How to Be Next Level Asian: The Couple Look

If you take a stroll around South Korea, it won’t be long until you start to notice something very odd.


Asian couples wearing the same outfits.


Sometimes it’s the same look with a slight twist.


This trend has actually been around for quite some time. Instead of wearing traditional Hanbok’s after a wedding, Korean couples decided to take a more casual approach and just match everyday clothing instead.


The trend caught global attention and has its own place on Instagram with hashtags like #couplelook and #lovestagram.


Couples love to showcase their matching looks.


It makes them feel closer to their boo.


It’s a cute way to express their love.


Sometimes it can be a lot of work to match.


But for some love birds, it’s all worth it.


Are you ready to get stylish with you bae?


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Written by Tai Tai