5 Asian Hotties You’ve Never Heard Of

Hwang Mi Hee
She’s another Korean race queen that came to my attention when I visited ReallyCuteAsians.com (they are obsessed with this chick). She’s gorgeous, cute, and everything I could hope for in a Korean race queen (all of them are so cute). View her profile on Amped Asia by clicking here.

Tamia Liu Tao
She was in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils but she hasn’t done much else besides that. What a shame because this girl is super cute. She looks like an incredibly classy and elegant girl.

Lee Chae Young
A previously unknown model, now in Maxim Korea, is gaining a lot of fame. Take a look at her sizzling photos. Then again, Maxim always knows how to make girls look good eh?

Kana Tsugihara
She’s decently well-known as a Japanese gravure idol so you may have heard of her, but she is nowhere near superstar status. Her innocent face and sexy body make her extremely desirable.

Lim Ji Hye
A Korean race queen, but not much else is known about her. She is quite the stunner with perfect boobs and an amazing overall package. She is wearing quite a bit of makeup, but come on, she looks too delicious. View her profile on Amped Asia by clicking here.

Amped Asia is coming up with more of these later! Stay tuned.

Written by Editorial Staff