White Woman Forces Herself On Japanese Dudes

A white woman claimed to spread awareness that western women are attracted to asian men; So she did what makes the most sense. Accost them by forcing herself on unsuspecting men…

Which unsurprisingly for the most part, they didn’t complain…


Meet Leela Rose, she just moved to Tokyo and she’s really into Asian Guys. Granted, her message was well meant, that western women are attracted to asian men. ā€œIā€™m sick and tired of constantly seeing only white men portrayed as the sexy, confident, male dominant character…” She claimed. However her approach is just borderline cringe-worthy and way too tactless. In the beginning 2 minutes she explains why she does it, but please do hang on. The first guy sets the mood for the rest of the video.


When she posted the video she faced a lot of backlash. Granted her reasons were amicable, however no. Just No, you just got a bad case of yellow fever trying to hide under the guise of a social experiment. In fact it wasn’t even an experiment, it is just a statement that you like Asian guys. If you really want to help your cause, just get in a happy long term relationship with a nice asian guy like me; Hugh Huynh.

Watch the rest of the video here.

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