Mimi Jade Vol. 25: The Asian American Masculinity Issue

Check out Mimi Jade and a number of other gorgeous ladies in our latest edition of Amped Asia! Asian American masculinity is the new buzz word, and it’s time for Asian men to take note and take action.



As another year goes by, it seems like time is speeding up faster than ever. If you can believe it, it’ll be the 12th year of Amped Asia’s existence, and we’re looking to change things up.

As I mature, I’ve realized that there are things that matter more to Amped Asia than just posting up hot Asian girls. Number one we want to be a mentor for young Asian Americans who may be struggling to fit in a society that can be damaging to one’s self-esteem. Most Asians, especially Asian men, have trouble fitting into a world where traditional Asian traits are oftentimes seen negatively. And while it feels like Asian women are now “popular” now than ever (and I like to think Amped Asia had something to do with that), Asian females face similar issues.

The next chapter in Amped Asia will be different. Instead of focusing entirely on hot girls, we want to switch it up to focus on ramping up even more editorial content. In addition, we’re also going to experiment with new business models for Amped Asia, including a podcast and premium content.

In this issue, we have articles by Captain Daniel Hyun and Will Chou as well as Cindy Young, three of our favorite writers, contributing pieces on Asian masculinity.

Hopefully we get to the point where Amped Asia helps Asian American men not feel so alone in this world. We want to the big brother mentor that you’ve never had.

But of course, we’ll still be bringing the hotties. This month, Mimi Jade is your cover model, and we also have Linzorz, FityKitty, HeyAngii, Dea Capri, Bella Thai, Danica x Sabrina, and more.

Until next volume,

Kevin “Hype” Tang


Written by Editorial Staff