discusses why all women are biologically wired to be gold diggers. And it's coming from a woman so it CAN'T by misogynistic!

Mis Morning Star Has a Body to Die For

Mis Morning Star is another hottie from Canada. What is it with the Canadians and how do they keep breeding girls this hot?!?!