5 More Asian Hotties You’ve Never Heard Of

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So you want to know about some more Asian hotties huh? It seems like the supply of beautiful Asian women in the world never goes dry, and here are five more

girls that you just might find attractive.

Kay Valentine

Kay Valentine is a British Asian hottie! This girl from the UK is a half-Vietnamese, half-British import model and go-go dancer. She’s been featured in

several car magazines. Best of all she has a British accent! Take a look at her full gallery here.

Akina Minami

This Japanese gravure idol is irresistably cute. She’s got the innocent girl look that the Japanese seem to adore. Great smile! If you want more pictures, then go to her gallery.

Joo Da Ha

Not much is known about this girl except that she is a Korean race queen, and a damn fine one too. See more pics here.

Lin Tong Tong

Lin Tong Tong is a small-time singer and model in China. she’s got that China doll look that is classy, innocent, but seductive at the same time. Get more of her by clicking here.

Zeng Ya Ling

Can you believe this girl is actually a representative of an MMORPG in Taiwan? Maybe overseas it’s the nerds that get all the hotties. Ogle at some pictures at her full gallery.

Written by Editorial Staff