I Hate Asian Men – Chinese Woman’s Delusional Hate Blog

Surfing through the internet and we ran into this one in one our favorite blogs, You Offend Me You Offend My Family. A self-proclaimed “masochist chink slut” has put a blog together praising the white man and denouncing all Asian males hidden under the guise of sexual liberation and love.


I Hate Asian Men – asian women’s sexual liberation is the name of the blog. Least to say, this blog is fucking gross. It’s filled with Anti-Asian Male and Anti-POC rhetoric topped off with disillusions that RAPE IS OKAY. (Editor’s notes: Just a reminder rape is not okay, It’s a crime) Here’s excerpts from the website:

“It’s absolutely disgusting. So this is what white men have become, whining little pussies who got no balls. You might as well just start calling those white men “asian fags” for all I care. And this is why I have more admiration for blacks and Muslims now. At least they still have the balls to rape, loot, and kill. They still have within them that savagery, that barbarism that defines all higher men. But those white men are just pathetic.”

“And what I really find sad is how so many white men profess to love asian women and yet so few Asian women are ever raped by White men. Even more Asian women are raped by black men than by white men. Can you really call it love when you don’t even have the courage to rape the person you love? And oh, don’t you dare get all morally outraged at me. At least I have the courage to admit that I have had rape fantasies since I was a teenager. I have always found white men attractive and yet to this day I have never met a white man who was man enough to rape me.”


“No more! Asian women are now liberated, emancipated and educated and we will no longer be oppressed by Asian men! All Asian women dream of a world without Asian men, and it is time we send all the Asian men to the gas chamber! Asian men do nothing but oppress women with their tiny little dicks and seriously they are so hideous and shit-looking God all Asian women hate those sad losers and this world will be a much happier place without them.”

Now are we surprised here that these kinds of blogs exist in the internet; no. However what still hits hard is that, disillusions like these still exist in a non-ironic and serious way.

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