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TRENDING: Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge

So many sensual challenges in Asia, but the recent trending one is called the “Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge”.  This has been

Man Who Created “White Privilege Club” Says He’s Not Racist, Calls Asian Wife a ‘Slant Eye Import’

The man leading the now-deleted Facebook group, “White Privilege Club”, was arrested last Wednesday in San Francisco for driving through

White Teen Murdered Chinese Grandpa, Gets Life in Prison

A Chinese elderly man was visiting his daughter on New Year’s Day, but was unfortunately murdered by a heinous man

Armed Robbery of Asian Household in Fresno, Leaving 3 Dead and 1 Wounded

There was a reported armed robbery that led to a gunfight, leaving two suspects and one house owner dead.  This

Asian Women Smuggled Suitcase Made of Cocaine

Smugglers usually hide their illegal items, but not for this Southeast Asian woman.   She was arrested at Pudong Airport

Asian Man Assaulted at OC Night Market Because He Refused to Let a White Man Cut in Line

The OC Night Market showcases performances and different types of food that unite people together. However, last Sunday, an Asian

Asian/European Model Rafiah Dutczak Is Super Fine

The good folks over at King’s Publishing came by and mentioned that there was a beautiful model in Australia that no

Marvel’s Ironfist Is The Netflix Series Fans Do Not Want

Marvel releases its fourth series on Netflix, Iron Fist, and early reviews for it aren’t looking good. Released on March

Liz Xiao

Let’s Watch Liz Xiao’s Booty Grow Together

This 100% Chinese babe is San Diego based. Wanting to model since she was 5 years old, her mother’s typical Asian