“I Slept With Her Man,” a True Story of Revenge

Kaya is a rare breed. She’s a self-proclaimed slut with a heart of gold. In fact, if you get to know her, she’ll probably help you get off if you just ask her nicely (like she did to her platonic guy friend, Jason). The craziest part, is she’s genuinely gorgeous — young 24 years old, Vietnamese / French, with a banging body. Sexy fake DD boobs that look real (she started off as a C-cup) and the hip-to-waist ratio that makes doggy style that much better. Plus she’s an ABG.

Kaya also happens to be HELLA smart, and a really great writer. Which is why we got her on Amped Asia to blow your mind. This story is a part of the new Amped Asia, where we tell genuine authentic true stories about the Asian American experience. It’s also part of the NSFW section.

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For my first story, I want to introduce myself a little bit. I’m Kaya, a 24 year old Vietnamese girl who is currently in an open relationship with a 29 year old man named Johnny. I’m 5’5’, 105 pounds with DD fake boobs that look pretty natural. Guys tell me that the best part about fucking me is my absolutely perfect hip to waist ratio. I have that sexy apple bottom ^_^! I absolutely LOVE talking about my sex life and can’t wait to share my stories with you.

This story is about how I got revenge on this girl who dated one of my best guy friends.

I was super young at the time and only in High School. So I was VERY immature. Looking back on it, I kind of have some regrets, but the sex was so good that I had to share the story.

Growing up, girls were always jealous of me, probably because I was the girl that got along with all the guys (and yes, I had sex with them, I was horny AF at a young age).

And the girls did the usual stuff that you would see on movies like Mean Girls. I mean they would talk about me behind my back, call me a “slut,” tell other people I was an attention-whore, etc.

I realized I could get revenge pretty easily on these girls.

I would find out who their boyfriends were and flirt with them. I was always considered hot, even though I wasn’t necessarily part of the most “popular” group due to my status as the school slut. However, guys almost universally liked me.

Guys are easy. I would tell them that I wouldn’t tell their girlfriend and soon enough we were having sex. We would fuck anywhere and everywhere, including on campus and in the back of their cars.

The best time was when I came over to have sex with a guy and his girlfriend decided to pay him a visit anonymously. I was in mid blowjob when his doorbell rang and he told me to wait on the bed. It was a buzzkill at the time, until I heard who was at the door.

I could hear his girlfriend asking him what he was up to, and he told her that he was busy at the moment and wondered why she was there even though they didn’t make plans. At first I thought I was going to be busted by the girlfriend, (adrenaline was pumping through my veins at the thought of getting to humiliate her), but somehow the boy got rid of her. 

Even though we got interrupted, I was in the mood again instantly, as he came back and proceeded to pound my pussy in every position imaginable.

This particular boy could go on forever, unlike most of the kids back then. The thrill of almost getting caught and the fact that he could last forever gave me my first multiple orgasm, ever, and it felt like heaven on earth.

It was also the first time I realized how good it was to put a pillow underneath my ass while I was getting fucked, as his dick hit my g-spot every time, sending waves of pleasure through my pussy up through my entire body.

I didn’t go back and rub it in the girl’s face and humiliate her. I wasn’t a home-wrecker.

It was more a silent “fuck you” to the girls for being mean to me, and the personal satisfaction was good enough. Not to mention I wasn’t there to cause any drama for the guys, either.

Fast forward a few years and I was invited to a get-together with people from my school.

I hadn’t been fucking anybody’s boyfriends for a while. It helped that people started to mature once we all hit college and girls stopped being so ridiculous.

The night was going by smoothly until a couple walked in the door. It was a guy I had been really close platonic friends while I was still in High School, Jason, and his new girlfriend, Ashley.

Remember that Mean Girls group from High School I was talking about? Well Ashley was the Queen Bee.

I was absolutely LIVID. This was the girl that had talked shit about me to every single person in our social circle in High School.

Now you might be thinking, why is my ex best platonic guy friend dating her? Well he never knew or met her because he was from my church and went to the neighboring High School. Ashley is a common enough name so he probably didn’t make the connection. I hadn’t talked about Ashley or even thought about her for a LONG time.

It had been almost a year since Jason and I last talked because I was dating exclusively and he wasn’t around much, so I’m assuming he met Ashley sometime in that period (our town is pretty big, but social circles will often mingle) and started dating her.

When we saw each other we immediately lit up, we hugged and started to catch up. Ashley was lukewarm, pretending as if she wasn’t the one who always spread malicious rumors about my slutty behavior. That’s when Jason told Ashley that I was his “best female friend” back in the day, and I saw Ashley’s face transform.

She got angry and she said to him in her usual bitchy tone “this was your best friend?!?!” and then excused herself. He told me not to worry about her and we continued catching up.

When they cleared the tables after dinner to make a dance floor, Jason came around and a few minutes later his girlfriend came glaring, grabbed him and pulled him to the side. After a few songs he came back and told me that she doesn’t want him to be friends with me or want him to talk to me anymore as she heard from the girls that I was a slut. WOW. It’s still happening even though we’re out of High School.

He tried to explain to her that what I do with my body and my time is my life and it never affected our friendship (he knew I was a slut, but we never had sex back in the day as Jason was always the “good nice church boy”) but Ashley didn’t care. He apologized for his girlfriend’s behavior and before he left he told me to message him when I have the chance as he still has the same number.

So when I got home that night, I talked to my current boyfriend Johnny (we’re in an open relationship) about what happened and explained what a good friend this person had been to me and what a bitch his girlfriend was.

Johnny couldn’t believe that a girl who’s now in her mid-twenties believed that was a rational way to behave and he agreed that I could fuck her boyfriend, and my old platonic friend.

By the way, this was the first time I had fucked a guy outside of my relationship without Johnny being in the room. Most of the time Johnny watches, and I “cuck” him. It’s one of our favorite fantasies.

I met up with Jason for food and drinks. I wore my most cleavage-bearing dress with a push-up bra. It was SO obvious that he was checking me out. Guys think they’re slick when they talk to you, but it’s pretty damn obvious that he was looking at my boobs at every chance he could (haha).

Also big tip to men. If your date is wearing something with a lot of cleavage, go for the kill.

But because we were in the “friend-zone,” I knew I had to be a little more forceful to get him to do anything.

Of course some shots helped. I got pretty drunk after 2 shots and also a glass of wine.

I started off with, “Hey, question. Does it look like I got my boobs done?”

He got a bit flustered.

“Umm, I donno. Did you?!”

Ugh, compliment me better bff.

We were in a restaurant that was pretty dimly lit sitting in the corner booth. It was a pretty romantic spot. However we were sitting on opposite sides. I moved to sit right next to him.

He gave me a look like, why are you moving seats? but he soon found out.

“Do it really secretly, but feel my boobs. I just wanna get a man’s opinion on whether my boobs feel real or not.”

That’s when he got the hint for real. We were slightly slouching, and he was holding me as if we were cuddling like a couple, with his arm holding me in a caress. He used that hand to get a good squeeze.

“They feel pretty real to me!”

“Haha well they’re fake!”

I was feeling a little daring at the moment, so I pushed his hand from my boob to my skirt. It’s underneath the table so it’s pretty hidden from view. At this point, he knows what to do. He starts rubbing my pussy through my Victoria’s Secret panties. I’m wet instantly. Part of my nympho powers is that I get wet super quick, and right now I’m dripping just from a slight touch from his finger.

Sometimes it actually makes sex less good because I’m too slippery. In this instance, I can already feel the seat getting wet from his fingers rubbing me in a clockwise motion.

Even though Jason has always been a good friend, he’s also always been hot. About 5′ 10 or 5’11, tanned, and with a killer jawline. I hadn’t really seen his body, but I knew he was in pretty good shape as he had a nice V. He wasn’t considered buff, but he had more of a swimmer’s body. In that moment I kinda forgot why we never fucked, but I was getting excited at the possibility of him bending me over that table and ramming me in my pussy.

Soon he gets a bit more adventurous and slips my panties aside. A finger slips in to massage my G-spot. That’s when I let out a moan. Luckily the restaurant is super dark and there’s music playing, so no one could hear. I put my face into Jason’s shoulder, pretending as if I’m just tired. Truthfully, though, I was just holding in my moans as he kept on rubbing my G-spot.

By this point I was super horny, and Jason had a boner through his jeans that I had felt. The excitement was off the charts as this was my hot best friend, and the chance of getting revenge on Ashley was honestly turning me on even more.

We got the check shortly after that and headed straight to his place. Ashley wasn’t home at the time since they lived separately. Part of me wishes that she would bust in at any moment, but alas nothing that dramatic happened (except a couple nice orgasms haha).

Right away he got me on the bed. He was dying to get a better look at my perky boobs. He pulled down my top and started nibbling on them, and I was soaking wet.

He lifted up my skirt, and took my panties off with one swoop. Surprisingly he gave some really good head. In my mind I was thinking, fucking Ashley has been enjoying this man. How did that cunt get the good fortune to land this hunk? He had a good rhythm to it, and slowly I was moving towards an orgasm.

Before the big O, he finally whipped out his cock and shoved it inside me. It was quick and a bit unexpected as I was in ecstasy just from his tongue flicking over my clit and slowly running through my pussy. He felt large, which was surprising, and he hit my cervix as he went in and out. Jason is Asian so I was expecting from the Asian stereotypes that he would be smaller or average, but he was a good 7-inches, and he was rock hard. (Btw I’ve fucked many Asian men since then, and they’re always in the average range of 5-7 inches. The stereotype of them being tiny has been pretty false for me so far).

I also never noticed this before, probably because Jason had never taken his shirt off in front of me, but he had some really nice wide shoulders and a pretty ripped body. 

From missionary, he pounded me until I had an orgasm. Even though we both knew this was a one-night stand, he lowered his face and started kissing me at the same time as he pounded me. This led me to orgasm a lot quicker as I LOVE kissing.At this point I’m moaning so loud that I’m sure his neighbors could hear. But of course, I’m multi-orgasmic so I wanted more.

“Keep going, baby,” I said after my first orgasm.

After doing missionary for about 10 minutes, he turned me over and slapped my ass.

“Oh my god, Kaya, your ass is so nice.”

I love my ass too =) He pounded me hard while his thumb was playing with my ass hole. It was pure heaven.

I came again from the doggy style, and my pussy was pulsing with pleasure as he kept ramming me. He was lasting a pretty long time. I could tell he was about to cum because his thrusts started going from quick to slow and steady. I told him not to cum inside me, so he pulled out and a warm stream of jizz exploded on my back.

Oh yeah, we didn’t wear a condom.

(PS, at the time I thought, fuck! Johnny (my boyfriend) is gonna kill me because I promised him I would always wear a condom with other guys.)

The ironic part about this whole thing is that I would have fucked this guy anytime I wanted in the years we’ve been friends but that was NOT what our friendship was about. However, I was such a horny nympho in high school that I totally would’ve had sex with him if he asked.

So that’s the story of the time I got revenge on my worst enemy in High School, by fucking her boyfriend.

Written by Kaya