A New Survey Shows Japanese Women Hate Beards. Find Out Why

An interesting survey shows that Japanese women seem to be anti-beard. Read on to find out more.

The internet portal My Navi Portal recently polled 133 female Japanese women between the ages of 22-34 a simple question: Do you like guys with beards?

For our burly face follicle full friends this may come as quite a blow, a whopping 85% responded with a resounding NO.


Not sure if the poll included this picture.. but if not maybe this will sway public opinion.

Upon delving deeper into the anti-beard sentiment of the females of Japan many backed up their love for a clean shaven man due to somewhat unsurprising reasoning. Many women felt “Beards seem unsanitary,” “It looks dirty,” and “Hardly any guys look good with one.”

Again perhaps they have not seen this:


If Sapporro ever decided to rip off the Dos Equis Man they know where to look..

Unfortunate for beard bearing men, the aesthetic realm is not the only unwelcome place for beards among Japanese women. Many have stated in a practical setting beards are often cumbersome and meddling. The women surveyed felt beards were too prickly and did not enjoy them during moments of amore. Some said the scratchiness of beards during a make out session hurt and even painful.

But fear not our bearded brethren, although 85% were not fans of the beard there is still a margin of women in that other 15% that may love a brawny lad.

1 out of every 6 to 7 women seemed to be fine with a bearded man. Some even remarked that a man with a beard is shibui, a Japanese word which translates to “stimulatingly bitter,” but is popularly used in Japanese slang as old school cool.


What’s the Japanese word for “terrifying Great Muta with a beard” ?

Whether or not you are down with the beard is up to you, but now armed with this knowledge you can plan that dream trip to Japan knowing whether or not to bring your shaving supplies.


Written by Editorial Staff