Amped Asia is a growing media publication covering the Asian lifestyle and targeted especially at Asian men. We’re currently looking for new writers to join our team.

Why write for us?

  • Gain exposure as a writer – Your article will have your byline, along with all your social media information and even links back to your website. Gain exposure by posting articles for our website, or promote your own websites, products, etc.
  • We pay for certain articles – We hire staff writers and guest writers, and some of our articles are paid. Please inquire to see if we can pay for the type of content that you can write.
  • Be a part of our network – Network with our team and you can accomplish anything you want. We’ve connected writers to producers and we’re actively looking for writers who want to start producing short films.

What kind of content do we want?

All of our content relates to Asians and Asian Americans. Here are some of the primary categories that we write and some examples.

So how do I apply?

Email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Send in your resume + writing sample
  2. What kind of categories can you write in and what’s an article title idea?
  3. What do you want to gain by writing for us? (Exposure, resume building, monetary compensation, etc)
  4. Where are you located?

That email again is [email protected] — good luck applying! I will respond to every single real application.

Written by Editorial Staff

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