New Revealing Japanese Hot Pants Are Leaving People Hot and Bothered

Who wears short shorts? Well the Japanese of course, and you won’t believe these popular new shorts that are turning heads in Japan. Read on to see the revealing shorts.

Japan is often looked upon as a land of humble modesty. A culture where conformity to order often comes before individuality. However that is not to say that the Japanese don’t appreciate sticking out once in awhile. Especially when it comes to their short shorts game.

Walk around in cities like Tokyo or Osaka where the hustle and bustle of city life often turns people into numbers you start to forget that the Japanese love them some hot pants.

Seeing some thigh might not be that unusual in these cities but the new shorts designed by the fashion brand Omoshiro Club have taken short shorts to a whole new level. Check out their new designs for sale.


First impressions? Lacing and unlacing them just to go to the bathroom is kind of a deal breaker for us.

These new shorts that look something out of a medieval hooker or Japan’s own Razor Ramon Hardgay’s wardrobe are currently available for 2,600 yen($22) and can be purchased through Yahoo! Japan Shopping.


The Knight Templar is either covering up because of the nudity or because of the Vertigo inducing slant all of the furniture is causing in the room.


Wait… Razor Ramon Hardgay visited Japan.. it’s all adding up now…

It is interesting to note that Yahoo! Japan Shopping is generally considered a family friendly online merchandise outlet. So to see pants(and we use that term loosely) such as these marketed on the site really makes us wonder what is considered family friendly on the site and in Japan.


Deal breaker number 2: NO POCKETS!


Our napkins are made of more material than this.

Oh and did we mention that Omoshiro Club also has products that look like this?


Yep totally family friendly products.

But alas that is the interesting dichotomy we have grown to love about Japan. A land of almost stifling conformity mixed with almost absurd individuality. A land that loves order just as much as it loves bat shit crazy ideas. And apparently short shorts are no different.


Written by Editorial Staff