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Why You Need To Visit Japan

All of us at one point and time has wanted to go to the “Land of the Rising Sun” and

Are You An “Intern Boyfriend?”

Editor’s Notes: Before you read, know the terminology. Emotional Cum Dumpster (also can be interchanged with Emotional Fellationship or Copping

How To Deal With Fuck Boys – Keo Necra Brings Us Dick Pic Diaries (Part 2)

Editor Notes: Our justice dealing import/fitness model neighbor from the north brings the 2nd part to her trilogy. Probably my

One Model Gets Back At The Dudes Who Send Her Dick Pics – The Dick Pic Diaries (Part 1)

Editor Notes: Check out the first of a three part article that Keo Necra, a Canadian Import Model, wrote that

We Visit The World’s Largest Adult Expo – The AVN Awards

Our 2016 has been fairly eventful for us here at Amped Asia. Last year was a big year for us

Top Ten Gifs Proving Bruce Lee Was Our Idol

The Dragon has done too much in his time to cover, but here are ten times Bruce reminded us why

Top 10 Things You Knew Growing Up Asian American

If you grew up Asian American than you know thine entries be true. Read on to spread the gospel. he

My Journey to the Land of Unlimited Beautiful Women: Rio

Find out why Rio is the ultimate Sin City and what it has to offer by reading below. olding a

Jeremy Long Became a Pornstar to Prove Against that 1 Asian Stereotype

I‘m sure we’ve all noticed that Asian male porn stars are pretty much non-existent. What does this mean for us?