I Was a Korean Sex Slave

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Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, the author chooses to remain anonymous. Some details were changed.

I’m not sure where I was born, but I do know that ethnically I’m Korean. I was adopted in a very rural area when I was two years old. My foster parents were a pair of middle-aged redneck Caucasians. The story of a sex slave doesn’t always begin with a kidnapping and drugs. It can just as well be done by manipulation and love.

I remember I loved my foster parents. So I trusted them when they told me I was going to meet a couple friends of theirs at a party. I was probably 4 or 5 at the time.

They told me that the “friends” I would meet would “make me feel good” by touching me in certain places, and I remember I believed them when they said it. I remember feeling very weird when an older gentleman started touching me outside of my underwear. It wasn’t necessarily a bad sensation. I didn’t feel hurt by it. I did feel awkward and weird, but being so young I didn’t really know what to think about it. They told me that these older men were “special doctors” that could make me better. That I had a sickness that other kids didn’t have so I couldn’t tell anyone about these special sessions.

This continued for several years. In retrospect, as an adult, I know that my parents were getting paid quite a bit for each of these “sessions.” I had been sold as a sex slave by my own parents.

It was all to fund their drug addiction. I recall seeing bags of cocaine and weed hidden in various spots in my parents bedroom.

And I didn’t think anything of it at all. I seriously thought I was just getting regular “checkups” by the “special doctor.” It wasn’t until around the 2nd or 3rd grade that I realized that the checkups were actually sexual in nature. My discovery came from talking about it with a boy in my class who had heard about sex. In my mind, though, I still never thought anything was “bad” yet.

But then my parents’ “business” went online. There were many avenues for my parents to advertise my services. They told me that now I had to speak to an “online doctor” to get checkups. I found out years later that the fetish for young Asian girls is very lucrative. In general I would start webcamming with an older gentleman, generally Caucasian. By around 10, I lashed out at my mom because I was embarrassed about showing my vagina to strange White men.

That’s when things got really scary.

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