3 Ways the Entrepreneur Mindset Will Make Your Relationships Better

We talk a lot about getting girls to like you, but what about those guys that are already in a relationship? We’ll tell you why entrepreneurs make the best boyfriends (and husbands), and what you can learn from them.

Amped Asia did an entrepreneur issue that basically said to have a successful start-up you need to have that desire, hustle, and passion to do what the majority of others don’t. These are the SAME EXACT traits that are needed to have a successful relationship.

Each successful business entrepreneur follows the same rules: invest in yourself, innovate on what has been done before, and be passionate about what you’re doing. Growing a great relationship is the same thing.

1) Invest in yourself.

No one wants to date or be in a relationship with a deadbeat. Even if you’re the stay at home partner in the relationship, you have to be constantly improving some aspect of your life. The good partners want to date someone who is serious about themselves as well as serious with the relationship.


But hey… what does he know.. he’s only a BILLIONAIRE!

What and Why to Invest?

Investing time and/or money to develop a skill, expand your knowledge, or gain new experiences. Make yourself always INTERESTING.

For example, who do you think a girl wants to be with:

1) a guy who plays video games all the time?


2) a guy who can balance video games AND takes classes to learn to cook her favorite dish?

No duh it’s going to be case 2! If you invested in yourself to learn how to cook, then you’ll be able to cook for her friends, for your family, cook when she comes home late, basically take care of yourself more than what you were able to do yesterday.

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And let’s make one thing perfectly clear, this does not count, and is not remotely what we meant.

 Other random examples of investing in yourself include:

  • Become financially smarter to save money for that vacation she’s been wanting since forever.
  • Getting a gym membership so you can look better for her, AND feel better for yourself.

A person who doesn’t grow will always be the same as they were yesterday, and yesterday is never new and never exciting. Bring out that Asian in you and study something, learn something, then DO something that makes yourself grow. The girls will come and they will stay IF you develop yourself, trust me.

If he can study Math on the back of a scooter, you can pick up a cookbook and learn to make tiramisu.

If he can study Math on the back of a scooter, you can invest in yourself and learn to make dinner for your girl.

2) Innovate on what has been done before.

Successful business entrepreneurs always take an existing idea/system/product and improve on it with innovative ideas. This is needed to keep relationships exciting, fun, passionate, strong, etc… Without innovation, relationships become stagnant, travel nowhere, and lead to neglect. And who wants to keep watching the same movie every…single…day..for..years.

What to innovate on?

Come up with new ideas to show them that what you guys have is fun and exciting. Instead of giving her a birthday card again, plan a scavenger hunt with a birthday card treasure map.  Those flowers you’ve been getting her for the umpteenth time, try growing a small rose garden together.

Do something she’s familiar with, but do it newer, better,  or even more exciting. Or do something crazy with her: skydiving, paint balling, extreme underwater basket-weaving. Doesn’t matter as long as you keep innovating upon your relationship.

Good resources for your innovations:

  • Travel Channel has TONS of ideas if you live near a big city. Anthony Bourdain gave me the idea to try and make Chang Mai Curry Noodle Soup instead of ramen, and my wife loved it.
  • Your local convention center has a schedule of their events so find the next scrap-booking show and let your girlfriend nerd out on crafts instead of visiting a Michael’s Store.
  • Instead of shopping for home decor, go paint ceramics at a Color Me Mine.

Entrepreneurs continually innovate to keep their customers happy and coming back for more. You need to be that entrepreneur, because if you don’t, someone may take that customer away… and you’ll be left alone…with a box of tissues….in a dark room…


Instead of buying cupcakes, bake her a cake using your mad innovation skilz

3) Be passionate about what you’re doing.

If you’re not passionate about your product and what you’ve been working on, then it’s going to show and your customers will leave. Same thing happens in relationships. If you’re not interested in the relationship with the girl you’re dating, they are going to dump you and find the person who is willing to put in the effort.

Basically, your girl is going to find someone who CARES; is it you or someone else?

Great relationships and businesses never take breaks. There has never been a great couple that just do the straight 9-5, 40 hour weeks. These things are 24/7, 365, never stopping; and if you’re not having fun in the relationship, then it’s going to flame out.

Show her you care. Seeing is believing.

Even if you care, if you’re not showing it; no one gives two squats. No one is a mind reader, so don’t expect because you think of her all the time that’s an excuse to not show her how much you care for her. Entrepreneurs continually have to show care and compassion in order to keep their customers.

For you: communicate with her, give her free, non-obligation stuff, make time in your schedule to address her needs,  tweet some sappy song lyrics on her Twitter, just do something that she can see. That’s how you show her you’re passionate about your relationship.


Feel the PASSION, be the PASSION; don’t fall to the Dark Side.

Like any other venture, relationships have their ups and downs. Great partnerships work through these tough times because they are passionate about one another and passionate about their product (in this case the product is the relationship). If you care about that girl in your arms, then the hard times are just a normal part of the business cycle. That passion is what’s going to take you from day to day and keep you going.

PS. Know when to move on to someone else.

There are times when entrepreneurs know when to cut a loss and move on. The same applies to poor/harmful relationships, but if you know what you have is great and you don’t want to lose your girl, then you’re going to have to bring out that hustle. You’re going to have to keep investing, innovating, and caring.

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Written by Van Azn