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Christine Nguyen

AmpedAsia.com: Where do you currently reside?

Christine Nguyen: Los Angeles, CA.

AmpedAsia.com:Have you ever been back to your home country of Vietnam?


AmpedAsia.com:What was the process for you getting started in the entertainment industry?

Christine Nguyen: I was approached by a photographer who wanted to take my picture when I was a freshman in college. Those pictures were sent into an agency and they contacted me for representation. I signed with them and booked my first job on a McDonald’s commercial.

AmpedAsia.com:Have you always wanted to do modeling or acting?

Christine Nguyen: Yes, ever since was in middle school, I had always wanted to be a model from looking at all the glamorous girls in the magazines that my mother always brought home for me.

AmpedAsia.com: I heard you graduated from UT (I am also a longhorn YAY), what kind of girl were you in college and what extracurriculars and groups did you participate in?

Christine Nguyen: Yay! Hook ‘em Horns!!! I was pretty studious my first couple of years in college, but then I turned into a wild child. I wasn’t really into any extracurricular activities or groups because I worked a lot to put myself through school and didn’t have the time.

AmpedAsia.com: What was your major in college?

Christine Nguyen: Communications/Journalism.

AmpedAsia.com: I saw one of your movies, “Ghost in a Teeny Bikini” and also . How was it like shooting those scenes, and was it awkward at all?

Christine Nguyen: “Ghost in a Teeny Bikini” was a blast to shoot. The storyline was campy and funny and I learned a lot from Fred Ray, the director. It was never awkward because everyone is very professional and we’re like a family because a lot of us work together quite often.

AmpedAsia.com: How did your parents react to your steamy scenes in the movie?

Christine Nguyen: They haven’t seen “Ghost” yet, but they are very conservative, so I am guessing they would be a bit taken aback.

AmpedAsia.com: Currently what projects are you working on or have you just worked on?

Christine Nguyen: I believe “Bikini Jones” is airing right now and “Get Him To The Greek” opens in theaters June 4th.

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AmpedAsia.com: What has been your favorite project and why?

Christine Nguyen: My favorite project was “Super Ninja Doll” because I got to play two characters. I have always wanted to be a superhero :)

AmpedAsia.com: What do you like to do for fun?

Christine Nguyen: I like to hang out with friends and family, sleep, and go to the beach and live concerts.

AmpedAsia.com: What is one little known fact about you?

Christine Nguyen: Sometimes I sleep with one eye open.

AmpedAsia.com: Currently are you single or taken?

Christine Nguyen: Taken, but nothing too serious.

AmpedAsia.com: What kind of traits do you look for in a partner?

Christine Nguyen: I like tall, fit, good-looking, witty, smart and funny men. No ethnicity does not matter. I don”t discriminate :)

AmpedAsia.com: How do your dating partners react to the movies that you’ve been in?

Christine Nguyen: Most just deal with it. I think personally they would rather not have others touch me, but hey, it’s my job and all men have egos.

AmpedAsia.com: Ok now you can link to whatever you want.

Christine Nguyen:
You can see my Myspace at Myspace.com/crystean, my Facebook.

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