Kevin Kreider Felt Ugly as an Asian Male, but Not Anymore

The movie gives us an exclusive scoop on the underdog life of Asian American model Kevin Kreider. We caught up with Kevin to learn more about what he’s doing for the Asian masculinity movement.

The chip on Kevins shoulder was evident in The Ugly Model, which documented his experience as a Korean-American adoptee turned Asian American model.

Like many other Asian men, he’s experienced harsh discrimination — in both the dating world and the professional world. 

The first line of the trailer to his movie… “Growing Up… I’ve Always Felt Ugly…” resonated with me.

As an Asian male in America, you’re constantly bombarded by the media telling you that you’re ugly or short or undesirable. 

The common sentiment online is that Caucasian men are the only good looking men.

White dudes get all the girls… even all the Asian girls.

And that Asian men are just the Ken Jeongs, while White men are the Bradley Coopers.

Kevin Kreider

And when it comes to acting and modeling, forget it.

Until last year, it was basically pointless to try your hand in those fields (although it’s quickly changing for the better).

Kevin Kreider is part of a growing number of Asian American men who want to do something about this hand we were dealt.

For him it started with a major downturn in his life — when he started losing his hair due to stress, insecurity, and feelings of despair.

Since his career was based on looks, this was a major blow to his self-esteem.

He began to really dial in his fitness. So much so that now he’s a fitness and spiritual coach as his main profession, with acting and modeling as only secondary careers.

His journey to finding inner peace has led him to Los Angeles, where he said his career is finally taking off.

Los Angeles is a beautiful place. It’s a place where Asians do indeed thrive. So I wasn’t surprised when Kevin told me that his life is now night and day.

He’s not only the subject of a very popular Asian American documentary based around his life, but he’s been giving TED talks on the subject of Asian masculinity.

He tells me, “I’m gonna be in a show soon. I can’t tell you the details yet, but watch out for me in 2020.”

For any other Asian men feeling that same despair, I implore you to move here to LA, where your dating & professional prospects are exponentially better.

“I was talking to a friend and he told me that I should date a White girl now. As if that would validate me. I didn’t like that,” Kevin tells me as we hang out in his office in Koreatown.

“I like Asian girls. I’ve always liked Asian girls.”

There’s no validation needed. Kevin Kreider is making waves right now for not only his documentary, but his work in the Asian American community.

I did want to clear up some misconceptions about the documentary, though. Because I was curious about whether he “actually” has trouble dating.

“Honestly, now. Not really. I used to a long time ago, but it’s pretty easy now. That documentary had to present a story arc for dramatic effect, but really in the past few years it hasn’t been an issue. Now I just need to find the right person.”

To the Internet trolls on Reddit claiming that it’s “game over” for Asian guys because even someone as good looking as Kevin Kreider can’t get a date, you’re grossly mistaken. Kevin gets dates easily. I’ve seen him in public and girls are always hitting on him.

But he’s not looking for a quick lay, at least not at this stage of his life.

“I want to find the one. Seriously. I’ve had my fun.” Kevin tells me.

That won’t be easy. One scene in The Ugly Model where he listed out things he’s looking for in a partner showed that he has very lofty standards.

What I wished to have seen in the film was a stronger ending. While we’re very aware of the “problem” I didn’t see a great solution being offered.

But the solution is already happening. You’re seeing it every day as more and more Asian American men are standing up for themselves in every category — dating, Hollywood, and even business.

Guys like Kevin Kreider, Simu Liu, Jeremy Lin, and many others have been outspoken for their fellow peers. Denouncing racism and inspiring other fellow Asians to take charge of their lives instead of letting the White majority dictate our story.

As the publisher of Amped Asia, I also feel that it’s my duty to pass the message along and inspire fellow Asian men to really make it.

Guys like Kevin Kreider give us a path. With more and more good looking Asian men being exposed to the media, the world is starting to realize how sexy we really are. 

And that’s progress.

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Written by Editorial Staff