Sexy Twitch Streamer Girl Faces Racism for Having an Asian Boyfriend

Meet Izzy, a Twitch streamer who mostly plays League of Legend. To her fans, she’s known as Pink_Sparkles, but not all of her followers are happy with her recent relationship status.

The 22-year-old Californian is “officially out of the dating game” as she tweeted:

You’d think in 2017 people would get over the fact that her boo is Asian, but nope. The new couple received a lot of racist comments right away:

They assumed just because he’s Asian that he was rich:

and she must’ve been paid to be with him and she’s a gold digger:

What’s the next stereotype after money? Oh right, penis size:

Some went after him and attacked his weight:

Then there were the people who were straight up racist. Even taking the time to make collages:

So how are the couple handling these racist comments? They’re letting the haters hate and they’re continuing to date. Pink_Sparkles continues posting couple pics despite the racism and said they are not phased by it.


Pink_Sparkles: “We are both happy with one another. The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together. To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us.”

Written by Tai Tai