Vibrating Device Codenamed “Eva” Will Make Sure She Orgasms

As a woman I don’t always orgasm. My man usually does though. I don’t think that’s fair, but until now I’ve always thought there was pretty much nothing I could do.

Enter Eva. This is a vibrating device that attaches on top of the woman’s clitoris snugly so that it can stay on during sex. It can also be used for masturbation without a partner as well.

Recent studies have shown that 70% of women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Something that most of us don’t get while we’re getting penetrated by our lovers. Furthermore, men are 2 times more likely to orgasm than women during sex, and that women are 4x more likely than men to report not feeling satisfied by sex.

What does this mean? During those 5-10 minutes that you’re having sex, you’re probably much more likely to get an orgasm wearing Eva. And even if your man cums, you can still cuddle or make-out with him while still feeling the pleasure from Eva.

Sex Toy Eva

The founders of the company are really impressive. The CEO Alexandra Fine received a masters in Clinical Psychology concentrating in sex therapy. The CTO Janet Lieberman has won several awards and graduated from MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering. They honestly sound like the perfect people to be doing this project.

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For you guys out there, this device is going to benefit you as well. A sexually satisfied woman is a happy woman. A happy woman is less drama.

Currently the device is being funded through Indiegogo.

Source: Indiegogo

Written by Megumi Tanaka