Jeon Do-yeon takes on action-packed role as a mom-assassin in Netflix’s ‘Kill Boksoon

Jeon Do-yeon is a name that is well-known in South Korea and beyond. The acclaimed actress has won numerous awards for her performances on the big screen, including a best actress award at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. Now, she’s taking on a new role as a seasoned assassin in Netflix’s latest thriller, “Kill Boksoon.”

In the film, Jeon plays Boksoon, an assassin with a 100% success rate who is struggling to raise her teenage daughter. Despite being excellent at her job, Boksoon decides to retire in order to focus on mending her relationship with her daughter. But things don’t go as planned, and Boksoon finds herself pulled back into the dangerous world of assassins.

Jeon spent four months training for the role, learning how to fight with swords and axes and perfecting her hand-to-hand combat skills. And while she may not be a killer in real life, she can relate to her character’s double life as a mother and actress.

Director Byun Sung-hyun was inspired to write the film specifically for Jeon, and even observed her interactions with her real-life daughter in order to accurately write the conversations between Boksoon and her own daughter in the film.

In a recent virtual roundtable discussion, Jeon and Byun shared exclusive details about the film with NextShark, including the fact that Jeon’s character learns just as much from her daughter as her daughter learns from her.

“Kill Boksoon” also stars Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, Koo Kyung-hwan, and Lee Yeon, who previously played the younger version of Jeon’s character in the Netflix drama “Crash Course in Romance.” This is Jeon and Sol’s third time playing opposite each other in a film.

“Kill Boksoon” will be available to stream on Netflix starting this Friday. Fans of Jeon Do-yeon and action-thrillers won’t want to miss this exciting new film.

Written by Robert D