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Leo Trajano, media team


Leo Trajano (@leotrajanophoto)

Larry Vo, senior editor

Larry Vo, Senior Editor

Larry Vo, Senior Editor

Sup guys. I’m Larry, a Viet-Filipino American who currently lives in the Phillipines. I write about random cool stuff on the news that deals with Asian Americans.

Emma, staff writer and model coordinator



Models models models! Love ’em.

Kevin “Hype” Tang, photography, marketing & influencer management

Kevin Hype

Kevin Tang (@kevinhype)

Model coordinator and fun blogger at Amped Asia. Writing, comedy, and food are my three hobbies and outlets.

SheuManChu, staff writer

Sheu Man Chu


I am the product of a childhood based on GI JOE, TMNT, Pro Wrasslin, Muppet Babies, MMA, Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theatre, comics, Bruce Lee, strip mall martial arts lessons, and way too many Slim Jims.

Cindy Young, staff writer

Cindy Young

Cindy Young

I am a dating columnist and dating consultant. I’m 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 White, but I’ve always related strongly to my Asian side. Expect dating advice and articles about interracial dating!

Bryan Miraflor, media team

Bryan Miraflor

Bryan Miraflor

I’m on the media team and I take photos and videos for our site.

Jiyeah Kim, media team

Jiyeah Kim

Jiyeah Kim

Photographer and media girl at Amped Asia.

Emily Tangerine, staff writer

Emily Tang

Emily Tang

Host for Amped Asia’s video content and writer of random interesting things. I believe sex can solve all problems.

David C., writer & model coordinator

Coordinator and Project Manager for the magazine. Also our resident hookah slave.

Anthony Xu, style blogger & Aussie model coordinator

Anthony Xu

Hey! I’m from Australia, and I love everything to do with clothing, from streetwear to sneakers! Look forward to some of my fashion and style articles.

Westley Kang, media team

John Choi, staff writer


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