Jessica Weaver: Last Year’s April Fools Video

Hopefully, you’ve realized by now that this was an elaborate April Fool’s joke. Amped Asia will still remain all about Asian models (and we don’t ever plan to really create Amped America), but we couldn’t resist the chance to shoot a beauty like Jessica Weaver.

Jessica Weaver: Bringing Cakes To April Fools Last Year from Amped Asia on Vimeo.

ESPECIALLY since she told us she prefers to date, Asian men! We got a chance to shoot a couple of sexy shots with Miss Weaver, and then we did a quick interview with her about WHY she prefers Asian guys! However, let’s not rule out the fact that we may one day start a sister magazine that doesn’t just focus on Asian women… Make sure to watch Jessica Weaver’s amazing interview.

Instagram: Jessiecakes33

Written by Hugh Huynh