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Asian Men are More Desirable Than Ever

Why Asian Men Are More Desirable Now Than Ever

In the eyes of the mainstream public Asian men have always had a bad reputation as not being attractive to women.

Top Yoon Eun Hye

10 Reasons I Prefer Dating Asian Men

Asian men are sexy, and this columnist dishes on why she prefers dating Asian men. eople often ask me why

Asian Male White Female Couples

10 Asian Guys Who Got the Non-Asian Girl

Asian men rarely get with non-Asian women in the media (fictional or otherwise), so when they do it’s pretty cool.

Fetish or Preference?

Is My Love for Asians a Fetish or a Preference?

Let’s get interracial for a minute here. I am a longtime advocate of interracial relationships. I don’t remember the last

On Eating Man’s Best Friend: People Still Eat Dogs! (Beware, GRAPHIC images)

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings I had

Top 5 Notorious Womanizers

Top 5 Most Notorious Asian Womanizers

Like James Bond, some Asian guys have also been serial womanizers. While I don’t condone womanizing behavior… heck what am

Korean Food Truck Entrepreneur Roy Choi Will Make a New "Healthy" Fast Food Chain

Even if you haven't heard of Roy Choi, you might have heard of Kogi Truck, which is an iconic Korean/Mexican

South Korean Companies Spent Over 1 Billion on Prostitution Last Year

A study in the Korean Observer has found that 1 billion dollars was spent on prostitution or sex-related expenses. And

This Unbelievably Realistic Robot Will Blow Your Mind

In the Anime Chobits, the protagonist falls in love with his cyborg doll that he finds in a trash heap.