The Crazy World of Japanese Sex Doll Brothels!

The Japanese are at it again, this time with their ultra realistic sex dolls. Read this article to see if they are worth getting into. Not like that PERV!

Per my last article, if sexual dynamics weren’t already changing enough in Japan, it seems there is a new brand type of sex dolls that some believe will make real women obsolete.

The company Orient Industry is pioneering the craze. The Japanese use the phrase “Dutch Wives” for sex dolls, hence the company sells the dolls under this phrase. They are made from a very soft material made 100% of silicone, giving the dolls an authentic skin feel. They are life size and the eyes are described as lifelike. In fact, it is the authentic skin feel and the unique eyes that Orient Industry says make the dolls so lifelike, effectively replacing the need of women for some men.


HOLY SHIT! That duvet is amazing! Oh and that incredibly creepily lifelike sex doll is pretty amazing too.

The company will even customize the dolls’ eye and hair colors, breast size, and more. If that is not enough, the dolls also have a wide selection of lingerie and clothing to dress them up in and the dolls are made so that they can be freely moved to be placed in multiple poses for one’s sexual pleasure.

Orient Industry Factory

Either this is an assembly line for a sex doll company or the fucking scariest dry cleaners EVER!

I am not sure whether to be impressed or creeped out by these dolls! While I can certainly understand why some men might be interested in the idea of the dolls – “sex” whenever you want, no strings, no hassle, and no problems meeting women – I highly doubt anything can replace the real thing. That being said, if one decides they do want one of the dolls, it will cost you anywhere from around $4000 – $6000, maybe more if you want to customize it. Oh, and they ship worldwide.


When Lady Gaga sang “Do what you want with my body” I don’t think she meant for Japan to make a variety of sex dolls of her.

For many men in Japan, this is not affordable, so prepare for things to get a little weirder. To accommodate those that cannot shell out the big bucks for a life like sex doll of their own and to provide the option to have “sex” with a wider selection of dolls, Japanese entrepreneurs have created “Dutch Wife” brothels – places where you can go to have “sex” with the doll of your choice, and even spend the night if you choose!

Essentially, it works like this: you show up at the brothel and you tell the staff how you want your doll to look (hair color, eye color, clothing theme, etc…). Then, they put you in a room with your doll, put on some porn (which in Japan is mostly blurred out anyway), and then let you get busy. Rates vary, but an example rate is 30 minutes for $50 – I suppose similar pricing to getting a massage. The question most of you are probably thinking at this point is: are these brothels even sanitary? Well, as a general rule, Japanese people take very good care of their things and are usually very consistent about cleaning up after their selves, thus I am sure they clean the dolls adequately. In addition, the genitalia part of the dolls in the brothels is basically cut out so that for each customer, a new and clean genitalia can be placed in – pretty much identical to the male masturbator sex toys available at American porn shops. Finally, if brothels are not your thing, there are also some companies that will let you rent one of these sex dolls and have it delivered to your home or a hotel room for a pay by hour rate. Ah, Japan! I never cease to be amazed by the various products and services of the Japanese sex industry!

Orient Industry Showroom

There are not enough Clorox wipes out there in the world for us to ever think going to a sex doll brothel would be a good idea.


Would realllly hate to be the maintenance crew at this establishment.


Does this count as nudity since it is on a sex doll and not a real women?


We are going to need a much bigger sink to clean out the wear and tear on this doll.


For the “Bored Japanese House Wife Throughout the Ages” themed sex doll aficionado.


Gotta admit this is pretty realistic.

Orient Industry Factory

If this doesn’t scream sexy we don’t know what does. Oh and hey there’s something even for foot fetishists. GROOOSSS.


Is this sex doll wearing underwear on her elbows? Wait why are we trying to make sense of a lifelike sex doll?!?


This sex doll really tied the room together.

Written by Risa Clark