Armed Robbery of Asian Household in Fresno, Leaving 3 Dead and 1 Wounded

There was a reported armed robbery that led to a gunfight, leaving two suspects and one house owner dead.  This case is still an ongoing investigation as to why the Asian household was targeted.


The two armed men were half-brothers, identified as Elijah Mays Sr., 27, and Xavier Williams, 23, and from Sacramento.  It was reported that these men entered an Asian American household in Fresno on Tuesday morning at 8 A.M.


It is still unknown to why these suspects chose this house or what their motives were; they have past criminal records (included both robbery and home invasion) and were affiliated with a violent street gang, which suggested that this was an attempt at an armed robbery.



Once the intrusion began, Chong Yee Yang, the 69-year-old father of the family, warned his children and one of the sons pulled out an AR-15, which sparked the gun fight.


The intruders and the father of the family were killed in the shootout.  The 30-year-old son of the victim sustained a gunshot injury to his shoulder.



It is still unknown why the family was targeted.


The victim’s sister-in-law stated:

It’s a very hardworking family, very nice family. 

They don’t have any trouble for any people, very quiet family.  The mother and father are too old.


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Posted by ABC30 Action News on Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Before the intrusion, the family was celebrating their brother-in-law’s birthday.  The burglars entered through the front door without warning.


The Fresno Police’s Lt. Dave Madrigal made a statement:


It’s a tragic case, very tragic, that there are people out who will victimize an innocent person for no apparent reason.”



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Written by Jenn