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Get ready to set sail again with Dwayne Johnson and Auliʻi Cravalho in live-action ‘Moana’ remake

Disney fans, get ready to set sail once again with “Moana”! In a recent announcement, the entertainment giant revealed that

The Hilarious Filipino Flop That Everyone On The Interwebz Is Talking About?

These Filipino divers made a big splash in the international sports world recently. Wait did we say splash? We meant

The Worst Video Of Hot Girls Dancing You Will See This Week

We are all about leaving it on the dance floor, but in this case these hot girls can take back

It’s Hump Day! 10 Sexy Asian Gifs To Get You Through Your Work Week

It’s the middle of the week and sometimes you need a little motivation to get you through your work week.

Jeremy Lin Adidas Commercial

Jeremy Lin is An Adidas Employee in This Hilarious Viral Video

This video proves how much of a funny guy Jeremy Lin is. In this latest video he pretends to be an

Japanese Prank Blasts Whipped Cream Onto People’s Faces

The Japanese are a perverted and funny bunch. That’s why this prank is so funny. In the prank you get

Sex With Your Girlfriend Prank

What would you do if a random guy tells you he had sex with your girlfriend? Would you believe him?

Fung Bros Far Alone

Far Alone Remix – Fung Brothers

A song that covers the journey that the Fung Brothers & their friend Richie Le had to take from Seattle

Why Guys Like Asian Girls (and Why it Pisses of Asian Women)

After watching this video I can totally relate. These days there's a weird fetish for Asian girls, and it sucks.