Julie Meka: Hollywood Hottie

Ready to meet Julie Meka? The amazingly gorgeous model from Las Vegas has an unreal body, and a really cute face to match. This Hollywood hottie is single, so learn how to attract her in this article.

You’ve just moved from Vegas to LA. Can you compare the two nightlife scenes?

They are both very different. Las Vegas is known for its hospitality. Obviously, it’s more touristy. The clientele is different from Los Angeles as most of the clientele is local. But in Vegas or LA everyone is out to have fun and get drunk. Same in a way but also very different.

How are girls different in LA and how are they in Vegas?

The girls in Vegas to me are hustlers. There are so many ways to make money and so many jobs. I feel like a lot of the girls in Vegas have a lot of their stuff together. Paid off a car, bought a house, and have their own business. On the other hand in LA, a lot of the females that live here are in the entertainment/Hollywood business. Most want to model or act. It’s a different type of hustle in LA. As a beautiful girl, you have a lot of attention and lots of guys trying to hit on you.

What helps one guy stand out from another?

First I have to be attracted to you lol. I think we all feel that way. But I like normal guys without all the pickup lines or flashiness. That’s not for me. A good conversation is important and hopefully, we have things in common too. You’re a bottle girl and a model. Both careers tend to see a lot of crazy shit.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced or seen?

As a bottle server, I don’t think I’ve seen much crazy shit, but there are some pretty cool experiences I’ve had. One time I got to serve P. Diddy for BET weekend and he had Snoop Dog, Usher, Rick Ross and lots of other legends at the table. It was dope to be able to almost kick it with them while they all passed the blunt lol. I’ve met some really awesome people in this field.

If you HAD to choose, would you choose a good looking guy who is super dumb or a rich guy who’s fat?

Hahaha, why did you have to give me this question? I would choose a rich fat guy. I’ve dated the hot dumbasses and that never worked out lol.

Are you single or taken?

I am happily single.

What impresses you about a man? What catches your eye and attention?

The way they dress. If they have the drive or the hustler mentality. Their intelligence, if they are kind, what kind of music they listen to. If they are cultured or not. I pay attention to the please and the thank you’s. And his values of course.

Tell us a story about when you were dating a guy and you realized he wasn’t the right one for you. What was it and what happened?

I dated this guy for almost a year. Good guy, good heart, but I just knew it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to drag it on. He wasn’t neat and very careless about certain things in his life, which were things I value. So I just woke up one day and had to let him know that it didn’t feel right. And that was that!

What can we expect from you in 2018 and beyond? What are your plans, goals, and dreams?

2018 is going to be an amazing year. I have a lot of plans as far as getting into the beauty industry. Hopefully going to get to run my own business again. I have a lot of goals this year — I want to learn another language, get more education in my life, and travel more!

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Written by Hugh Huynh