Carli Bei of “Naked News” Bares All

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Screen cap from Carli’s second audition video, she did early this year. Link to the full and uncensored video below.

Toronto native Carli Bei has been a permanent part of the nude news team at Naked News since April of this year. During her short time with “the program with nothing to hide,” Carli has quickly become a viewer favorite. Already an experienced model with acting credits when she first auditioned for Naked News in 2011, it was almost three years later when the show’s producers asked to come back so they could give her another look. What they didn’t see in Carli then, that they do now, is not quite clear but better they came around late than never.

Carli tells me she’s good at banter and sort of feeds off other people. “I am genuinely curious about other peoples’ answers when I’m asking them questions,” she says. This is clearly evident when she interviews bands and does segments of the show in which she particularly shines, such as  “Schmooze” and “Naked in the Streets.” The latter where she goes out to ask random people on the streets of Toronto their thoughts and opinions on current issues.

Carli very recently and graciously took time between newscasts to sort of have the tables turned on her and answer some questions for this brief interview she did exclusively for Amped Asia.

Click here to see Carli in action (Warning: NSFW)

Carli Bei

Going over her notes before a taping

I understand you originally auditioned for Naked News in 2011 but didn’t become a regular anchor until this year?

I did audition way back in 2011. It was one of my very first auditions and it was great to be asked to come back and audition again. I’m not really sure what happened back in 2011. I don’t think I was ready to be a naked news anchor. I needed those years to really become the anchor you see today.

What is your typical workday like as a Naked News anchor?

I usually get to the studio early. I walk there so I get to listen to music on the walk over so I’m generally in a good mood when I get there. I spend some time getting myself ready for the camera, so that’s generally hair and make up and picking out the required attire for the segment or segments I’m in that day. I get my script from my producer and read it though and make sure I know what I’m talking about before I get in front of the camera. So, when it’s my turn to go into the studio, I pick out some rad shoes and go in. The camera guys are all really cool, so being in the studio is actually pretty fun, even on off days when I’m frustrated, they keep it pretty light in there. I just do my thing and give the news to our viewers the best I can. We joke around a lot in the studio. Today I actually laughed until I cried and we had to get Kleenex so my makeup wouldn’t run. Afterwards, we usually get to answer some of our viewers’ mail or film fun lil teasers that go in-between segments. The anchors all like each other so in-between segments we are usually hanging out in the change room snacking and chatting ….yes, naked sometimes.

Carli Bei

Getting into the Holiday spirit earlier this month on the “Schmooze” set

Among others, you’ve interviewed a lot of indie rock bands and musicians. Since they know they’re going to be interviewed for Naked News, I’m sure they know you’re going to be naked, or at least topless, while conducting the interview. Despite that, have you ever had any interviews where the musicians seemed distracted by your nudity?

(Laughs) This question is awesome. I think so? I mean, to be honest I’m usually really focused on trying to remember my questions. Usually I get to meet with the band a little bit before we shoot the segment. I have my clothes on, though. Once we are in the studio, things go pretty quickly. I chat with the band quickly and when everyone is ready to go, I leave the studio, grab some shoes and come back and strip down and the interview starts. If they are distracted by my nudity, they don’t really show it. Maybe I’ve caught a couple blushing or checking out a nipple, but I mean; come on, I’d probably get a bit distracted too!

Carli Bei

In the dressing room earlier this month, preparing for her interview with the band Shark Week

Are you instrumental in booking any of the interviews for the show?

Totally! It’s really a group effort on getting talent on the show. I have brought a few bands onto the show and it really is something I consider a perk of having this job; I get to go out and find bands. I mean, that is really fun!

You also occasionally do the “Naked in the Streets” segment, where you aren’t quite naked, but just topless, as that’s a far as Toronto law permits, correct?

Yes, Toronto is cool with us hanging out topless. They changed the law some time ago. We can do fully nude at the nude beach, though. We shoot segments there sometimes too!

Do you prefer to do those remote assignments rather than anchoring in the studio?

It’s definitely something that comes more naturally to me. I suppose I’m good at banter. I sort of feed off other people and I am genuinely curious about other peoples answers when I’m asking them questions. I used to read a lot of biographies about musicians when I was younger. I was obsessed. So getting to ask my own questions, there’s a huge thrill that comes along with that for me. I enjoy being in the studio as well. I really like doing segments where I can incorporate a bit of storytelling.

Would you say you’re more likely to get hit on in a club, wearing a sexy dress, or while you’re out talking to someone for a “Naked in the Streets” segment, showing almost all?

(Laughs) Well, it’s pretty rare that you’ll find me in a club wearing a sexy dress. I get a bit overwhelmed at clubs sometimes. I’d say I probably get hit on more when I’m just out with my clothes on just walking around or waiting around randomly in the city.

Eila Adams and Carli Bei

In the dressing room with fellow Naked News anchor Eila Adams

What other segments of Naked News have you hosted?

There’s been a few, I haven’t hosted all of them, that’s for sure. When I first started at Naked News they put me in a variety of different things before we found what worked. There’s actually an archive on the site where you can look up all my segments. Some of the segments I’ve been a part of in the past are “Versus” (where anchors compete against each other in sporting events), “News off the Top” (recent headline stories), “Inside the Box” (television), “Turn it Up” (music), “Dumb Criminals,” “Naked at the Movies,” “Video Blog,” “Travels,” “Foodie,” (those five self-explanatory, right?) “Schmooze” (interviews), and “Flex Appeal” (fitness and exercise).

Wow, so quite a few. Any segments of the show you haven’t been involved with yet but want to?

“Cooking in the Raw” would be cool. I could use some cooking tips. But I really want to focus on “Turn it Up” and making it a really cool segment.

Eila Adams, Mr. Skin, Carli Bei, and Whitney St. John

Posing alongside “Mr. Skin” founder Jim McBride with fellow Naked Newscasters Eila Adams and Whitney St. John at’s 15th anniversary bash in Chicago last August. Naked News regularly covers such events.

Now that you’ve been with the show for several months, have you ever been recognized while you were “off duty” and clothed in public?

Yes! It was awesome!! I was actually in Austin, Texas and it really took me by surprise. I was at a show watching Madisons play. I interviewed them a while back for NXNE (“North by Northeast,” an annual music and arts festival held each June in Toronto). I was pretty much having the time of my life dancing around and drinking with some really awesome people. So as I was waiting in line for the ladies room, a bunch of ladies came in and they were a riot. They we’re pretty amped-up from the show and they recognized me! They had a CD from the band and they even asked me to sign it. I was like “this is the coolest thing ever!” I took a bunch of bathroom selfies with them and took care of business. As I was on my way out, another lady stopped me and asked me to take a pic with her husband because he is a fan. That was seriously cool. I even told him that I thought his wife was just so effing cool. It’s happened other times, but that time was by far the best!

Do you see yourself possibly staying with the show, and perhaps eventually doing more behind-the-scenes roles, like some other Naked News anchors have done, or do you plan on moving on at some point?

I do plan on being with Naked News for a while! It’s really like a cool dream job. I get to rock cute undies and interview cool people. I’m not going anywhere. I do have some plans that tie into what I do with Naked News. I’ll be trying out co-hosting on the radio soon so maybe a cool idea can spawn from that!

Carli Bei

“More Candy Fun” is available, personally signed, at Carli’s official website.

Your bio states you like to paint and design costumes. Any plans to unveil your artwork or designs in the near future?

I post some of my painting on my Twitter which is I’ve gotten some very nice feedback on them. I will have prints for sale and some originals on my site There’s also magnets and posters (autographed) for sale on there too! As for costumes, I usually just make them for myself. I like to make really crazy-looking rave-type outfits. I usually like to wear them to festivals. But maybe I should debut one of my outfits on Naked News.

That sounds like a great idea. So, with that, I thank you so much for doing this, Carli. Any closing comments or shout-outs to anyone?

Carli Bei

From a promo shoot on the Naked News “Schmooze” set.

Shout outs to all our viewers! It’s been such a great ride being part of the Naked News team. And of course to all the bands who have come by to chat with me in the past year. I’ve learned so much from all of them and they’ve all just been so inspiring! Hmm, I guess in closing: Be yourself. Live fearlessly and watch Naked News. Much Love, Carli!

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Carli Bei

Written by Chris Charles