Top 20 Asian Guys With the Most Swag

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SWAG. It’s an indescribable quality, but when you see it, you know it.

It’s important to note that different guys have have different swag. Some guys have funny-man swag. Some have smooth swag (think James Bond) . Some have style swag (think Kanye West / P Diddy). Some guys have female attraction swag (Russell Brand).

And it’s not a popularity contest. While Ken Jeong, Aziz Ansari, and Jackie Chan might be funny and famous, those guys aren’t the type of guy we’re looking for. We’re looking for masculine role models that have traits that Asian guys should aspire to have.

We also tried to keep this list as varied as possible. We included several guys from overseas as well as Asian American guys.

And while this is not some comprehensive or definitive list, we think that it’s a pretty good list compiled by several different editors on Amped Asia.

So here they are – ordered by least swag to most swag.

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Written by Editorial Staff

  • Zin Pua

    I would bang #20. Hard.

    • AmpedAsiaKevin

      What Asian guy wouldn’t you bang? =) =)

  • hariumela

    Daniel Henney is hot!

  • Jackie

    Some really hot guys on this list =)

  • Tony S.

    I like how you threw in Tim De la Ghetto isn’t particularly attractive, I’ve been saying that for a while. Ugly guy but still getting his fame, so looks aren’t everything I guess.

  • Jessie

    Ben Baller doesn’t belong here or this site is just silly. Never saw someone who tried and lied so hard… Haha 50 yr old loser

  • blowdilla

    WORST LIST EVER. Jeremy Lin should be number 1, and where the hell is Jay Park and Edison Chen smh

  • GirlyChick

    LOL where is the SEXY beast Francis Fukuyama??

  • Louie

    (Bruce Lee Video)
    And Bruce was still classy enough to say “Thank you” after his interview/performance. Class Act, truly deserves that top 1.

  • Hiromi

    Hidetoshi Nakata

  • Wyshingwell

    I am so late for this but feel the need to comment.
    I’ve seen/know who half of these Asian men with swag are; Bruce Lee is always number one. I’m so glad that you listed him. I have loved watching him since I saw Enter the Dragon in the movie theater with my grandmother (sometime in the early 70’s in Washington, DC). Lee Byung Hun (loved Red 2, I watch it often and can’t wait to see more of him), John Cho, Rain (Can you say Ninja Assassin?), Bruno Mars, Daniel Henney, Sexy Man from Hawaii Five-0, Cary-Hiroyuku Tagawa, and Godfrey Gao (I’ve seen him in ads but was planning to watch Mortal Instruments tomorrow) – what a list of handsome, charismatic men, oh boy is it getting hot in here? The others that are definitely worth looking at again and again.
    Do Asian men have swag…yeah, they do.

  • Laura

    The two old ugly dude shouldn’t be on this list but yes @ most of them. I’m glad people are slowly stop seeing asian men as the ugly nerds/geeks, or the asexual martial artist when there are LOTS of attractive and manly asian guys. korean guys are particulary hot as hell.

  • Big Asian Package Blog

    I’m petitioning to be number 21.