Read our interview with the sexy girl-next-door Cheri as she spills the juice on her love life, her blogging, her views on Asian guys, and more.
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Cheri: Hello -- my name is Cheri. I'm 22 years old and I'll be 23 this coming August. I pretty much do *everything*. Modeling, photography, writing, makeup artistry, art, gaming. You name it, I'm pretty sure I've done it. I'm really laid back and down to earth so I love to just chill and relax with the homies, but I can be a real high-maintenance princess sometimes and I hate it when I don't get my way. But for the most part? I'm just crazy little me. what would you consider to be your career, or what you are most known for?

Cheri: I'm pretty well known for my blog as well as my makeup channel on Youtube, and a lot of my fans and readers are incredibly supportive. If any of them are reading this now, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE MOTIVATING AND ENCOURAGING WORDS!! You're the best! You model as well?

Cheri: I set aside time for modeling if the right opportunity comes along. You do blogging and the make-up channel and modeling, do those all pay the bills or do you have a day job?

Cheri: All of those definitely pay the bills, thank goodness! I worked hard to market myself for my unique talents, and it's really starting to show. Woo! So you are kind of a self entrepreneur, how did you get started doing those and what made you realize that you didn't need a dayjob?

Cheri: Oh man. Basically, when I see an opportunity that I know will lead to a bright future? I hop on that shit. I never let good things pass me by because I would *hate* to live with the regret of knowing that I missed an amazing chance at something great! So when my blog started to take off, I started getting a lot of feedback from readers to pursue this, pursue that, etc. And I honestly would not have felt as motivated to do everything as I do now if not for them. And it's when I started seeing income from sponsors, advertisers, etc, that I broke away from working "for the man". I now set my own schedule and do whatever-the-eff I want! Very cool! So what came first, the makeup channel or the blog?

Cheri: The blog, definitely. I post about a lot of crap on there (sex, partying, boys & relationships, friends, drama, shopping, whatever), but when I started posting about makeup that I was using, people seemed crazy-interested. And then I mentioned that maybe I would start a youtube channel with tutorials on how I apply my different looks, and people were all over it. Like, "DO IT!" "We'd love to see!" "Please let us know when you get it up!" So I had to give them what they wanted. Your blog is super interesting I was reading it the other day, but I looked at the "sex" category and only saw 1 post.

Cheri: LOL! I had to take some things down because I was recently hired to work for Ubisoft Entertainment (they're the videogame company responsible for games like Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, etc), and they need me to maintain a more clean image. So my blog is definitely not as crazy as it used to be. But damn, I used to write some messed up stuff, haha! DAMN you need to get that stuff back up on there, I was like this is too tame for me.

Cheri: I know, right?! I had this whole entry about dildos and vibrators and shit, HAHA! It was pretty popular. I was basically encouraging girls to stop being slutty and pick up a fake penis. So you post some pretty intimate stuff on there, what if a guy you like reads things about him?

Cheri: Also, I'm not too worried about the guy I'm into reading my journal. I'm not stupid. Like, I won't put something up there that I don't want him to read. And when I need to write my feelings about someone without everyone finding out about it, I have my hand-written diaries! That way, I don't go insane holding it all in. Back to Ubisoft, what did they hire you to do?

Cheri: My official title is "Frag Doll Cadette". Pretty much, it's like this 6-month internship with Ubisoft towards working with the Frag Dolls. They're the female pro gamers who represent the company. They compete professionally in gaming (mostly FPS games), and travel the world going to different events like E3, Penny Arcade Expo, Comic Con, etc. I basically get to do what they do for about 6 months! Oh wow that sounds sweet, so let's talk more about your gaming stuff. What games do you play?

Cheri: Well, right now I'm kind of obsessed with my iPhone games. LOL! But I know that doesn't count. So to get more serious ... MW2, FFXIII, any Katamari game, Uncharted 1 & 2, any Ratchet & Clank game, Fallout, Oblivion, Fable, etc. Also, whatever DS game I can get my hands on. How good are you at MW2?

Cheri: I'm alright! I'm not the total shit or anything, but it's a game that I play constantly & I'm pretty sure I'm above average (as in, I could probably kick YOUR ass). I'm usually playing Search & Destroy Hardcore, or any other hardcore game. I have a lot of homies that play it, so it's fun to chill in the lobby with them if one of us dies. Ok back to your business ventures, what right now is raking in the most money for you and how does it make money?

Cheri: Probably my blog. It gets a lot of hits, and thanks to advertising and people willing to have me publicize their crap (I'm pretty picky with who I advertise on my blog -- I won't talk about stuff that sucks), I'm able to make a good living off of it. My makeup channel is a HUGE income market if I would just freakin' get around to posting every now and then. Basically, I'm partnered on Youtube because people apparently really like my personality for some crazy reason and subscribe the shit out of me. So my ratings, views, and subscriber count are high enough to earn me some moolah. Like I said! Wouldn't be where I am today if not for my amazing fans who still stick around even when I'm not putting out fresh material.

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