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Former Maxim Model Joins The Police Force

Kim Mi So is a former model that was nominated for Miss Maxim in 2014 and she dropped everything and

Julie Meka: Hollywood Hottie

Ready to meet Julie Meka? The amazingly gorgeous model from Las Vegas has an unreal body, and a really cute

Maria Zen: A Body To Die For

A new face that we haven’t seen much of here in the States, Maria Zen is a girl that we

Asian European Woman Undergoes Surgery To Be A Living Barbie Doll

Ophelia Vanity is a half Icelandic, half Chinese woman that currently resides here in Los Angeles. Growing up she was

Boba Tea Is Destroying The Children’s Future According To Some Parents

In Millbrae, Calfornia; The Nextdoor App is blowing up with concerns about Boba Milk Tea Shops. Best of Nextdoor Twitter

Jessica Weaver: Last Year’s April Fools Video

Hopefully, you’ve realized by now that this was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Amped Asia will still remain all about

Cringy Girl Verbally Accosts Her Korean Classmate

Prepare yourself for a cringy ride. A super weird Facebook conversation was posted up on Reddit and has been upvoted

Ayumi Anime: мила From Ukraine

If you’re wondering what those squiggly lines on the title; it’s pronounced Myla and it’s a Ukrainian expression for cute.

Work Spaces At Hooters Is A Dream Come True

In all fairness, the AmpedAsia office is sorta like that minus the beers and wings albeit most of us here