Saven Mi

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Saven Mi is blowing up in Canada, and how could you not if you were blessed with those beautiful eyes and that sizzling hot body.

When I first talked to Saven Mi, I noticed that she is genuinely a very nice person that anyone could get along with. Even though she’s gorgeous, she’s shy at the same time. After a while though, she opened up. 

Read our interview to find out more about this stunning beauty.

First off, what’s your nationality and where are you located? 

I’m Cambodian and 1/4 Chinese. Located in Hamilton, Ontario.

How do you pronounce your name, “Saven”?


So it rhymes with window pane?


Saven Mi

Cool name.


It totally isnt spelled like how it’s pronounced though.

Yeah thats why no one can pronounce it.
When and why did you begin modeling?

I started modeling back in 2008 when I did a car show in Montreal called Sports Compact Performance. From then on I fell in love with the scene and continued pursuing my passion.

How old are you currently?

I’m 23.

Is modeling your career right now or are you doing something else as well?

I am also a make-up artist, bartender, and aspiring actress. I’m also working on other projects and hoping to start my own business in the future.

Saven Mi

How’s acting going for you?

I’m just starting out but I’ll be working on a few projects soon so hopefully it will turn out well. I’d love to make it to the big screen one day.

So at this moment, which aspect of your career are you focused on the most?

At this moment I am most focused on modeling and acting.

If you could only buy one thing, but you had unlimited amounts of money, what would you buy?

A private jet with a pilot to fly me around the world since it’s always been my dream to travel.

But you still have to buy the jet fuel and the hotel rooms.

Damnit. Haha. How bout a resort?

Saven Mi

That works! Next question: What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Hmm weekends… It depends on my mood but generally I love relaxing at the beach during the day and partying at night, whether it’s at a patio, lounge or club.

So are you currently single?


Nice! So when you go partying, how many guys on average hit on you during the club?

All of them! Haha kidding. I actually stay close to my friends and avoid guys… I’m shy like that plus I’m not interested in meeting guys at clubs. Still, there’s always a few that don’t get the message and won’t leave me alone lol.

Haha, maybe that’s why you’re still single, girl! You’re not giving those guys a chance!

I choose to be! lol.

So where WOULD you be interested in meeting guys? Online on

Hahaha nooo! It doesn’t really matter how I meet them whether it’s through a friend or anywhere else, but generally guys at clubs have the intention of taking advantage of drunken girls home.  Whenever I give guys at the club a chance they’ll ask me to go back to their car or home with them.

I guess the guys at Canadian clubs just have no game.

Haha, probably.

Anyways, so you seem very picky on what kind of guy you’d date, so give us a breakdown on your perfect guy. Spare no details.

My perfect guy would be someone sweet, caring, romantic, adventurous, passionate, honest, respectful and has a great sense of humor. Laughing and having fun together is extremely important! He should be supportive and we’d share similar interests like trying everything once and traveling the world together! Physically, I’d love if he’s athletic and tatted up hehe.

So do you mostly date Asian dudes?

Not really lol.

Ah, you’re an equal opportunity dater.


Saven Mi

Okay, so if a guy was interested in you, what’s the best strategy for him to get you interested in him back?

There’s really no strategy involved. If he’s interested in me he should do whatever comes naturally to show me that he’s interested. From that point, it depends if I’m actually interested in him.

If you could give 1 dating tip for guys, what would it be? Make it useful!

Pay attention to her! that works for getting and keeping a girl lol.

Yeah right, how does that help to get a girl?

Haha it’s more simple than that actually. If you pay attention, you’ll notice things about her like the things she’s interested in. From there you can figure out how to sweep her off her feet.

Saven Mi

What are your hobbies or talents?

I thought you wanted juicy stuff… that’s a boring question. Just saying.

Not if your talent is pole dancing. I’d be interested in that.

Maybe I should take that up then. I guess my hobbies are boring.

Like what? Knitting?

Ok maybe not that boring. I like dining out, working out, boxing, playing basketball, trying new things, doing anything outdoors.

Oh nice, you play basketball. That’s my favorite sport.

Yeah for fun but I suck no matter how much i play. 

What has been your worst experience in the modeling or acting industry?

I had a photographer who tried so hard to get with me and when I rejected him he called me all sorts of names and went out of his way to try to make me look bad. I just ignored his immaturity.

Last question, where can we find you online?


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