Dating & Sex in Japanese Culture, With Sally Smith

We asked Sally Smith about sex & dating in her native country of Japan. Where is the best place to hook up with a girl?

What is your job?

I do some modeling. I have an office job. I used to be a go-go dancer though. I also wanted to be a tour leader at one point. But my dream would be to try and start a show. Like a burlesque show in Vegas.

What are you doing in the States?

Just visiting. I’m trying to learn about people here and figuring out where to study. It’s very interesting — LA people are so much different than New York people. My favorite place is Atlanta, Georgia though.


What kind of guy are you attracted to?

To be honest I haven’t been attracted to many Japanese guys. For them I feel like they’re my brothers. I like foreign guys, White, Black, etc. I like being able to practice my English with them.

What’s something interesting about Japan?

There are these hostess clubs in Japan where guys pay a ton of money but they can only talk to a girl. You know how in America guys just come up to girls at clubs and talk to them, but in Japan the guys are too shy to do that.

So in Japan the guys don’t approach you at clubs?

Usually no. Usually I get approached by non-Japanese guys or American-born Asian guys.

Where should a guy go to meet girls in Japan (where the girls are thirstiest)?

There are foreigner bars in Japan. Roppongi is a good place because it’s full of Japanese girls who speak English. Most of the girls that go to these bars are looking to meet guys. The normal clubs and bars in Japan that are frequented by Japanese aren’t usually the places you want to go to. Most girls there don’t want to meet guys they just want to keep to themselves. So if you’re traveling to Japan I’d go to the foreigner bars.


I heard the Japanese population isn’t reproducing much. People aren’t having sex. Why is that?

Japanese girls try to hide their sexual desires. They’re much more conservative than Americans. I don’t really know why. They try to hide that they want sex.

Also I know a lot of Japanese guys just pay for hookers. They’re not having much sex with their wives.  It’s just very easy to pay for sex in Japan. Extremely easy.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Will Smith. I LOVE Will Smith. That’s actually the reason for my nickname “Sally Smith.”

Are you single or taken?

I am single.

If I wanted to date a Japanese girl and I don’t know any Japanese, how should I approach her and talk to her?

The best advice? Just be American. It’s actually good that you can’t speak Japanese. For some reason Japanese girls like that. My girlfriends who are dating Americans are actually learning English and speaking a lot better.

Oh here’s one tip. Try to be friends first. I think Japanese girls are too shy, so being friends first or asking to be friends is a good method of approach.

Say this: Tomodachi ni naro? — “Let’s be friends.”


But isn’t it awkward if we don’t talk much?

You probably can’t have a serious relationship with a Japanese girl who can’t speak English, but you can still have fun right? I mean just go to the club, drink, and have fun =)

What are some basic Japanese words I should learn?

Anata wa totemo kawaii. — “You are really cute.”

Bango wa shite kuremasuka? — “What’s your number?”

O namae wa? — “What’s your name?”

What’s your favorite type of music?

Club music. In the clubs in Japan they play mostly American hip-hop or EDM. August Alsina. Trey Songz.

Okay thanks! Where can we find you online?

Instagram: @foxy_sally


Written by Editorial Staff