What REALLY Happened to Kevjumba? And why isn’t anyone talking about his YouTube return in 2017?

We finally have an answer to what happened to Kevjumba for the past 6 years.

We’re late to the news (he posted a video 3 weeks ago), but I am surprised that not a single news outlet covered his story.

In 2011, Kevjumba was a force in the YouTube world, having amassed over 2 million subscribers and probably easily pulling in 6-figures annually through posting his funny vlogs and skits. In 2013 he starred in Revenge of the Green Dragons in a starring role, and rumors were that he wanted to slowly phase out his YouTube videos to focus on trying to break into Hollywood.

Then… radio silence. He popped up every now and then but for the most part he hadn’t said a word about what happened to him.

Several months ago, he appeared in a photo looking very pale and sickly.


He also wrote a few blog posts on his blog Monk.College, but those were quickly taken down.

His actions were strange, to say the least.

Three weeks ago, my favorite YouTuber Kevjumba returned to YouTube to post a series of deep, very emotional videos. In the videos he discusses what really happened while he was out of commission. Prior to 2017, countless rumors abounded — that he joined the Hare Krishna cult, realized the truth about Hollywood and wanted out, and simply just wanted to go back to school.

The truth?

He was in a near-death car accident that caused him to re-evaluate his priorities. The accident put him in the hospital for 45 days. His parents moved him back to Houston to be with them, and he didn’t feel like YouTube was a great priority anymore.

In a blog excerpt from May 4th, 2016, he wrote

“Trying to recover from an injury that I suffered, further complications have arisen. I will have to take a break from this blog. Please know that I apologize sincerely.” monk.college, May 4 2016

At the time, many had suggested he might be dying. His tone did seem extremely somber.

Even previous excerpts from his blog seemed quite sad. Here’s one:

“I left Youtube (KevJumba) so I could meditate and go to College. Meditation for me was Dancing, reading, eating good food, contemplating, praying… For awhile, the mind became relaxed and focused. Life became simple. After that, I decided to finish college. This blog will allow me to connect a part of my life that I left out. An inner journey that I will do my best to express outwardly. My only goal is that I’m sincere. Thank you.” monk.college, April 21 2016

To see more excerpts from his blog, check out this link and scroll down.

Watch the video below to see him reveal the cause of his disappearance.

Written by Editorial Staff