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Let’s face the reality: Asian men don’t have the best image when it comes to the media especially with all

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Meet Izzy, a Twitch streamer who mostly plays League of Legend. To her fans, she’s known as Pink_Sparkles, but not

Japanese Wife Finds Husband’s Porn

Working away from your family, especially your wife, can be sexually frustrating.  However, a man knew how to relieve his stress without needing his wife.  The only problem? She found his stash. 

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In China, the typically wedding tradition is for the man to have stability. Brides often look for their Husbands to

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Are You An “Intern Boyfriend?”

Editor’s Notes: Before you read, know the terminology. Emotional Cum Dumpster (also can be interchanged with Emotional Fellationship or Copping

Watch This Man Propose With More Than 20 Supercars – You Will Weep At Her Response

A man in Shenzhen, China, pulled off an elaborate marriage proposal — involving more than TWENTY Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley