5 Reasons Asian Girls Like White Guys

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Editor’s Note – This article has generated a lot of controversy about racism. So I thought I should address this. This article is sharing one girl’s thoughts and feelings and does not reflect the ideas of the creator’s of this website. While I personally disagree with many things in this article, I also wanted to keep it published to shed some light on an issue that many people wonder about.

Also be sure to check out the responses to this topic by Steven Lin – Do Asian Women Prefer White Men? and Are Asian Men Less Desirable?

This topic is probably pretty controversial, but I thought I’d write about something that bugs a lot of my male friends. Don’t pretend that it’s not an issue. There are tons of people out there questions why there are so many Asian girls who prefer white guys. No, I’m not being racist. I’m not generalizing. I’m just telling what MY PERSONAL OPINIONS are. That’s why they call this an editorial. I absolutely love hate mail so feel free to send it my way.

Anyways let’s start with reason #5 of why I think Asian girls like white guys.

5) Social Prowess

White men are more socially in-tuned, and thus they have more social prowess than Asian guys. What I mean by social prowess is that they know what to do in social situations and they know how to network and meet new people well. I think the major reason for this is that I do live in the United States, in an area with a dominant white majority. White guys own the popularity contest, and sometimes this is something that is attractive to girls. As much as I hate to admit it, my gender sometimes has the tendency to get a little shallow. So if a white guy makes you look better than an Asian guy, then maybe you might want to choose the white guy.

4) Balls

I’ve met some Asian guys with balls. But for every Asian guy with balls, there are three or four white guys with just as much or even more balls. So I’m definitely not saying that Asian guys never have confidence. This isn’t true, but I have to admit that I’ve found that there are more white guys out there that are more confident.

3) Unique

Sometimes a girl just wants something different. It’s quite possible that the girl might be at a stage where she wants something unique and maybe network with some people that are different. I’ve dated a lot of Asian guys before my first white guy and this was definitely true for me. It felt refreshing to hang out with a few girls and guys of different races.

2) They pull the trigger

White guys are just more assertive. Sometimes girls just don’t want to wait. I’ve seen that Asian guys tend to drag out things a lot longer. They want to really extend the courting process. Sometimes girls just want a boyfriend and they want it NOW! White guys are really good at realizing this and acting on it.

1) Western concept of beauty

Living in the United States has probably clouded my judgment a little bit. When you see models in the press or media they are always toned, large, tall – all attributes that Asian guys tend not to have. I think it might have to do with just the way us Asian American girls were brought up. Our concept of beauty makes us think that Westerners just have that beauty that guys of our race don’t have.

‘Nuff said. Hope you guys enjoyed my first post. I’m going to be blogging for Amped Asia in my spare time and have my own column. I am expecting some mail from you guys on this article. Give me ideas for future posts!

Much Love,

Kevin Tang

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  • ererere

    i agree with the post even though i am an asian guy.

    • Youknowit

       A sane and sensible one then.

  • Dnguyen1979

    AF/WM couples= Abortion rate of 35% of pregancies. It sure ain’t the asian guys fault.

  • Bahsok

    THATS NOT TRUE:I live in USA. In my college, Asian girls(Chinese or Korean) date ONLY Asian guys like Persian or Indian.

    Im one of them…

  • Lisaxiong91

    AMEN TO THIS ATRICLE! :) I hate asian guys. I love my white boy! :)

    • EasternPride

      So you hate your father/brother/uncle?

    • anon

      Have fun slut. Go make some porn movies while you’re at it. Keep supporting the stereotype asian women are sluts. that will show em. Just when it bites back, Don’t go running to asian men. We’re not going to help someone who built the hate for asian men.

  • Thegeckosama

    @f27e6570ce8278ff7519527883cbd830:disqus Oh my! You believe white men has more social prowess?! It doesn’t change the fact that most white guys socialize just to find opportunity of having sex. White guys feels superior just because of their *****. If you happen to know some White guys married with Asian girls?? for your information women who choses to be with a foreign guy it’s because of their money. Duh!!! But if you wanted to seek for someone who instill the right attitude of Asian women you bet you wont get the chance of even dating one. A lot of white guys here in our place feels so confident about their wives little they know they got the cheap one. The bottom line is, they pretend to be somebody just to fullfil their dog habits of having sex. White guys cant even make certain relationship last, still proud of your white body? If I were you I prefer to choose asian body than to have those white body which doesn’t have any value for the REAL Asian women. Way more beautiful compared to western women ew?!

  • Kingtoad53

    I’m an Anglo-Saxon Australian male and I lived in Chinese-speaking East Asia (China and Taiwan) for 6 years and it often amazed me how much so many, but certainly not all, East Asian men tried to act tough by being perverse and belligerent. They would pose and posture and try to show what big tough fellas they all were and behave very aggressively and it seemed to many Western men my own age to be so fake and childish. I often thought that many East Asian men were emotionally immature, and very very insecure, and very naive for their age. This childish vanity and conceit of many East Asian men had to be seen to be believed. There were of course exceptions, and certainly not all East Asian men were or are like this; and indeed, I became friends with several East Asian men who were emotionally mature and secure and comfortable in their own skins. But there were sure as hell many East Asian men who were very immature, insecure, and unconfident like so many schoolboys and who tried to compensate for this by acting tough and belligerent.

    • Scarede Cat

      You got it wrong dude. Asians’ don’t act aggressively because they feel insecure about their skin. The main reason for their childish behavior is their media. Ever see an Indian bolly wood or any chinese movie. the hero in those movies is always the guy who beat up and took on 4-5 guys on street alone. Media Portrays that childish mentality cause of millenias of wars and MIGHT IS RIGHT kind of rulers asian countries saw. Chieftain, feudal lords, land lords and warlords exploited average poor asian with the extnd of taking away thr wifes, daughters, wealth and squash them like flies which created only FEAR based SUBMISSION and RESPECT for those aggressive beast in human skins. If you can yell, slap or disgace others in SouthEast Asia and India, you will be viewed as a champion, big brother and full of guts. And also you forgot to mension that phenomena exist with teenagers only and nt with fully grown men with enough worries to care about. Asian Teenagers somehow stupidly relate GREATNESS with aggressiveness and not WISDOM. but i dont’ Generally agree with wt you just wrote respectfully !

  • EasternPride

    If you really prefer white guys that much, then u should probably only associate with white guys. I certainly don’t want to be around anyone who thinks of me in that way. Do you think your own father was deficient in the ways that you pointed out? Did your mum make the wrong choice of race? If my daughter thought of me in that way I’d disown her. If you’re too good for Asians then hang out with whites all the time, we don’t want you. Seriously, show some pride why don’t you.

    • anon

      No, fuck this bitch. She can go die a brutally raped death for all we care. Bitches like her can go rot in hell for the lustful, greedy, and racist ways like her. ! bitch less to deal with.

  • EasternPride

    She may have posted a personal opinion, but it is indicative of how a large proportion of asian females think. A lot of Indian females have similar opinions in regards to the male members of their own race. It’s quite a peculiar phenomenon.

  • EasternPride

    One last thing- I imagine you don’t like to be discriminated against based on your race. Well that’s exactly what you’re doing, and it’s against your own race no less.

  • wow…

    lol,, u kidding me?  as much as asian girls want white dudes, asian guys want white girls, white girls are so much hotter and sexier than asian girls…..

    • Vadehanson

      ya racists remark

      • Rahfee Zahkee

        half white/half asian girls (hapa) are the best. amirite?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FMQOVZLBMGTVESCZUPBBSUM7N4 Dag Rune

          Many asian women are to small and slim for us white guys, but some are beautiful. But euroasian children are cute especially girls.

    • TEEZY

      @e379baea880a0b1bb1f7c2cd99de6b28:disqus SO true lol, Im an asian guy and personally i prefer white girls. white girls are sooo much hotter, cuter and prettier than asian girls :p
      Only 5% of asian girls are actually good looking, but 70% of non-fat white girls got that same beauty or even better lol… im sorry asian girls…… but HEY! atleast you guys are smart :)

      • Joanneli123

        and exactly what percent of them arent fat? and theres much less good looking asian guys than good looking asian girls. also, you see more asian girls with white guys than asian guys with white girls

        • jimbo

          About 10000 wm/asian girl to wf/asian guy couples

      • anon

        Lol, screw all asian girls not just by looks, but the way they think is just as fucked up. They know it too! IT’s so amazing. Most know they are racist.

      • Dee

        You said you are an asian guy, that means you must be ugly and no wonder the author of this thread dissed asian men like you, idiot

      • jimbo

        Until you find out how materialistic they are and I disagree. I think you just prefer white girls because its something new to you. But by far asians have more petite figures which is feminine.

    • White power

      this is so true, Asian girls if you date them and enjoy roastbeef then , Asian girls are keeping Arby’s in there paints, I dated so many Asian girls and all I got was roastbeef, and having sex with Asian girls , it good early but then is loose , that why I’m back with white women

    • Jconnor

      lol that’s fucking bullshit u racist piece of shit. I prefer Asian woman as they are hotter an have better personalitys then these white sluts.

    • jimbo

      As a white guy I appreciate both asian males/females admitting we are beautiful.

    • jimbo

      The difference is asian girls get white guys and asian guys don’t get white girls.

      • Bman

        the asian girls with white guys are so far all bitches to me. in reverse white girls with asian guys have good personalitites

  • Leglick

    this article is a prime example of true immaturity and ignorance.  We live in a world were all men are tying to be equal and then this article comes out.  You are such a F’n bigot for writing this.  Next thing you’ll say is White guys penises fit better in asian girls side ways vaginas. Or that asian dudes can’t play basketball… “Lin mania”.  Hello.  Like it’s not hard enough for people of any race to have meaningful relationships and make this world beautiful. I, like yourself, am very Americanized.  Raised in Alabama and have lived in AL, FL, DC, TX, CA, and even Germany.  I’ve been intimate with enough women in all these places to realize that everyone wipes their asses the same way.  I’ve made lots of friends too.  Mostly white people because growing up in the south, that is mainly what there is.  I found that many asians women in Socal are racist.  They mostly want to keep it all asian.  My mexican friend hated that.  My white friend did too.  I’m older and married now.  My wife is blonde haired, blue eyed, and when I met her she could have been green cause it was the spark or the click that happened when we started to talk to one another.  I’d been with many women of all types and no one is any different.  They are all your Ex’s when you meet the one.  Stay open to all races and educate yourself dumb a$$! And i’m sure your sideways vagina resembles the sun when you toss it into the air, and you wipe back to front…right!?

  • funnyworld

     I guess Hitler was right then. Blond hair, blue eyed men are the “master race”. Even Asian girls think so.

    • YourHusband

      Actually, Asian girls would still consider a good looking Asian dude as superior to any white man. Notice how the Asian girls who date white men tend to be the uglier ones lol

      • 문정민

        Except thats not true

  • I see the truth

     The writer of this article just likes white guys. It would be a sad shame when she marry one and has a half asian son that will fill unloved because the mother prefer white features over her own.

  • navyguy

    What about other races? Afro American, Hispanic American, even your own Asian American, sounds like what you’re saying is that we dont share these qualities either. Social Power, we have an educated Black Man as president, which is a message for all ethnicities that we can accomplish anything, which is also balls because through all odds, we never backed down. uniuqeness and pulling the trigger? really? REALLY? Western concept of beauty, Lets not forget the asian race was brought here as slave labor for the railroads and their women as whores so again, what western concept of beauty? Not trying to pick a fight but I’m just saying.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551698927 Patrick A. A. Jolin

    > Non Whites dating other non Whites: ” Wow, it’s so nice to see diversity working! ”

    > Asian girls prefer White guys: ” WHAAATT ABOUTTT USSS?!?!? LOOK AT ALL WE’VE ACCOMPLISSSHEED “

    • gizer

      you are a bum

    • anon

      It’s not about diversity. It’s about how asian men never receive the attention. IT’s always about asian women. So the big deal on this is that, there is clearly something wrong with asian society and the people who forcefully inject themselves into it to destroy it.

  • Samantha

    So… because Asian guys want a long and possibly more meaningful relationship than the white guys “haz sex nao lol” that makes them better? /facepalm

    • guest

       Depends on your moral compass.

      • anon

        asian women have no morals then. According to this article.

  • Bbgjh

    I m sorry but asian girls have no ass, and no tits! So i like black and huspanic better!

  • Lizard201191

    I’m a Vietnamese guy but I have confidence and I still get girls. I don’t like it when white people believes they’re superior than everybody else. I’m not racist or anything but I find Black women and Asian women attractive than White/Hispanic women. I’m in Vietnam right now but the problem is that the white guys are just jealous because I speak better Vietnamese than they do and also they came to Vietnam without learning any Vietnamese! In the USA, I’m not racist but in Vietnam, I turn into a racist person to be honest. I’m cool with the Muslims in Vietnam even if they’re White. I often give evil looks to white guys who go to Vietnam for a vacation. In Nha Trang, I often attract the hot Vietnamese girls which also turns the white guys jealous and they get mad at me but I said to myself, they should go fuck themselves!!! Not to mention, most of my male ancestors were ladies’ men but most of my male ancestors are usually Ottoman Turkish, Arab, Circassian, Black, Iranian, Chinese, Mongolian, and some Eastern European mixed with Tatar.

    • UR MOM

      If you have to say “I’m not racist but” 3-4 times then you are probably a little racist byytch. Noone gives a fkk about you loser. BTW I;m white and I’ve been with a Vietnamese girl, she swore I was best she ever had, so wet. Vietnamese girls like White American guys, get bent fukk tard.

    • John Smith

      I’m not racist but…

    • mookie

      Sexpats don’t deserve respect

  • delta

    asian guys want something meaningful and long term. White guys just want sex with anyone.

    • Sento65

      You sound like a butthurt asian guy. As a white guy, I hardly go around sleeping with anyone.

    • guest

       Yea I’m not surprised you hardly get to sleep with anyone Sento65. You sound like a butthurt white guy.

      • gitoffmenuts_google

        The only one that sounds butthurt is you.

    • gizer

      you are right delta im not asian im black but dont agree that white guys are the dominait race thats just stupid we all are equal in this society.

      • Jonathan

        Agreed, I am white and my best friends in high school – two were black and one was white. Girls loved us all, probably because we were good looking and outgoing. Girls like guys that take them out as a group and have fun. White guys don’t think they’re a dominant race either – that’s like a hundred plus years ago, at least in places like Canada. It is racist to even suggest that white people think more of themselves than another group – trust me I meet with lots of white people one on one and only the most arrogant say shit like that, but they’re looked down upon.

    • Jonathan

      White guys want meaningful and long-term with the right women. However many men are interested going skin to skin with a beautiful women, even if she is not meaningful in the long-term.

  • Bill yap

    If the reasons 2 to 5 were applied to self-hating Asian sluts like you, you should be dating a Black guy. But you wouldn’t would you? Because as far as you”re concerned, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners etc. are of inferior stock whereas someone who is white is considered supreme. You just want to be seen with a white guy to camouflage the color of your skin so that you will be perceived as almost white. I’ve come across your type many times over – a bunch of female white supremacists in a slutty female Asian body.

    • Guest


      • Mikesmith

        shut up bitch i rape asian girls and destroy them

    • stannis

      youre right

    • Kat

      I’m an 18 year old asian female and i prefer asian males because they are more humble and dont feel the need to brag about their accomplishments. Though I will say that i find middle eastern and east indian men attractive as well because they are very family orientated. I’ve only ever been attracted emotionally to one white male because most (my age) are very cocky which is not attractive in the single bit. Perhaps you should’nt idealize asian women into one group.

      • Jonathan

        Just tell them they you think they are being arrogant. Guys try to talk big to impress you, often they’re not doing it for themselves. They want to lay it out for you so you’ll sleep with them, or make out or date or whatever. There are tons of cocky arrogant guys that will go on to accomplish nothing from every race. Look for the confident doers, not the talkers. On the same note though, respect that fact that white guys are individualistic – we do not want to be average or modest. We want to accomplish huge things, even if some are entirely incapable of doing such.

    • Rick

      You’ve hit it right on its head man. It’s so obvious. I have never once said it in front of anyone though I obviously think it but I found it enlightening when a friend of a friend was talking about how he’s always towing asians in their luxury cars. I said, “I said, really, asians?” just as a way for him to know I’m listening and he said, “Ya, you know, wannabe white?”

    • Jonathan

      Latinos(Spanish origin) and middle eastern also fall under the white category. If not then italians and greeks are also not considered white. Jeesh get your facts straight.

    • The truth

      This is so true

    • American

      Fk you racist, another Chinese boy with an inferiority complex.

  • Mizzsploosh

    LOL you’re pathetic. Tell the truth and explain the real reason why you like “WHITE MEN” the real reason is because you guys are ashamed of the way you look. Don’t say you’re “Shallow” you’re an embarassment. You want to have children with the white man hoping they don’t come out with the eyes & black hair and yellow skin.. but it backfires & ends up looking worse for you. Haha

    • guest


    • gitoffmenuts_google

      Hate.  Such a silly thing.  

    • Jonathan

      Mixed children are usually the most attractive.

      • fukdis

        black and asian’s are the most attractive hands down

        • anon

          Yeah, i don’t think so.

        • jimbo

          Good some think that way I can keep my qt white/hispanic girls.

    • fukdis

      Dude, white people are not cute and their babies just look plain… not gnna lie, some are cute but get over yourself. i would date an asian before a white any day. and white and asian just look white, that shytz not cute neither.

      • SiKeTe87

        What’s wrong darkness? I’m sure your Asian wife supports you and thats why her family disowned you both…

  • You assholes -.-

    Why are everyone in the commets such assholes -.-

    • you’re still assholes

      Ps. Yes i ment comments. Pps. My keyboard is shitty

  • Guest

    I don’t agree with any of these reasons except for 1). I’m an asian girl myself. I just feel some white guys are attractive, but I find some not attractive at all. I’d date asian, italian, whatever. It just depends on each asian girl’s tastes in men. You can say we’re total racists, but gosh mind your own business. I’m not looking to have a white baby or whatever lol. I’d go after a guy that is confident, has a good background, and good grades. My parents are a little biased against a couple races, but that’s a different thing.

  • guest

    “With the way us Asian girls were brought up.” Please speak for yourself. I find Asian guys super attractive. It shouldn’t be weird for an Asian girl to find Asian guys attractive. It’s natural. This is by far one of the most biased articles. “For every one asian guy with balls there are 3-4 white guys with balls that are ‘bigger'” Whatever that means. For every 3-4 white guys with those “balls” there are 9-10 white guys without them so I guess the math balances out. I mean there are over 2 billion Asians in this world and you’re saying that there are more white guys with balls than Asian guys with balls? Just proportionally it’s unlikely. I can pull numbers out of nowhere and make it seem like my logic is more valid. Seriously you need a reality check girl. Look in the mirror and within yourself to see who you are and not to the media to tell you who you should be. You’re trying way too hard to turn a blind eye to your heritage.

    • Jonathan

      I think it is fair to say that every individual and/or culture has their own definition of balls. For instance in Japan, they flew their planes into boats during WW2. That was highly respected in Japan. However an westerner who did that would have been considered weak, because they should have waited to fly another day to cause even more damage. An individuals life is so highly regarded here (I am a white Canadian guy), whereas in Japan at the time, it was the collective culture. That changes the concept of balls significantly. However I would have to agree, that many Asian men come off boyish as they are very shy, keep their heads pointed to the ground and not likely to take charge (although very polite and friendly). However there are some that hold their heads up and think quite highly of themselves. It’s anecdotal observation but I think it would hold up to scrutiny.

      However I don’t think Asian women are turning their backs on their heritage if they like white guys. Most white guys think asian women are beautiful, albeit a bit shy.

    • fukdis

      damn girl, im not even asian but she pissd me off. you hit it right on the spot. you need to stop watching tv and start realizing reality.

  • SoSmart

    Gosh I need to date a white guy so that society will accept me more. So that I can be accepted into white society and gain the benefits that they enjoy. Also, if I date a white guy then I won’t look so Asian and my child won’t look so Asian. He definitely won’t be confused about his identity and because he’s mixed both races will accept him. I mean there’s no way NEITHER side will accept him/her right? I mean, relationships based on love, emotions, and the characteristics of the other person are okay and all but it’s all about the generalizations and the stereotypes. THAT’S what makes the relationships last, especially the generalizations and the skewed perspectives, not the individual as a human being. Yep, I’m definitely sure I have a winning formula and since I’m Asian, there’s no way my formula can’t be wrong. WOO, justification and rationalization for the win! I mean..FTW! I’m not doing this because men of my own ethnic background don’t find me attractive. I just know for a fact that I’m better than them because Hollywood tells me so.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SJ5YQ4GS4XDBGXRSORGFBM4FHI Kelly

      LOL, effing hilarious. Seriously, this girl is way out there.

    • LolWut

      The sarcasm is strong with this one.

  • guest

    is this a serious article?

    • nyu

      Rochelle’s the biggest. troll. ever.

      jk, she’s probably just ignorant or something.

  • Silentartist

    As a white male, I would have to say I am not in favor of this article. Maybe it was the way I was raised or maybe it’s just something I’ve learned from being around a diverse community, but in any case I just don’t think you should characterize any race with anything other than common physical features. If you had said you were attracted to white men because of their common skin complexion, facial structures and hair color/texture, I would understand. But even with that, I would not base my entire relationship off of those traits. You have to find an individual who loves you just as much as you love them regardless of outside influence. Maybe I’m not one to talk here. Personally I find certain physical features of Asian females very attractive. I don’t reserve myself for any one race, but my peers as well as myself have observed that the majority of women I find attractive are of Asian descent. I will not generalize their personalities because I ‘cannot’. So what if I think that the skin complexion of most Pacific Island girls is beautiful or that I find the eyes of east Asian women more seductive, they are all different human being with different feelings and thoughts. It would be impossible for them to be the same and that goes the same for us white men or any other ethnic group including Asian males.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRPZWO7Y4XSG5EAKWD5O7IKEYE V4rn4k

    that’s it. imonly dating white girls. fuck you rochelle

    • gitoffmenuts_google

      good, do it.

    • anon

      I’m just going to avoid bitches like her. Not ever in my life will i ever subject myself to only one race, but as nature intends, i will prefer my own greatly.

  • Billyap

    It’s amazing how many comments this sell out whoriental can receive.

  • Guest

    A refreshing breeze of honesty from someone who knows what she’s talking about. Do I think of her as a sell-out? Yes. But props for the honesty.

    Silentartist & Dissenters: Who’s talking about love here? The author’s talking about natural, impulsive attraction, plain and simple. There’s more biology than psychology going on here. Everyone knows that things like social standing and confidence stick out for women as much as an hourglass figure sticks out for men. Why get on her case about it or pretend she has conscious control over it?As an Asian guy living in America, you have the play the game as it is and not whine about it. It was hard for me to get Asian girls until I started to emulate those things that white guys *seem* to exhibit better than Asian guys. I keep all my core values and my culture, much better than most American-born Asians of my culture. I just talk smoother, network better, work on my social skills, and learn to go on impulse instead of hesitating.Like it or not, race is not just skin deep. You can assume with a fair degree of accuracy that culture and values get passed down in a pretty direct way, along with how you look. It may be uncomfortable to make that correlation with our ludicrously PC society, but those are the facts. That, along with the fact that women in general are JUST as superficial as men (either consciously or unconsciously), is what makes Asian women assume that white guys have these benefits over Asian guys in general. 

    If you want to even the odds, you manipulate their superficial attraction to social prowess and confidence by emulating it.Simple as that.

    • Silentartist

      Upon reading this article the first time around, I got the notion she was speaking of a more long term relationship. I don’t condemn her for having “impulsive attractions” to features of white males , but in the case of having a serious relationship with someone, I’d personally want to get to know them for a while. I guess that’s just that old fashioned part of me coming out though. As for emulating those that seem more attractive, I say why bother? Maybe my Irish blood is just rallying me up inside, but I have to ask. Would you really rather find a girl that likes you for who you act like rather than who you really are? I say hold your color. This may be weird coming from a white guy on an AF/WM article, but I really do think you’d be happier in a long term relationship with someone you have deeper feelings for. That’s all I have to say. I’ve preached enough today.

      • jasdog1994

        Your long term comments make total sense.  For a random hook up though, that could be a total different story.  There is nothing wrong with interracial couples long or short term.  However, no one should choose any type of partner based solely on race.  There are beautiful people across the world in every race.    

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FMQOVZLBMGTVESCZUPBBSUM7N4 Dag Rune

    White men prefer asian women before black women because of the skincolor. Yellow skin is more beautiful than black skin for us. But I think that white men want white women if it is possible for us to get that. But it is not enogh of them because in our race it is 106 men for 100 women.
    But some men like best to be unmarried . But I think asian women are very kind against their husband, also if he is white,- that is good with asian women. White women are often treated their husband bad.

    • anon

      Or it can be due to the fact White men are indirectly into pedophilia.

  • Kylesmith689

    look, theres been rumors the like black men better, some like black men, theres rumors they like white men, some like white m,en, theres rumors that the hate asain men, most prefer asain men. im white, i want to hook up wit in asain girl, but to those who want them dont by into a steor, n beware the black man rumors white guys, there trying to discourage us, theres nothin wrong with them dating blacks, but im just warning be careful lookin shit like this up, u may not like wut u find, all women are diffrent, some like white others like black, others like asain n mexican, they are all different, n again most asain women like asain men

    • JD4422

      Any woman/girl likes a boy with confidence.  Attractive is attractive across all races. I really doubt the first thing through any person’s mind is this guy is black…gross  or this guy is white…yay! You can’t make generalizations in America anymore…We’re too diverse 

  • Ivano

    Rochelle, surely Asian American guys will cover points 5,4,3,2 (most points mentioned here :) since they are brought up in the western world as well. So Why won’t you go for them?  I’m British Born Chinese and I’m tall, toned, assertive, sociable, pulls the trigger, and keeps ma ladies happy.. sorry being very humble there :) don’t loose hope on the asian guy market! also to keep ya family traditions!

    • jasdog1994

      You can’t “keep family tradition” in America so much anymore.  Everybody is everywhere in America and they’re all intertwining.  Asian people and that whole “honorable family tradition” thing isn’t something that can be applied when you live in a diverse and now accepting country like America. You also can’t make generalizations.  Asian girls are with all other races of guys too, people just notice the white guys either out of jealousy or because its been brought tot heir attention whereas no one “notices” Asian and Asian couples just like they don’t “notice” white and white couples.  Interracial is unique and exciting!    

      • Asdf

         exciting my ass, when an asian man or woman turns 30 they age well. Whites looks like shit after 30. Fact.

        • Jsnltwn

          there’s no need to be rude. 

  • Glaurung_XTC

    well you are clearly Asian American, I’m not American and no Asian, but I know a lot of Koreans and Japanese and I can say that is true that a lot of girls in that countries like white guys and also in South Eastern Asia, but some of the reasons that you give here are not valid for a Korean or a Japanese girl.
     Maybe the point you have that is true is that they like things in white guys that asians cannot have like colorful eyes ( blue or green ), or the fact that most asian guys are very skinny so white guys look stronger generally speaking, and they are also in love with white skin POINT NUMBER 1, Agree but is just the same reason why in Holand and Norway they don’t like blondes, everybody is blonde. Also other thing is like Asian guys never say beautiful things to their girls, something that they apreciate a lot, and we do it a lot in some Europeans countries like Spain, France and Itally. Asian guys are very rude with their womans most of the times. And also point 4 is true generally speaking.
     About the point 2 it depends on the country and it depends a lot of the kind of girl so I don’t what to say here.
    But the point 5 is completly stupid for a non-inmigrant origin asian girl, the point 3 is also nonsense usually they don’t like to go with too much people of other countries ( with the excepotion of some japanese girls).

    • Glass_Slippered_Beauty

      so false. i think the media portrays Asian men in such a bad light. So ASian guys aren’t the most affectionate – but i think you all are looking at male asian immigrants. if we’re talking about, well, let’s say, more Americanized asian guys, they don’t treat their wives or girlfriends “badly.” yes some guys are raised to believe men are more superior than women, but usually they don’t have the guts to say so. from my perspective, asian guys aren’t like that at all. the asian guys at school aren’t like that, my brother isn’t like that, and my dad isn’t like that. i have no idea where this idea of cruel treatment came from…

  • Gaga324

    Asians are sluts

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FS7OJB3FLT7IHNVPFAMO7YE5V4 Jonathan C

    Lets be honest here, shall we.  Asian girls like white guys.  But they also like any race with a larger “Package” than your average Asian male.  Fact of life.  Deal with it.  Asians aren’t famous for being “endowed” by any stretch of the imagination.  They are however, known for having feminine bodies and small “packages.”  White guys are a chance for the Asian girl to lose her Asian last name and morph into some perceived idea of “exotic” in her white husband’s social circle.   As I scrolled through the comments, I kept looking for someone to address the genitals question and noone did.  Well ladies and lady boys, here it is.

    • mission29

      Let’s be honest, you seem to know a thing or two about Asian men’s genitals.

    • Glass_Slippered_Beauty

      Wow…I’m an Asian female and even i DON’T KNOW about ASian guys and their “small” packages. Besides that doesn’t account for everything. Sure most girls (me included) would prefer a guy that is nicely endowed, but in the end, it’s not that big of a deal. Heck, i dated a Hispanic guy who wasn’t that big, but he was a nice, affectionate, funny person and things worked out. Also, NOT all Asians want to lose the exotic last name. The majority of asian people go for asian people so you will still see common asian names such as (wong, Lee, yamamoto, etc). Besides if i did have any intention of marrying a white male, i wouldn’t change my first or last name. I want to keep my “exoticness”

  • Init_f

    Too bad for the Asian girls that white guys like us hot Latina women just a little bit better than them :) Asian women may be “exotic” in their newly white social groups, but they have nothing on the sensuality and beauty that Latina women have. Eat that for lunch, ladies! Speaking of lunch, we can cook circles around them as well.

    • Guest

      too bad for you latina girls, asian girls actually prefer asian men, when they grow up and wake up from la la land, unlike your latino men, who are unwanted.. i agree there are some incredibally beautiful latino girls, i met one and she was hitting on me, and im a chinese guy.. but i can say asian girls already a million times better than you latino girls before it starts, by the fact you latino girls talk trash, act black which makes you buttttt ugly.. only scummy men would date those type of women anyway… asian girls for life.. i am for sure marrying a asian girl.

      • ChineseMenDontGetLaidLOL

        As a latino man, I say you’re full of shit. I have dated a Chinese, Latin, Japanese, Korean, and even a Burmese woman. Undesired? I disagree. The Chinese woman was my least favorite. In fact, I would probably not waste my time dating a Chinese woman again. Here in Orange County, CA Chinese women (and men) tend to have an identity crisis. They want to be white so bad. Chinese men are are not much better. I see them all the time trying to network their way into white circles with the image that they have more money than they really do.

        That being said. I love me some Japanese women. They are my favorite by far. Yes, it helps making a good amount of money. That is true of most attractive women. They like nice things. Also, I find it easier to bond with Japanese men (brothers, fathers, friends of the woman) easier than with Chinese guys since they are proud of their heritage and do not try to hide the fact that they are of Japanese descent.

        The funny thing is, most Asian (and Latin) women that I know would never go out with a Chinese guy. Even the Chinese girls! Japanese guys tend to attract more Asian women than Chinese guys. I am not attracted to white women, nor do I know any. However, I rarely see any white women with Chinese guys (even though Chinese guys tend to have a Blonde fetish). Chinese guys are losers, even amongst their own women. Latin guys at least have a chance at getting dates from women of their own ethnic background.

        One last note for all of you Chinese people is SoCal…people with money do not wear clothes that serve as a marketing tool. You do not have to buy shirts that say Dolce & Gabbana all over it.

        • Glass_Slippered_Beauty

          Well, SIR. CHINESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING ASIAN. Do you not comprehend that? You say “The funny thing is, most Asian (and Latin) women that I know would never go out with a Chinese guy.” But I don’t understand how other Asians understand this, when Chinese people are Asians? Anyway, my point is, you’re obviously generalizing all Chinese people into one group because you had a bad experience with one. Yes, i agree that some Chinese people do face an identity crisis – but how does that necessarily make us bad? I was born in China and immigrated to California when i was 4. I still keep my Chinese name, despite people telling me to change it. I’m proud of my culture. I go back and visit my grandparents every other year and my mom cooks rice. I have to admit, i have become “Americanized” but only because i attend American schools and the culture rubs off on you. I’ve dated a Hispanic and Caucasian guy before. They were both alright but nothing significant. These old adage saying that Asians don’t like African Americans, Latinos, Middle Eastern people isn’t true or false. You cannot take the belief of a group of Asians and accuse every Asian of being racist. It’s just like saying every Caucasian hates African Americans and wants to enforce slavery. that’s so unfair, because you can’t automatically judge a person because of a stereotype. Contrary to popular belief, my best friends are African american and Hispanic/Caucasian. People are shocked, but it’s like this is me, who gives a shit? so yes your opinion is acknowledged. but next time, don’t go around saying shit about all Asians cause you met a bad one.

  • Ivano

    Rochelle. All I can say is, the Asian girls of today are making a big mistake. Not only are they not following family traditions of raising a family of their own culture for which their parents and ancestors have been doing for thousands of years (which you’d argue is that everyone should have their rights to choose who they go for in the 21st Century world) but they don’t realise that alot of Western men usually aren’t faithful and cannot sustain a long term relationship. They can be gurus when it comes to courting females, saying sweet romantic words, and maybe good in bed, but bear in mind this is just the cover of the book. I’ve seen many relationships where even a few years after marriage, the white guy will start to feel fed up of their Asian half and go for something maybe more bootylicious (like Init_f says the Lantino girls) and soon they end up divorced. They went for the Asian girl in the first place because Asian girls come across as cute and sweet and maybe easy to manipulate compared to the more testosterone caucasian women who are larger, more opinionated and will fight to steer the course of a relationship. Basically the guys who date Asian chicks are the white girls’ rejects, which in turn will cause alot Asian guys to be rejects (sounds like a food chain I know!). Asian chicks will soon feel the pain of rejection and realise who the real men are. Asian guys aren’t great when it comes to showing emotion, but what we do behind the scenes or in the long run shines, and its too bad the girls are too impatient to see this potential. Instead of sending flower bouquets to you we will make flower tea for you (Guk Fa Cha in cantonese as you may know) to keep your body healthy. Instead of treating you to a cruise dinner, we will actually cook the dinner for you (in the comfort of your own home lol). Instead of paying the taxi to send you home whilst we continue partying during the night, we won’t party in the first place, but drive to pick you up and send you home where we can see you are safe throughout the journey. We like doing the nitty gritty dirty stuff like real husbands do! All comes from our upbringing!    

    And just incase you don’t know, it’s not about the size of the endowment, but how you use it. White lads might have long ones, but rumour has it that we stay harder! all about the blood flow :)

    Good luck Rochelle!

    • Asian

      You’re so wrong and you sound like a racist. I hope that one day you realize that and apologize to all of the people that you have offended.

      • fukdis

        you guys put yourselves to same. look, im a black guy married to an asian, and we have two beautiful children and are happily married. i guess asian’s now days have just gave up the fight for equality and decided to join the whites instead of trying to beat them. i hope all whites die and burn in hell because thats where you will be going. sorry, its just facts. white’s are like fucking every begging for forgiveness demons. i wish they are just die, because we have proven and proven again the, for 1 minority’s are better and do more, and 2 that blacks are better than you guys in every way possible. if you asian women would do some research, you will find that black americans are just like you are and fighting for the freedom that was stolen from them years ago.

        • Rasta King

          Sir, you need to expel the hatred in your heart.

        • John Smith

          Then GTFO and go back to Africa, the land of milk and honey, OK Sambo?

    • Jason

      Asian “girls” date white boys/Men because to them, the feel as sense of entitlement. In other words, “THEY MADE IT.” My girlfriend and I crack up laughing everytime we see an asian girl with a white guy!!!! lol

      Asian women are very materialistic type of bitches and you ALL try SO FUCKING HARD TO BE WHITE!!! Fucking HILARIOUS!!!! It’s very true what they say “Asian girl worship whiteboy”.

      Fuck you bitches!!! Please stay the fuck out of Santa Monica!!!!

      Peace =o)

    • American

      FK you racist, from a White American man who has an Asian GF

  • Mr White Guy

    I am a white male. My first girlfriend was half Asian, and I have to say I agree almost 100% with Ivano (below).

    • Guest

      i totally disagree i am a asian male, and i can assure you, only the westernised brainwashed asian girls like white guys… asian girls prefer asian men FACT… i know this from experience,,, thai girls use white men for money, or to go to a better country, theyll rape you of your money and divorce you and cheat on you behind your back… while they have thai boyfriends that they proabably send your money too back home lol… chinese girls same thing.. chinese girls prefer a nice guy and definitely a nice chinese guy that she can get along with that treats her well.. but they sometime marry white dudes, again for a better life in another country. or cause no chineses guy wants them.. .. same goes for indian girls, first choice would be an indian man, then next would be chinese then other asians, finally white then blacks….   trust me MAJORITY chinese girls that likes white guys are westernised and brain washed by WHITE racist propergander such as magazines and movies OR they are just very immature and dont know what they want yet, and they think dating someone white improves their status, (going back to the brainwashed white man racist properganda that paints white men as better and sexier than everyone else… comeplete bullshit

      I am a chinese dude born in the UK all my friends are white, and all my girlfriends have been white, but ive had plenty of asian girls fancy me and would have me over any white dude…..any asian girl would prefer a asian guy if they could find the right one….. they settle for the white guys…   

      I say with your case you girlfriend is halfcast. which means she’ll be very westernised when shes young, to fit in an be cool, so she will defo go for the whtie guy, but as she gets older and comes to her senses, I garauntee she will want to know more about the asian side and she’ll want a decent handsome asian guy :-)

  • Guest

    Why does race even matter anyways? People love who they love. No one is better than the other… people talk about asian women being sluts, well news flash there’s slutty women in all races.This article talks about all these things white men are “better at” than asian men. Doesn’t matter what race the man is, it depends on his own personality whether he’s outgoing, confident, or shy. Every person is different. Everyone just needs to stop blurting out random shit and putting a race label on.  Maybe then this world would be less fucked up.

    • Guest

      race doesnt really matter, but culture does… and culture makes the race,, western people dont realy have a culture anymore, its all pop videos and sluts and broken marriages.. asian people stuck to their routes and thats what i like about them, even though i am asian myself, i am very westernised brought up in a white country i am basically a white man in a asian costume….  and i can tell you now i am older, never thought this when i was young, but western values SUCK ASS when it comes to relationships… what is with all the girls looking like pronstars, sleeping with multiple people like it doesnt matter… asians still hold on to the value of the family, imporatance of raising the kids, caring for the wife and husband until the day they die through thick and thin.  asians still have the stuff that makes love great… western way of living makes me want to kill myself…. so the way asian girls are RAISED and deceiplined makes them by far more exceptional partners… white people dont give  crap about their kids.. i mean be honest and look at the white kids of this generation… they suck ass…

      so race doesnt really matter in looks department, unless you like a certain look. but its the emotional factor like Tluke was saying… the asian girls understood him, the white girls were too busy thinking about getting their nails done…..  but i also think asian women are more attractive, personal preference, but with me i see beauty with the character of the person too.. for example a good looking girl with a stinking attitude to me is ugly…. and id be turned off instantly… she would instantly look ugly to me, maybe its cause i aint so shallow and i go beyond looks… but still, asian girls for me are hottttttt..

  • TLuke

    Weird stuff. I’m white and I love Asian girls more than any other race by far. They are cute, caring, accepting, and intelligent. I’ve dated 4 white girls and 2 Asian girls–one Thai and one Vietnamese. The Asian girls were both much smarter and understood me better. I’m still great friends with both of the Asians. I am only friends with one of the white girls.

    • Guest

      tell me about it, white girls are trashy, dumb, bimbos, brainwashed , look old by the 20’s, immature, selfish, slutty, the list goes on, i am a chinese dude from the UK all my life ive dated white girls, cause everyone here is white, but i do come across the odd asians and other races that like me too, but when i was young i didnt really have a choice, and to be honest, i bought into the whole white racist propergander too that white people were superior and dating one is way better than dating a chinese girl… PML  now i am older more mature and ready for a serious relationship…. white girls arent even in the equation, its chinese girls ALL the way,, or asian… screw the westernised dumb crap its gone too far now, western kids nowadays thrive on being retards… all brainwashed.

  • Annetta Hanson

     White men have a fetish for Asian women.  White men also have a fetish for black women, Latino women and European women.  The truth is white men just have a fetish for most women in general.  All that this silly racial generalizing does is spawn general racist comments that make innocent people feel self conscious about who they are.  And there’s no reason for it!  Some of you are gloating, some of you are defending yourselves.  Why not just be happy with who you are and understand that the dating pool is big enough for everyone to swim in.  So stop ruining it by proverbially peeing in the water!

    • Americanguy

      Shut up racist.


    This whole article fails. Asian girls in western culture are fucked up and fucking being manipulated into white society as being sluts. Obviously thats why asian girls like white guys. cuz they stupid as fuck.  

    • SoldierX42

      So you’re saying all white guys are stupid as fuck? You know what that kind of derogatory generalization makes you? Yeah, that’s right, it makes you a racist. But something tells me you’ve just been treated badly by a few white guys, and hold some kind of inner grudge/contempt for it

      • Fuckwhites

         white people are fucking bullshit. simple as that

      • anon

        No. what he says holds truth. Thing is, white guys like to manipulate a lot. And i mean a lot. They’re not stupid. It’s just asian girls are just that stupid. Their thinking skills are so below the charts, it’s comparable to being a test monkey trying to fit a circle in a square.

  • mission29

    Annetta makes a good point, white men (or jewish) do have a fetish for pretty much anything. Yes I’ll say it again, don’t deny it, they do. Ok so some white girls don’t cut it. They want something different and darker? more intelligent? Please. They want companionship and entitlement. Asian women on the other hand want status, plain and simple. They are more than eager than any other to do this, it’s mind boggling. No other race of women go to the other side of the fence as they do. And the white guys love every minute of it.

  • mission29

    The other white meat? It’s the best alternative to black chicks. You’re horrble

  • herewegoagain

    I guess Asian white guy groupies are to be blamed after all for the myth that Asian girls prefer white guys. I didn’t use to think they claim to represent the typical Asian girl. Seems I’m wrong. Btw a simple google of US intermarriage stats will tell you that Asian females overwhelmingly prefer Asian males.

  • Abc


  • Abc

    every race have charming men with balls and flare and whatever not you claim.
    however, to specifically stream line to only a particular race, you are by nature already racially “biased” . one should go for the persons’ character instead of the race. however, if it makes u feel good being with a person being a certain race or  colour. then so be it. it just shows your mentality.just enjoy while you can :D cheers.

  • Laurent

    As a white guy with justice I have to post comments according to my travel to china last year. Well I got hitted by most chinese girls during my visit to china. I would say some of them are pretty. But they did not really mind sleeping with you even if they have boyfriends. Almost every chinese girls said that chinese man have many disadvantages including they have small dicks. But the fact is that from my own experience chinese men do not really have so many disadvantages. Some of my friends have chinese boyfriends, they said chinese men just have normal dicks and some of chinese men know how to be great on bed. So I have to consider chinese girls as self-racism. I know a lot of white guys here play with many chinese girls during the 1 month visit, but I will never do that since I only believe true love…

    • Scarede Cat

      I am a Brown PAKISTANI guy thanks to my forefathers and i dont’ want to be racist or anything just want to write plain truth with my 24 years life experience

      1. Women of anyrace generally likes Taller man that’s encoded in human genes from caves ages when we had to fight grizzly bear hand to hand… Average height of a White and Black man is more than an Asian or southeast asia….. so CONCIOUSLY or UNCONCIOUSLY anywomen will prefer taller and wider guy most cases white and Black over thinner and skinny asia.

      2. I have seen “brown” nigerians Spitting over dark black nigerian,…. less dark indians and pakistanis looking down upon more dark south indians and brother pakis…. if any body can tell me why ALLAH, JESUS and MOSES told us Angels are WHITE, GOD is WHITE LIGHT and Demons are red or mostly Black….. taking white color for purity, greatness, goodness, angels, virtue, and beauty is in human nature. While black stands for impure, bad, monstrous , devil, thug, hopelessness and satan. SORRY thats ordinary human’s perception. am looking for time when genetic engineering will offere to alter your skin color to white and 90% humans will run to get white skin.. THats the way world is…but as we become educated, we may be successful in hiding our natural love of anything “white and pure” on at least concious ground if Unconcious levels.

      3. Being in America, out of 4 Asian girls i wanted to befried, only 1 responded me on facebook and just cause i got green card,.. i have seen here most asian slanted eyes girls and boys have large number of American white friends…. Asian dudes consider themselve as more on “White Side” than ” Black Side”… just search utube for Racism in Korea over Bangladeshi and Pakistani Migrant workers and refusal of toyota’s japanese managers to give jobs to blacks…which gave me busts of laughing on seeing broad cheeks with “pee” tones skin saying they are more beautiful than these black dogs…I strongly believe that Many Asian Dudes are ” SELF RACIST” towards themself hating theirself… Anyone Seen BUDDHAS STATUES in Tibet with Blue Eyes yet…. i have!!.. have seen Asian girls saying Asian guys don’t have “Backbone” etc

      4. Asian girls need freedom which White boys with 1 mom and Six Lovers are ready to give but I have known Asian guys who Slaughtered their Caucasian White wives for cheating on them. A homorable Muslim or Asian guy will not TAKE TURN IN CHANGING THE BABY’S DIAPERE with his wife so there are cultural and freedom differences. Whites are the riches people on earth so naturally Asian girls who are hell of greedy just like any women may be going after whites for MONEY, FREEDOM, GREENCARD etc. .

      In todays world, no one is perfect.. If we have one weekness, we have to balance it out with our strongattributes… There’s no lack of balls in asian guys. I have known white guys who ran the “chicken shit” away seeing white Polar Bear ripping apart their beautiful Wives. If you are shorter, you would have to have big wallet. have seen guys 5’6 but standing on their wallets made them 6’1… Lastly the world really is about Supply and Demand. and most pervasive demands of today are not how you look but what you offer to women which include Caring and love, Money and trust… you Supply those thing to women and any women can be yours .. ..Good Luck

      • some chick

        But the thing is, black men are almost always going for asians for fetishes. I hate that so much. And no matter how much you deny it, it is true you are only doing this because you’re saying, we have the tightest pussies, and the best smallest bodies. All of you are a just bunch of perverted tribal freaks but look to nothing but sexual comfort in every way. Why did you even choose to speak 4 asian girls? Why not black women? They’re beautiful too. What is wrong with them? I’ve made friends with many and they are just the nicest 50/50.

        • Stefan Tase

          Wow ! Are you really serious about what you said? I quote “All of you are a just bunch of perverted tribal freaks but look to nothing but sexual comfort in every way.”

          Okay…. Let’s talk about Asian fetishes!
          Do tell me more about Svarog tentacle porn, breast pillows and used panties vendors in Japan!
          Do you enjoy it now?
          Everybody has a kinky mind. Do not judge it, take it as it is. Embrace it and enjoy it. But if you don’t like it, it’s ok… it’s not a big fuss, move on!

          Great civilizations vanished because they had the habit of being overly racist and protective with people. Traditions are good to be remembered… and sometimes good to apply too. But remember in what century are you living in. Many “traditions” may not be appropriate for this developing age, for this modern human.

          Racism is bad… It comes from Religion and from ignorance.

          Yes… I like Asian girls. I think they have potential and they are cute. Too bad that they are so rare in my country.

        • jason

          The best bodies? Tightest pussies???? Are you HIGH??? You flat foot bitches don’t even eat??? Sorry, but shrimp fried rice or how you say “Shrim -Fri-Ri” is NOT FOOD! WHITE women ROCK, SO PLEASE DON’T GET IT FUCKED UP! Their “pussy” is spectacular too!

  • Sms

    asian race should be mixed with white and exterminated if that all those asian chicks want

  • Sandy

    You forgot to mention that Asians girls are only into the white guys that have money. They don’t date the white guy who works in Dollar Tree oh no! They only date attorneys, doctors, business white guys!!!

    • Guesse

      I think in like all races money is important….:P

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FJTGK64UROZL4DVACLYRBPNCHY Jack

       You just described all women.

    • Asian handsome

      Lol partly true, thats why asian women are dating whiteeguys alot less. Now, cause white guys are poor as hell and lazy ashell, they also unhygenic and stink. China is wherr the gold diggs go now.. Most girls do find money importnat, and it is to a certain extent, but the ones that only care about money need to be put down, the are sick individuals… White guys think asians like them and think asians are easy becausethey go on holiday and go to brotheks and massage parlours, lol ofcourse they are easy that is their job lol…. The average chinese or asian girl are not easy like white girls, dont foget these white girls dont work as a prostitute, they just live like one… Even white prostitutes are rude,, asian workers treat men good,, so they mistake that for liking them, they are like that with all customers.. Dont judge a race by their prostitutes, because every asian can tell you for a fact white girls are by far the easiest.. Complete sluts,,, the average white girl has slept with many men before they get married, if a asian women done thatm she woukd be unwanteed by asian men, cause it is sick….. And alot oof these end up marrying white men, or working as prostitutes….. Most asian women sleep and marry one guy for life.. Maybe two if they were with a arsehole before they got wise….. White girls 200 before they are 18.. And these are not prostitutes, they are just normal girls,, very sick

      • racist

        Asian girls are easy for white people. Were bigger, stronger, richer, and more confident. Its really not even a contest but we like to do it to kill time, its like when we go to Africa and hand out rice to all the poor people than go back to our hotel and have some steak or pizza. This is how the word works amuse us or we’ll kick your fucking ass again.

        • Jonathan

          this racist is probably an Asian just trying to anger Asians against white people – this comment is totally unacceptable in western culture. Either that or he is a douche.

      • Jonathan

        Ladies should be free to do whatever men do like sleeping with ten or so people (i’d say that is an average for the western world) without having to fear being called a slut. It’s guys like you that make girls so confused about sex – they want it but have to over think it until they are disgusted by it. What a taxing process you make of it, when sex is really so simple and pleasurable if you use protection. Perhaps that is why some Asian women like white men, because we are less likely to tell them what they should and should not do (unless they like us too), or call them sluts if they sleep with another guy. Big f’n deal, if men can do it, so can women.

        • anon

          Well, that’s where true morals come into play. People who sleep around getting married are deemed immature arrogant children. Because you think sex is something you can just play with. That’s why most divorces of white couples are about cheating. And this is most likely one of those reasons why you go for asian women too. Because even if you cheat on them, they won’t leave you. They’re all that fucking retarded. They’ve become too “nice” they’ve turned themselves into slaves.

    • Smile


    • Bretto3

      You forget to mention that white guys have much bigger penises than tiny Asian men.

  • Alex

    Yeah you also forgot to mention that Asian girl only date white guys because their rich and they dont date the working class.

    • suckit


      • Asian handsome

        Overall any race can like any race, but overall asain women prefer asian men, there are reasons why they date white guys as i mentioned. White ppl are idiots by thinking they are somehow superior lol i alpm in korea now and ive seen more handsome men and gorgeous girls in one day than i have a lifetime in england in my home town…. Asian ppl are good looking fact. Asian girls prefer asian men fact… If white ppl were so capable and their women were so great, then why they obsessing over our asian women… Because they are better,, white women are undiserable most of the time, same goes with white guys…. In the west the media potrays asians in a bad like bullshit racist propergander…. For one example asian ppl short??? Are you kidding me, i know so many white ppl shorter than me, i am 5″11 that isnt short. Every guy i walk past in korea and china 7/10 are at least my height or taller. Asian men not sexy pffttt thats all the bullshit your country feeds you,, you dont realise how many white women drool over asian men once they get to know them and forget all the media bullshit…… Forget flying miles to asia for sex , like sad white guys, white women literally move over here to date asian guys… I am asian guy and 90% of my dates or girlsfirends have been white… But i have no problems dating any race…. But coming from an asian asian girls are far superior, personality , looks, cleanliness, intelligence, the lot.. If u cant pull white women, what makes you think asian women will like you, when you cant even speak to them properly in depth,,,, asian girls tht date white men typically are lower and more undesirable, often most of the time unwanted by asian men… There are a few exceptions when i see good looking, good hearted white guys dating good loojing asian women genuinely, maybe cause they were born in the west,, that is ok,, but the ones that live in asia, dont like white men , the ones that do asian men wuldnt touchm and tha is one of the reasons why they date white guys.

        • College student

          I’m sure a few white guys think that way, but not all. You are truly racist and that’s disgusting.

        • Jonathan

          White women are undesirable? – please spare me! Maybe the ones you are dating – or fat Americans. They sure are big down there. But inactivity and poor food choices are too blame there, not genetics.

          And most white women generally want a tall (6’2′ plus), confident, healthy and intelligent man who knows how to romance her and let her live her dreams. That’s me. But that doesn’t mean they’ll land that guy.

          You say most of your dates are white, but that asian women want asians. So why aren’t you dating hot asian women in england then – there must be lots. Sounds like your not making sense.

    • BigStrongRomanticWhiteMan

      I’m sorry friend but you are wrong the rich like to date the rich not asian like to date rich if the asian girl is rich then yes she might want that. but you can both come from a poor background and the there will be no problem. I am not rich but i have everything the rich man wants and can’t have ;) good luck  

  • Asian handsome

    Pffft white guys need to get over themselves, pml you obviously suck you cant your own white girls , i am chinese and have no problems with any nationailty girls, i fucked mostly white girls they are easy.. All this bullshit about asian girls being easy and liking white guys, ill tell you now for a fact……… Asian women like asian men… The asians that date white guys are ei,ther whitewqshed, born in america or any other western country,, these are obviously not true asians,, 2nd using you to get out the country, because they have either been in long term relationship i.e married before and been deforce, so now other asian men want her… Sluts are undisepirable to asian men… Or They simply use you for money cause a white guy flies thousands of miles to find a wife and they are easy push overs and nice to them, so the asian women thinks why not….. Just like asian girls are far the hottest and best women, hense why even all the white guys want them,,, asian men are also handsome and diserle too.. Sick of white ppl always lowing their own trumpeT cause they so insecure they. Nee to convince themself thy are some how better than other races…. There are millions of chinese korean japanese men and women far better looking than the average white person, better bodies too,, less slutty, better personality…. Date your own white girls losers.

    • BigStrongRomanticWhiteMan

      Listen sir you sound like an upset racist joke over this page you make yourself sound like a whore who only cares about looks haha grow up and be a real person white black asian or indian we are all different and like different things you can’t speak for everyone.and i am sure you have a small uncircumcised turtleneck dick xD

    • TonyR

      Alex im white and a working class citize. To the guy above that is full of himself just look at that name, I have had girls from all different races so I have no problem there I just currently happen to be with an asian beauty whom I will most likely marry. By the way my girl is a college educated girl who likes me for me. When are you people going to get over the race card anyways? Race should have nothing to do with things just you as a person or individual. You are just a common racist and have no place on earth.

    • Mrmp5

      Im white and I have always been loyal to my own race by dating only white women. However, all this mass race mixing propaganda from the media in the U.S. I have noticed more black guys trying to date white women and it’s gross. I live in Florida and I have seen an increase in white girls dating blacks in the last few years and to be honest. I have almost completely lost all respect for the white women. They betray white men and are not loyal to their own race at all and it’s upsetting and strange to me. Black guys think it’s funny and this just shows me how evil and screwed up in the head they really are. In a way I feel bad for the dumb easy white girls because they lack a brain and common sense. They will end up getting an STD and want to come back to white men but we don’t want them. This is why I am looking at asian women now. They seem to be like the old fashion white girls that once dwelled in the U.S., they strive to be smart, classy and care about doing whats right and not just whats cool. I have no issues with asian men and have always gotten along with them just fine as well.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EMUTBVR7KY56A4UMHAFAKFVMBA BILL

         A bit hypocritical from you. You don’t like it when u see your girls date black guys but u would like to date Asian girls.

        I rather every race stick to their people, it’s much easier, culture clash will be avoided and language barrier and family and friends opinions doesn’t help either.

        So black guys take your girls, so you decide to take Asian girls, no f*cking way will Asian want black girls

        • Jmartin1337

          You and the other loser above need to get over your insecurities. Why would you even read this article if you dont agree? To try your best to make white people look bad. White people are used to trolls (most even claiming to be white) lying through their teeth. We laugh at people like you because it proves furthermore where the author is coming from. The only people who care as much as you do, most likely have personal relationship problems. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with your personal strife. Grow up and stop trying to spread hatred of white people safely behind your computer. Go out in public and give it a shot..you wouldnt last long. For the record, if someone is boasting theyre better because they are white, they most likely arent white.

          • anon

            I’m here because i’m seeing more and more more asian women with another race. It’s reached to me so far that i’m starting to think it’s becoming a concern since i’ve always thought majority of people usually date their own. But this is false since each day i go out, for every asianF/asianM couple there is, there are 3 asianF/other couples. And i have to say, it is definitely making me mad to see how asian women who advertise these messages publicly, are just so 2-faced, and complete bitchy racist sluts.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EMUTBVR7KY56A4UMHAFAKFVMBA BILL

       You are spot on, those Asian girls make the Asian race look bad by being easy I mean c’mon, We see fresh Asian girls with weird looking white guys and I cannot add more to what u are saying because u are spot on. Such a shame we live in this kind of society *sighs*

    • Just another white guy

       I’m white but agree somewhat on the above post

    • RYAN

      here shows another asian guy being racist towards whites… the way you describe aasian girls show you do not know anything a bout your own race. i know many including myself who are happily married to asian women. I have a wonderful wife with grreat kids going strong for 12 years now. i met her in korea and we still live in korea so yoour theory on them dating men to get out of the country is wrong. its the persoon not the race maybe if you asian guys didnt have these idiotic ways of thinking then us “white” people wont be getting your girls.

  • anon131243

    lol white guys are pussies though.. and white women are whorish 

    • TonyR

      Seriously you are a HOMO! Say that shit to my face. Oh wait youre hiding behind a post on a blog! You just proved this article is right on.

  • BigStrongRomanticWhiteMan

    ok i am a good looking white guy who is very confident in himself and have a chinese girlfriend, and i know i have plenty of bonuses that most most white black and asian guys need. anyway the thing is that most girls from china want a boyfriend they can trust and respect and be very romantic too them, no girl should want to date a whore of a man, thats kind of why i like the chinese women better. i say Point 4 is very true as i have many chinese friends man or woman they need more self confidence really bad. and to anon131243 lmao yes some white girls are very whorish. and no the white guys are anything but pussies i have I would kick your little kiddo butt right to the ground if i heard you say that next to me or just get one of my guns and shoot you in the knees   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EMUTBVR7KY56A4UMHAFAKFVMBA BILL

    I’m against I/R Dating and I find this disgraceful. Most of the Asian girls only want white guys because they wish they are white and are brainwashed by the Western Media. Not all white guys are Orlando Bloom or George Clooney, regardless they are a disgrace, they make other Asian girls look bad by dating Inter-racially and being easy for White guys

  • Blingie

    Most of the Asian guys suck. I’m not saying they aren’t “handsome” or whatever, actually some of them  look good. But the key reason is that they’re so lacking in confidence and personalities!!  Most of them are mommy’s lil boys LOL. 

  • B4k4ever

    It’s a shame that Asian men are still stereotyped in American mainstream media, while Asian women continue to be portrayed as exotic and sexy without any of the stereotypes. Because of this, Asian men have a far lower chance to hook up with non-Asian women, but Asian women get a variety of ethnic options. And with that being said, eventually we’ll all have to just move back to our respective countries where we don’t have to compete.

  • http://twitter.com/gisettexiii Kat Lissfelt

    How truly amazing this is. I am truly overwhelmed by the sheer number of racists and misogynists there are on this comment wall. Because obviously, not only are women the property of the men of their respective races, but I suppose that racism is alive and well. Tell me: would any of you have the gall to casually explain all of this to someone off your computers? As in casual interaction? I find it pitiful that decent human beings are no where to be found. I see that crusades against racism and sexism have been for naught. And I hope you all realize that interracial relationships are as rare as seeing a women beautiful enough to grace Vogue. There is no epidemic to be seen, and we chattel, aka women, are wont to stay within our race most of the time. Although this doesn’t reflect upon anyone here, there are the few, precious individuals who have decided that race is a trivial thing in the game of love. I know you all choose to cling to your prejudices and hatred of your human, but I am afraid to say that your ilk is a dying breed that will be doomed to existinction relatively soon. Racism and sexism are two of the things that have no place in our modern world, and if you are to strongly disagree, then I’m afraid that a little something known as natural selection will arrange a little meeting with you and you will be no more.

    Good day, gentlemen and women; have a good life.

    • anon

      this isn’t racism. It’s a notice in the imbalance of asian men and women interracial dating. You clearly don’t understand any of this yet. The asian race won’t be eradicated because of racism and sexism. It’s going to be killed off clearly due to the fact that other races still want to eliminate them in a passive way. Alternatively, It’s asian men, vs the world.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FMQOVZLBMGTVESCZUPBBSUM7N4 Dag Rune

    Money is more important for women than for men I think. White men who want asian women are not interest in women who are very rich. Many white men from rich country want asian women from Thailand, Philippines or Vietnam for example. Even this men often are rich tha are interest to date poor women from this asian counties and I ask why?
    It is not normal that women are interest to date poor men so I ask. Are women more interest in money than men?I tink it is strange that rich white men want poor asian women, why they dont want to date rich women insted? There is no menig that a rich man want to date a poor woman.

  • Omniouseye

    Well you forgot to mention that probably as to why Asian guys are the way you just described them might be due (100% of the reason really) of the fact that they grow in an environment which they are not totally accepted which inhibits their social prowess, balls, uniqueness and trigger happiness. Your Asian yourself, so the fact you are attracted to all those thing is in great due to your environment, which you mentioned on your last comment. I am an asian guy, grew up in america, and took me a trip to my country of origin to understand it, to feel that you are accepted in society and not some foreign, exotic or alien entity. Consequently, we can acquire that confidence in our own element. Trust me when I say that any white people who tries to immigrate in an asian feels inadequate, since THEY don’t know how to interact in a social context (especially white female who has a asian husband in those country). It requires a great deal of effort and openess on their part and their surrounding to learn it. Though i know that white guys, even assholes, a treated like kings by asian women even in china per say. So it goes to say that asian girls ARE easy for white men, regardless of location. Probably due to the European imperialism and cultural hegemony which the world inherited.

    You as a female you are attracted to things that ensure your safety, in any kind of way, money, power, social success, etc. A white guy in north america has a better chance to ensure that, and your female sense is biases towards that, because that what you been observing growing up. But if you ever move into an asian country and stay there a while, your experience and perception of human relationship and their nature will broaden if you are keen enough to notice it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/neil.notsure Neil NotSure

    Number one sounds the most racist of all! Shes pretty much admitting that the European phenotype is the standard of beauty. However she is right on how this standard is perpetuated in our society even at a global scale. Just think about it, in the black community having light skin and “good” hair is attractive, for Latino culture just look at our beauty contest contenders are white chicks, white chicks, white chicks; and the trend in Asian culture is coloring your hair other than black and getting double eyelid surgery.

    • DurkaDurka

      The European phenotype is the standard of beauty. Beauty is genetically programmed, not in the eye of the beholder. Newborns can distinguish between ugly and pretty. And the golden spiral/balanced symmetry is naturally beautiful.

      Look at any asian beauty magazine, and you will see a Hapa staring back at you. It’s not an accident.

      • Idontlikewhiteguys

        No. You live in a western society so YOU think the standard of beauty is European. You must’ve only seen one asian magazine in your life because all the asian magazine I’ve seen are NOT napa. What gives me credit to say I’ve seen more asian magazines? Well, I’m asian and I live I’m surrounded by asian communities. If you look in a Chinese newspaper, all the ads are modeled with 100% Asians.

        If you go to china or any other asian country that isn’t dirt poor, full lips, petite nose, light beige skin (Caucasians are fair pink blotchy skin), wide almond eyes, and thin is the standard of beauty. What I just described is an ideal asian girl.

        Please get out of your western bubble and don’t speak for over 1/5 of the world.

  • aka

    whoever wrote this is stupid.

  • aka

    I am mongolian, I have never had problems with white women. The only thing is that I tend to be super picky. She has to be top of the line. And white guys usually pick ugly asian girls, asian guys ignore… When I am with my super hot white girlfriend, even white guys look at us…

  • MasterKungFuMeLoveULongTime

    Everybody in here shut up and suck my eggroll…..

  • Suzanna

    I agree with this article from the typical majority Asian girl’s point-of-view, but not from mine. I’m a twenty-three Asian girl. My first, only, and current boyfriend for four years is white (keep reading). I grew up in a white neighbourhood but the only friends I still am close to are Asian. I didn’t date anyone in high school or college, including white guys. My boyfriend is Asian-washed. We do things like play games, watch documentaries, and get pho/bubble tea together. I wouldn’t be compatible or share common interests with someone who enjoys watching NFL and eating pizza every weekend. I don’t like him for money, because I have my own career (I’m in business). He didn’t like his ex (Chinese) because she was clingy, needy, easy to get, and was not assertive in her career. I feel like he is drawn to me because I have my Asian values, traits, and appearance… yet I am not submissive and easy (as people often stereotype Asian girls to be). In fact, I am very opinionated, feisty, and have an attitude (“white girl” traits) whereas most Asian girls (like his ex) would rather keep quiet and are scared to tell a guy to fuck off. These kinds of Asian girls will just be dumped by their white boyfriends and they will go back to Asian guys which will then find them disgusting. And the white guy will either keep on dating girls like that if he’s a dumb pig with an Asian fetish, or raise his standards to a girl that isn’t so stupid, easy, and submissive. It bothers me so much when I see girls like this and that’s why articles like these exist. However, I know a couple of Asian guys (one Chinese, the other Filipino) that I find very attractive. I’m not white-washed or brainwashed by the western media and culture, it is just the society I live in. I’m not going to pretend like white guys and Asian girls don’t exist, but date people for the right reasons. And I just SHUNNED all these commentator’s stereotypes because I don’t fit into any of them.

    • anon

      Previous girl friend. Chinese. Doesn’t that say something already? HE HAS AN ASIAN FETISH. If it’s for our “culture” it’s directly aimed just to get the girls. He’s liked the culture because it’s easy to do so. He’s doing it just for the fetish of getting with exotic, erotic, unique, and tight asian pussy. And that is exactly how he says it in his head, if not, then paraphrased. Why not ask him why he isn’t dating white women or black women. IT would either follow something similar to saying, they don’t like me, they’re ugly, i hate their personality, they aren’t unique, etc.

  • Jonathan

    Obviously you have not been to too many places around the world. You are as ignorant as any female immigrants who live in the states.

  • Antonio

    Why do (Asian) females who I work with do not say anything to me outside of work:or even in the hallway?!

  • Antonio

    Oh yea, I am black.

  • SuperiorJohn

    I fuck Asian girls if they’re hot enough (which is rare cuz they’re Asian) and they are so happy for the opportunity to swallow my cum because I am a superior white

  • Jonathan

    When I read this I thought for sure you were going to mention larger penis size lol.

    Where does a Canadian meet all these hot Asian girls – they seem to hang out in cliques around universities here but they are very anti-social. I find them very collective with their own culture. I wish they were more social because white guys love Asian girls, because they are so tiny and hot and their skin is so nice. Also they are kinky as hell if you can find a good one.

  • Another Asian Girl

    As an Asian girl I find this article is really offensive. It should be titled “5 Reasons [The Asian Author of this Article] Like White Guys”. You’re pretty shameless talking down on members of your race like you’re somehow better than Asian Guys.

    • lololol

      Why you no love me looong time? Author of this article looove me loooong timmmee.
      She sooo horny. she love me looong time :D.

      • jkas

        you’re an ignorant prick that needs to get your ass kicked. too bad you would never open your mouth like that in public you disrespectful little shit head.

        • John Smith

          We all know that Asian kids are all black belts and really good at math so watch out lololol, you better never say that to that 5’4” 120 lbs. scary Asian dude hahahahahaaa!@!!!!

    • Asian American Guy

      I’ve been living in America as an Asian American for over 30 years. And let me tell you guys, this whole “Western Civilization” thing is one of those White Caucasian deceptions that has been happening in America, I guess since World War 2. What exactly is “Western Civilization”, other than white Caucasians trying to say they are a supreme race. And along with that, (this is where the future of white Americans will NOT be good in the upcoming future) Asian women must accept Caucasians as sex mates.

      I repeat: there are a lot of Asian American women out there who want to date white Caucasians. This is a serious problem, and it is because of this whole “Western Civilization” thing, and somehow all races must bow down to White Americans? These White Americans have companies in America? What companies do White Americans own? All races should start remembering which White American owned companies make money in America, so we can collectively stop letting these WHite Americans, who think they own(???) America? For kicking out Native Indians? For enslaving Africans? For bombing the F-U-CJKELWTLK out of Japan? And then proceeding to set up military bases there to have sexual pleasure with Asian women? Might as well set up “military bases” all over the freaking world!

      Do White American men realize, they are the ONLY ones in the world who go around having sex with all these different women all around the world? To most races around the world, this is not the norm. Again, even as an American who happens to be Asian, I DO NOT go around dating and attempting to have sex with all these types of women, just to show off and feel “confident”.. cuz I can “pull the trigger”.

      To be honest, the whole “pull the trigger” thing sounds like rape, no?

      • bedwetter toughguy

        every race mixes all over the world, Asians just as much as whites retard, and idk where in America you live but its more Mexican than anything, we also never enslaved blacks, blacks enslaved blacks and sold them to us and then we set them free, whites treat blacks 1,000times better than blacks treat blacks, and if you wana be mad that your Asian women are fucking whiteguys be mad at the black guys fucking white girls or to get to the root be mad at the jews showing on tv and in music how great race mixing is and how its ok to exterminate the whites through breeding them out. That’s what it really comes down to is the jews hate whites so they are pining white women with black men and white men with Asian women to breed us out into nothing, go get educated befor you get all worked up into a crybaby fit, don’t worry 200years from now there wont be any white people left and all the other races will have to find something new to bitch n cry about, blacks wont beable to blame me for the failer of their whole race as if that’s some how my fault they want a free lunch and wont reach out n take it like every one elce, or when America becomes mexico even the Mexican americans wont really want that shit, they left mexico for a reason to come to amerce, but when all the whites are gone and America is all slums and gettoed out like Tijuana the Mexican americans will finely understand where the whites where coming from and see it wasn’t about race its about the culture, way of life. Point is whites are dieng and no new whites are beng made so all the other races can rejoys soon enough the evil white devils will be gone and you wll have no 1 to blame but your selfs for once

        • AsianAmerican

          I guess since this is a predominantly white website, I will cater this message to the white man. There’s only 2 human races that believe in this “every race mixes all over the world” urban legend.. the White and Black Americans.

          Also, I’m kind of disgusted at the thought of whites and blacks being “breeded out” into the Asian race. Vulgar.

          • thesecretdog

            What is this thing about white people you have. Most manufacturing is done in China. Have you seen what is happening in China? Its not a white world its a shared world, in which we can all learn from each other. Nobody is putting asian men down. Asian men are doing well in every country. There are plenty of women who like asian men. Lighten up chill out. We are just people.

          • early90s/late2000s

            You’re trash.

        • early90s/late2000s

          You’re a classless troll.

          • John Smith

            Nice rebuttal. You don’t like the truth so ‘troll’. C U Next Tuesday. 8)

    • bbyong

      She’s not talking down on “members of your race”, she’s simply stating her opinion and experience. Relax people.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      You may not agree with her preference, or her logic, but she didn’t say anything about being better than asian guys. And while you may disagree with the way she generalized about asian guys, she is entitled to her opinion, and by no means is she alone in thinking that way.

    • Jonathan

      Heres the inconvenient truth. You ready? There are millions of Asian women who much like this author who share similar views. Lets be honest how often is this attitude discouraged in AA communities, where social climbing and racial prejudices are still pushed.

  • SmartBlackGirl

    Living and being from New York City makes nothing in this article or its comments surprising. I’m pretty young (still in high school actually) and in my generation interracial dating is becoming more and more prevalent. Going to a school and living in a city where people of every race are present allows me to take notice of the attraction across racial lines. I honestly see more interracial couples than couples of the same race, so people might as well just get used to it now because young people are becoming more liberal. Many of the kids in my school are half Asian, but the other half isn’t always white. There being a large amount of Asian students in my hs has caused many of us to appreciate the snippets of Asian culture that they make available to us. BUT one of my Korean friends did tell me that she prefers white men as do a lot of other Asian girls she knows. So it is no surprise when I mostly see AWWW couples when I step outside into the East Williamsburg neighborhood. And for whatever reason in my school South Asian guys love Asian girls so that it one couple that is always seen in the hallways. This diversity transfers out into the big city. Asian women are not the only ones with white men. I see black women with white men as well as Latina women with with white men. I’m also staring to see many black women with Asian men. Maybe they want to explore too since many Asian women are in fact with white men at a higher rate. This explains why I, a teenage black girl has been pursued by guys of all races; surprisingly in school Asian guys are at the top of that list lol Crazy isn’t it? At the end of the day, my mom said she doesn’t care about the race of the guy I end up with and neither do I. If Asian girls like white guys, then let them. But Asian girls shouldn’t forget about the sweet Asian guys either.

    • anon

      See how no where in there, asian guys aren’t stated going out with anyone. It’s all just asian girls.

      • broken_glasses

        anon: This person is one of those young black girls with Asian guy fetishes. She structured her response in a way to make Asian girls as sluts to other races so that Asian girls will all disappear, so that this person can have a fantasy life of having all the Asian guys to herself.

        • Kurt Vonnegut

          You are a demented fool.

          • H.G.

            Is Rochelle your lady? Without you, there would only be 100 comments.

      • Kurt Vonnegut

        “Are stated” or “aren’t stated”? Are you trying to make an actual point or are you just typing pointless words in a box?

  • Scarede Cat

    i am a Pakistani guys thanks to my forefathers and i dont’ want to be racist or anything just want to write plain truth with my 24 years life experience

    1. Women of anyrace generally likes Taller man that’s encoded in human genes from caves ages when we had to fight grizzly bear… Average height of a White and Black man is more than an Asian or southeast asia….. so CONCIOUSLY or UNCONCIOUSLY anywomen will prefer taller and wider guy most cases white and Black over thinner and skinny asia.

    2. I have seen “brown” nigerians Spitting over dark black nigerian,…. less dark indians and pakistanis looking down upon more dark south indians and brother pakis…. if any body can tell me why ALLAH, JESUS and MOSES told us Angels are WHITE, GOD is WHITE LIGHT and Demons are red or mostly Black….. taking white color for purity, greatness and beauty is in human nature. am looking for time when genetic engineering will offere to alter your skin color to white and 90% humans will run to get white skin.. THats the way modern world is…but as we become educated, we may be success ful in hiding our natural love of anything “white and pure” on at least concious level.

    3. Being in America, out of 4 Asian girls i wanted to befried, only 1 responded me on facebook and just cause i got green card,.. i have seen here most asian slanted eyes girls and boys have large number of American white friends…. Asian dudes consider themselve as more on “White Side” than ” Black Side”… just search utube for Racism in Korea over Bangladeshi and Pakistani Migrant workers and you will know…which gave me busts of laughing on seeing broad cheeks with “pee” tones skin saying they are more beautiful than these black dogs…I strongly believe that Many Asian Dudes are ” SELF RACIST” towards themself hating theirself… Anyone Seen BUDDHAS STATUES in Tibet with Blue Eyes yet…. i have!!.. have seen Asian girls saying Asian guys don’t have “Backbone” etc

    4. Asian girls need freedom which White boys with 1 mom and Six Lovers are ready to give but I have known Asian guys who Slaughtered their Caucasian White wives for cheating on them. Whites are the riches people on earth so naturally Asian girls who are hell of greedy just like any women may be going after whites for MONEY, FREEDOM, GREENCARD.


    In todays world, no one is perfect.. If we have one weekness, we have to balance it out with our strongness… White guys may be seen as more demanding but Asian guys are more Caring and believer of family. I have known white guys who ran the “chicken shit” away seeing white Polar Bear ripping apart their beautiful Wives. If you are shorter, you would have to have big wallet. have seen guys 5’6 but standing on their wallets made them 6’1… Lastly the world really is about Supply and Demand. and most pervasive demands of today are not how you look but what you offer to women which include Caring and love, Money and trust….Good Luck

  • fukdis

    r yu fukers serious, white supremacy, look white for a better social up-bringing. i hate white ppl, yu ppl stink and look ugly when you are old and as babies. i can’t believe im reading this post. im sorry but color is power fuck white’s!!!!!!

    • SiKeTe87

      Go back n sell rock or sit on your racist greasy ass til your Asian wife(who I’m almost sure supports the household) gets home. Btw,tuck your lip

      • Kurt Vonnegut

        You guys are both idiots. Racist vs racist. We should put all the racists of the world together in Antartica, or some other really brutal place. Maybe when you’re forced to work together for survival you’ll evolve a little.

  • John Doe

    Sigh……………….after reading all these comments, I felt like doing a big big sigh. I am an Asian, but frankly speaking I think many of the comments are fairly bias and swallow. They are based on very superficial perception by individuals. You can’t really judge or comment on any race unless you have done extended studies about them. Regardless of which race you are talking about, you have to dig all the way down to find the root cause of these behaviors. If not, what you are doing or saying is not only irresponsible and immature. Note that I am trying my best to be as neutral as possible. I have friends that are white, asian, black, brown …etc. You name it! They certainly have some of the traits which you guys have described, but I don’t find them irritating because I know why they are doing it. I will try my best to be tolerant. Isn’t that what America is about?(BYW, I am an Asian Canadian)So please, every1, be nice. Make no insulting remarks or racist comments to other races.

  • disqus_Kc8uDNhTcZ


  • anon

    Lol, clearly, asian women are the most hypocritical, emo, sad, whorish, sluts, and gold diggers there are. They are so low, black women may as well dominate them. White women used to be the pornstars. It’s the asian sluts time to shine now. Just get on with this change already so i can stop trying to make a debate how fucked up asian women really are. They’re all the same. Date a white, hispanic, or black. You’ll have twice as much fun, instead of just getting dick teased and talking to those awkward fucks.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      What the fuck is your stupid ass even trying to say?

      • thesecretdog

        Sigh. There is so much hatred in the posts. Trolls everywhere. Asian girls are beautiful and smart. Asian men are smart and hard workers. White people really like asian people and culture. We realize there is so much to learn from asian culture. There is lot of respect there. Why are so many trolls inciting anger and hatred? Is this the way you would talk to your friends?

        • Kurt Vonnegut

          You’re not my friend. Did your stupid ass even read what the comment I was replying to said?

          “asian women are the most hypocritical, emo, sad, whorish, sluts, and gold diggers there are”

          If you find this acceptable then you’re the one with the hatred.

          • thesecretdog

            Do you talk to your friends and family like that? Why not try being polite? Would that be so hard? Anyway you have made my point. Trolls everywhere. I cant even have a conversation without someone who does not know me calling me “stupid”. What right or basis do you have to say such a thing?

            Anger and hatred breed more anger and hatred in an endless cycle. So yes this matters. If you cant even talk to each other in a civilized way what hope for the world.

          • Kurt Vonnegut

            Ok, my dear sir, please reread the original post, and possibly, you might understand why I answered angrily. You chose the wrong person to try to educate. The comment I was responding to was so over the top ignorant and racist that, yes, I responded with foul language. Is that better??

            Do I talk to my family or friends like that? No, of course not. But then my family and friends are not idiots, and you, buddy, are neither family or a friend.

  • Allrace

    BS I met a lot of Asian girls and they all tell me they like white guys because of there skin color too…they see it as being clean looking. When I ask why don’t they like black guys they say that there skin looks dirty not to mention they still look at the white race as more dominant in the world. I’m not saying that what your saying is not true because it is. Im just saying the things you missed or didn t want to say. Asian girls stereo type other races I mean even if they don’t like you they make it known with out them showing signs of racism. Well for you Asian girls t think white guys r the best think again because this is a new world and we are all equal ..what I mean by that is white guys r just as bad and good as any other guy. So what it comes down to its not what race it’s what a man does and how he carries him self thru life.

  • Allrace

    Sosmart your full of shlt

  • Allrace

    I’m of color..but before I liked Asians now I don’t there way to devious…white girls are fuckn awesome there the type too back there man up any time and most of all they don’t take shlt from any1. Omfg have u guys ever noticed Asians always go for military guys ?..is it just me,,,,there so much information u guys don’t know I swear for example 1 of my stories. Btw I’m Hawaiian/black/Japanese Chinese ..any how I was dating this Filipino girl and as time went on it came to a point were I was gonna meet the parents. When I did they spoke in there language but I new it was bad anyways just by the way it sounded. When all was said she told me they didn’t like me not because of my carrer or dress style or attitude. But because I was caramel looking. Alot has to do with parents point of view.but regardless of what happen she still loved me but that all changed when her high maintenance friends met me…there reaction when they saw me was jus ohh high hello acting all nice and as soon as I leave they were talking trash behind my back. I mean c’mon I don’t wear baggy clothes I’m always in well fited clothes and jus about always in dress clothes. I’m not a cheap shopper !! and I have Lot of respect for women in all races.
    Back to the story….
    Her friends convinced her to dump me for a white guy long story short lol the guy was a dush bag acted nice but really he was playing her from the start.. He was just using her on the side. Well this is like chap.2 lol. Jus leave a message want the rest of the story I got like 9 chapters to go. Lol

    • Scarede Cat

      I didn’t know philipinos were that racist. I have several Filipino professors and friends. Nearly all of them married American white girls here but they acted around like neutral guys. I thought they were the best among Slanted eyed Asians cause even they were ugly bt they were’n’t racist but tonight you Broke my trust on Ugly-Filipinos.

      • Kurt Vonnegut

        Way to attempt to out-racist a racist! Not sure you succeeded, but I’ll give you credit for the effort.

  • Allrace

    chap.3 ok back again so soon …lol ok now after she left me and was with this white guy that was playing her from the start. She had the nerv to tell me on the phone( ohh c’mon I’m still your go to girl rite) I was like WTF then her thru colors started to show. Need not be surprised all her Asian friends had white bfs . Note too all this has nothing to do against any race. Back to the story…ok so we are talking on the phone and we are talking about what if we were still together ..the conversation heated up when our favorite songs in the background started to play as u all can guess we had many things in common.
    All of a sudden I heard a door clothes and I hear his voice on the other end (who is that) she said ohh just my friend..(my face -.-)…then she whispered I godda go click …O.O phone didn’t hang up!!
    Ohh poo have to go for now well next chap 4. Hit me up if u want to know way I heard.

  • Guest

    So like is my story being erased o.o

  • alphadec

    I’m a white male my dream is to visit asia someday!, and I want asian girls! you are the hottest thing on the planet!.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      Another troll… No way you’re white, and if you are, you’re a damned fool.

  • Marcelo

    Here in Brazil I don’t think asian girls go easiely to white guys like in USA. And also here in Brazil white guys don’t like asian girls. There are some who like asian, but just a few of them. 99% of my friends preffer a tipical hot brunette brazilian with a nice body. So, it is a kind hard to see an white guy with an asian girl. When you see and white guy with some asian girls, the guy is a kind of nerd with less testosterone who can’t get a hot brazilian. Actually white guys in Brazil are different than whites in US, because the majority of white people here are mediterranean (italians, portugueses and spanish descent), and mediterraneam people tend to be more agressive and have more sex drive. We like girls with curves. Nice round ass (this is very important), thick leg. If a girl has a flat body guys don’t like and even make jokes about. Asian girls have short legs, flat ass, so guys don’t get exciteted about them. If you guys come to Brazil you will see how thinks works here. Is hard to explain on the internet. We jump on girls like lions, specially in night clubs. In the street we are always saying some bullshit to the girls. A friend of mine who went to USA told me that in USA girls choose guys. In Brazil is different, because when we go out we say “we are going to hunting” and the the girls are the prey.

    • Olivia C

      Okay, I get it. You guys treat girls like food there. You sound like a cave man. Evolution hasn’t hit you yet, I guess.

    • John Smith

      Brazil is great if you are into murders and flip flops.

  • White Guy

    The whole interracial fad is getting a bit ridiculous. I’m a White male, and the bottom line is for the time being, White women have rejected me to the utmost. They have, quite literally, a psychological complex in which society has programmed them to think if they date White men, especially average White men, that they are being racists! They hear in school that their ancestors were BAD people. At the same time, black women have really been looking horrible, so many black men are chasing White women. Also, a black man who gets a White girl pregnant thinks he has done something good because they are so frequently uneducated and unsuccessful. Those White girls with the lowest self esteem and poorest body image sometimes give in, often even developing self hate, refusing to date even a single White guy. Many of these women have a lot of tattoos. These girls swear a lot from listening to so much rap music.

    If a White guy points this out as dysfunctional, he is labeled a racist by most everyone. This causes a chain reaction of White men temporarily seeking what they consider second best, Asian women. Asian women frequently give in and seek out White males for sex in a near mirror image of the black White thing. Again, it is rarely the Asian females who are psychologically healthy. It is usually the slightly overweight, antisocial alcoholic variety. Most common of all are the non-citizens seeking some security and citizenship from a White male. If you actually compared interracial dating of Asian American women (born in the US) and Asian Asian women (recent immigrants) with White men, you’d find that the Asian American women act more like White women, tending to actually discriminate against White men. It is the recent immigrants who usually give in to White men, almost because they are scared in a new country.

    Many of these Asian Asian women are prostitutes and learn to enjoy the men that see them at massage parlors, mostly White men. (When is the last time you saw an Asian guy go to an Asian massage parlor for some sex?)

    It seems that really all females and males would prefer to reproduce with their own race, but along the way can get boring waiting. Sometimes people like to have interracial flings to sort of try everything before marriage. Sometimes these people have kids because they screw up. These relationships usually end in divorce. It isn’t impossible for an interracial relationship to work perfectly, it is just much less likely than a same race relationship to work for the long term.

    Example, I used to have an Asian girlfriend, who only dated White guys. She had a complex about it. Any guy that has a woman obsessed with him and hanging on him for sex is going to take advantage of it. She was slightly overweight and didn’t have citizenship, so she felt bad about herself. She tried to use me for citizenship. Many White men are so stupid and desperate that they don’t care. I did. Many White women probably use black men for money.

    The point is that your relationships should have the end child that could be born in mind and the long term success of the relationship as the deciding factor. If you like your race, you’ll want your children to be from a same race person. That simple.

    An interesting thing to look at is White women who live in Asia. They in many cases appear to be like Asian women in the US; very submissive and trying to date the most populous male of the region.

    Of late, I have had more confidence, and consequently, success motivating White women to see things my way. This has resulted in my feeling less attraction to Asian women. In fact, in my area in California, there has been a massive dropoff in Asian female, White male dating, and seems to have been replaced with White female black male, and increasingly Asian female black male dating. This has caused a lot of black women to be totally single and desperate. The black women are making themselves available for sex more than I have ever seen, frequently approaching me for dates. Many are available to me at this time.

    Not saying interracial cannot work, just saying it appears to usually be based on sex rather than love or anything that makes sense. That sexual attraction is not enough for the long term, not even close.

    Interracial also changes in phases. The Asian/White phase seems to have ended for the most part.

    • Nicole H

      Any post that uses the words “many”, “most”, and “a lot” when addressing racial issues just sends up red flags for me. I couldn’t force myself to continue reading your convoluted post, since what you say is a jumble of stereotypes and racism which you try to promote by sounding level-headed. What you see is what you see, but you don’t have eyes everywhere, so your own view is extremely limited. Also, as a tattoo lover, I ask that you view each tattoo individually. Chances are if it’s a butterfly over a girl’s butt crack and she’s a size 6 squeezed into a size 2, then you can probably guess what kind of person she is. But don’t assume that a woman with a lot of tattoos is loose or lacks self-respect and throws modesty to the wind. Tattoos are art, and the living canvas (the person and the way he or she behaves) makes as much of a statement about the tattoo as the tattoo makes a statement about itself.

    • whtm

      wow you are way out there! first of all Im white and I live in a area with lots of very attractive Asian American women, iv dated quiet a few and 50% of them only date white men and the other 50% are open to Asian men too. none of them were foby at all (fresh off the boat) none of them were prostitutes, iv had much success with other races too white black and Hispanic, I just prefer Asian because that’s what I like. black men date white woman because they are racist and like to use them as a trophy.

  • rawiron1

    White guys eat pussy. Asian guys don’t. ‘nough said.

  • Jconnor

    If it was me, I prefer Asian girls because most of them arnt fucking snobs who think their better than everyone else. When I was at high school, the majority of sluts where non Asian. These sluts would go around begging for money, talk loudly, ack like fucking retards and always think their number 1. Maybe they should give a fuck about their children before marrying because many white woman would marry a man, get married, fuck each other till their Vaginas explode, have kids then divorce. Then the process repeats itself. That’s y I prefer asians.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HO76KQ4K3KJ5MWJWXMDYBBZZVU Baboo

    Why do you think Asian families number one choice for a child is a male over female? The family can depend on the male to keep the blood and culture alive, but know when it comes to Asian females they get brainwashed easily.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      Mindbogglingly ignorant response. Good job!

      • this fucking guy..

        Good god where to begin idk. His comment was ignorant on sooo many levels. What about the fact that Asian men are weak providers with a low sex drive that they are bored with? And because of this how can the family depend on them if their women can’t? How the hell can you keep the blood and culture alive with all males being born?
        … I could go on and on.

  • Liketoargue

    I have an asian friend who is dumb crazy for white guys. I periodically ask her why and she can never give me a simple answer. That makes me really curious. I ran into this blog but unfortunately found the reasons to be weak. In my perspective, if you want a guy with balls and who can pull the trigger, date a black guy. What do you mean by “unique?” I don’t consider plain white guys to be unique and most of the time I see asian girls dating pretty standard white guys. Likewise, social prowess is def not limited to white men. I have seen men from all nationalities being socially in-tune. The last one I can agree with. Perhaps asian women need to learn to appreciate themselves more. Well, whatever the reason, fun topic. Peace!

  • SiKeTe87

    Is that darky still here?

  • SiKeTe87

    Prefer what you want…just because people like to follow the majority of society doesnt mean you have to… That’s why I choose Taiwanese >¦]

  • Joe

    Im a White guy lived in SE asia many years, and there is no doubt about it, the young asian ladies love me…If I told you the number I have bedded you would not believe…oh and I NEVER used money! Just pure attraction, they know we have bigger ones, and make no mistake it IS important, stop fooling yourself, SIZE MATTERS…But with that being said, if your an old ugly bald headed white guy you will need to use money, its just common sense, LOOKS does matter just like anywhere in the world…Looks, sex appeal, fitness level, it all matters…

    • Jdjd

      Man. Regardless if you are white, if I am as old as you and still acted this way, I would be quite disappointed with myself.

  • disqus_5D5by9QRUE

    I’m sorry but when I see a white guy with an asian girl it translates to me as= He’s got little game, she barely understands him but her parents approve because he’s not a minority. And don’t give me the unique argument. Unique would be if I saw an asian chick with a hispanic. NOW THATS EFFIN UNIQUE!!!!. A white guy? You see that everywhere, when I have an asian friend on FB and when they post pics of themselves with a mostly Asian dominant crowd of friends I start to wonder….I’m just saying when it’s on the other foot with blacks, whites etc ITS Brought out to the public…I love asian women, they are feisty, creative and cute but the same game I throw at black, white, Hispanic women never works on Asian chicks. I honestly feel that this is a general attitude they have towards the Hispanic population/minority populations partly due to their parents influence. How often do you see an Asian chick with a Hispanic guy? Exactly. I’m White/Black but I look Mexican due to my skin tone. It’s not until I explain my background that Asian girls open up to me more.. And I know its because of the fact my father is white. Its weird and wack.

    O you think I’m making it up??? My neighbor’s son last year was around 24, military, West point grad in SD, Mom’s filipino, dad is black, he took on a lot of his dads traits from his dark complication and his hair taking on a more black trait,short, more curly and nappy . He came back home from service a year ago, parents threw a party for him, they had friends over, it was mostly an Asian crowd, some brought their daughters. I knew his mother tried her best to hook him up with a couple of them, he was a good looking dude, in shape, smart and successful but the girls weren’t biting. Later, after talking with my mother who was there at the party with me since they were neighbors and I was in town, she told me during the party she spoke with a couple of the Asian girls and she said they weren’t biting because they said he was too dark. I mean are you EFFING KIDDING me???? This isn’t 1950 in the south, its 2011 ( at the time) I thought we were past that. But obviously the Asian community wont bust out the fiery cross on people of colors front yards but their actions speak louder than that.. It’s an issue and I’m not sure we will ever deal with it though.

    I’m just saying, I’m only reporting what I see and hear. take it for what it’s worth

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      People are entitled to be attracted to whomever they wish to be attracted to. Just because it’s not you, that doesn’t automatically make it wrong. Guys get rejected by women all the time – regardless of either party’s color. Get over it, man.

      • Olivia C

        Dude, you’re down talking every post that rejects white man/asian woman couple. You must be a white guy with yellow fever too.

        • Kurt Vonnegut

          Dude, I’m not. But dude, you must be an assumptive idiot.

        • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

          you must be a angry black woman obsessed with white men having sex. Because i don’t know any asian women named “olivia”. All “olivia’s” are either 80yr old white women or black sheboon.

          Why is it blacks flood the internet with their anti-white racism on topics that have nothing to do with them? ESPECIALLY on topics like these. You people really are like stunted infant babies. Little children who throw hissy fits when they cant be #1 in something.

          Seriously, check the comments on any article of this type. It’s guaranteed to be flooded with angry negros acting like jealous ex-girl friends.

          Whats the matter? you negros afraid Asian women will take all the white guys away from you? Theres enough caucasian pipe to go around. But you better look like beyonce or something.. because most you sheboons look like the missing link on the evolutionary graph.

          Sit the hell down.

        • Guest

          No, dude, I am not. If you’re down talking the idea of a white man/asian woman couple then you must be a racist dumbass.

        • Richard Nixon

          Or he’s smart enough not to be a racist dog like you.

    • How I know you are uneducated.

      O I’m only reporting what I see dawg. He don’t got GAME, they weren’t biting and that shit was WACK..

      (Next person I hear say the word ‘game’ in reference to courting a lady I’m gonna floor with one hit before they can finish the word. I just realized how disgusting the word is because I haven’t been around morons in a long time. It’s an ugly word to hear. It’s like nails on a chalkboard)

      The unique argument is valid. White men ARE considered unique to Asian women because..

      1) We are more social, interesting, and can network.

      2) they know longer are attracted to their own race

      3) they don’t want to be darker therefore they don’t want darker kids so we are the best alternative to an Asian man. (I am with a Khmer girl, they are very pale and most Asians like to be and they stay out of the sun.)

      4) Darker races are sadists, flashy/stupid, uneducated, unreliable, and don’t know nor care about anything else but whats going on in their own little world let alone in other countries cultures and none of the above characteristics are appealing to a genuine Asian girls family which are VERY important to impress whether you like it or not.

      I’m sorry you are disappointed that YOU don’t find us unique you narrow minded creamy faggot.

      • disqus_5D5by9QRUE

        While I could dissect your points all day, your last sentence basically sums up the kind of person you are. So it’s not worth it.

      • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

        Amount of jealous niggers in the comment section obsessed with white men having sex? 14 (so far)

        • jonblaze1hq

          The amount of bitter white men who obsess over what black men are doing? Who gives two shits. Lame

          • Richard Nixon

            It’s the racist blacks that are obsessed with things white and asian people are doing. why the hell are there racist blacks on an article about WHITE AND ASIAN COUPLES? Get a clue, dumby!

    • wtg

      im sorry but most Asian woman don’t like dark skin, my Asian girl friend wears 50 sunblock every where she goes because dark skin in their culture is considered ugly. sorry but Pilipino is a pacific islander not Asian any way. black people mix well with white people that’s their mix, stop trying to dominate and control everything some times black people will loose.

    • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      Man i this…. i that… im this way.. and im like that way. And im im im im im. I,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,ii,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,, I be doing this. i be doing that. This one time on facebook. I was like… am i ok with that. I think things. I know stuff. I look like. I. i. i. i.i This one time at band camp i was like whooaaaa.

      I do stuff when im doing it because i like it when im being me. Im myself when im thinking of the ways i be.

      Naw i meanz dawg?

  • Tmaster

    Sorry to say Rochelle but all your points sound more descriptive to that of a black guy, making me still dumb-struck why you Asian girls keep falling for the corny/un-unique white guy. All I see is that you westernized Asian girls are just limiting your options; sad but true

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      corny/un-unique… as opposed to flashy/stupid?

      • Curt49

        To TMaster:
        Maybe the reason that NOBODY wants a black boy is because they’d like to have a father for their children. Thought about that?

    • white man

      First of all Asian woman dislike black boys because the African American culture/life style doesn’t jive well with that of a Asian where as white American dose.
      1- Asian culture is very family oriented.
      -Black culture is not in fact more than 75% of black people grew up with out a father.
      -White culture has strong family values closer to that of Asian
      2-Asian culture is very education oriented
      -black culture has one of the highest drop out rates of any race in America and 2nd lowest collage participation rate.
      -White culture has a high value on education.
      3-Asian culture, it is disgraceful to be disrespectful Asians take allot of pride on this.
      -black Culture has a very low level of respect for them selves and others they are very inconsiderate, they abuse their women and children more often. just listen to any rap song.
      -white culture may not be the same as Asians but they do have a high level of respect for their elders and women. white people do work well together in sociality respecting each other and each others property
      4-asian culture is a very hard working group and they look down on laziness! ask any Asian person.
      -black culture is very lazy coming in at #1 for well fair and food stamps. its rare to see many if any at all working, most black people move towards sports and music because they don’t want to work. even in Africa just look at the development of their country.
      -white culture is very hard working most white people rule the work force and business world. America and European development are good examples of the hard work and intelligent nature of this culture.

      My comparisons are based on my traveling, personal experiences living in the inner city, and researched facts. also I have Asian and white family. from what iv seen most Asian people hate black people simply because they are looked at as rude and disrespectful. the poster above thinks white people are corny? maybe that’s your big ego and narcissistic personality disorder distorting reality to the fact that black American are the bottom feeders of society white people like Asians are humble , whites don’t need to brag and act caulky to look cool . we drive nice cars and live in nice homes and have happy families we don’t need to behave like that, so you call us corny?? more like normal.
      one more note Im a white man that is with a Asian woman and in no way do I look down on Asian men, I believe Asian woman and any other race of woman for that matter like to mix race date and it just happens to be whit men.

    • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      Oh look, yet ANOTHER little black boy searching the internet for anything having to do with White Men and their sex lives.

      I don’t know who’s obsessed with White Men the most… Asian Women, or little black boys.

      lol why would you even google this topic? You must dream of dominate White Men yourself.

  • jon, australia

    well theres a reason asian women date white men , maybe there just tied of going nowhere fast and having no future for there family , hey has anyone done thailand , china or the phillopines ,, i rest my case why would u want to get out of that shit hole and have a life for yr kids , maybe white men are just good providers, u must admitt there pretty cute ,look after them selves and traditional loyal why wouldnt u want one i,m 49 and done the white girl thing for years but now i never go back no way , they are so gorgeous ,give me one any day

  • Heather

    This article is really insipid and sort of embarrassing.

  • not a nigger

    nigger i will nmjurder you

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      Really? You’re a goddamned dumb ass.

      • Kurt Vonnegut

        PS I can say that because you can’t find me through the internet! In truth I’m a scared shit!

        • Kurt Vonnegut

          Because you’re a racist and I called you a dumbass? LOL Fuck off, you ignorant idiot. Just keep living with hate in your heart. Eventually you’ll just wither away and die. And the world will be a better place without you in it. Yes, I’m anonymous, but I’m speaking the truth. Does it hurt?

  • white steve

    I love Asian girls…get at me oriental princesses!!!

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      I bet you’re not even white. You’re probably some misguided asian idiot out to try to prove an invalid point. Good job, you failed.

      • H.G.

        Obsessed or a troll? Geez, you must be bored waiting for your Rochelle to return from her job giving happy endings at the massage parlor.

  • rick

    i saw most asian guys dating white girls in california

  • WhereAsianBoul_At

    @df1c9ac44215c29cdd833be7f4782c07:disqus If you dont like whaa she saysss…. whaaa you read it??? dickhead! @73ca76b29c75c3b9c8f23bff1217437e:disqus Stop being so fuckin sensitive and grow up! # Swerve

  • ishmael

    So using your own non-racist logic, if you had a son with a white guy, doesn’t that mean that he will be:
    1. less social than a white guy?
    2. less balls than a white guy?
    3. less unique than a white guy?
    4. less assertive than a white guy?
    5. less attractive than a white guy?
    If you like white guys, that’s cool. But please, don’t hate on the Asian man to justify your white fever. It only perpetuates the stereotype that your son will also face.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      Don’t be jelly, bro.

      • Lily W

        Omg how did you write Cats Cradle!?

        • Kurt Vonnegut

          With a typewriter.

    • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      The real question is why is a guy named “ishmael” doing reading this article?

  • 준혁

    Actually white men just want to fuck asian girls. Asian girls wake up!like in australia, aussie calls korean girls KFC because the are like fast food. I am an asian and i want to protect asian girls.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      You’re also an idiot prone to gross exaggeration and misrepresentation. What I suspect your real problems are, is your insecurity and your anger. White men are not the reason that you’re not attracting the girls you want to attract. Time to look in the mirror, buddy.

    • A non-racist individual.

      Like Kurt said.. White men are not the reason you’re not attracting the girls YOU WANT to attract. But that’s your problem…

      “You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.”

      ..Another issue that affects you is the fact that Asian women for the most part no longer just don’t like their own race. Maybe because they are bored with them and just want a unique change.. which is what you can do as well. MANY smart beautiful black women have a thing for Asian guys. I’m not saying the first black girl you speak to will be her but the ones that do are strong loyal sexy women with strict morals and know what they want. They WILL NOT HESITATE to put someone in their place. These are great traits to have in a partner. Maybe you should give it a try using the butterfly concept. Ask her the time politely and spark an interesting conversation somehow. Good luck.

    • John Smith

      Asian girls must be full of cat and MSG if your hypothesis is correct. Thats why when you eat one out, you are hungry again 10 minutes later?

  • shahjahan

    Whites think they are superior, but Asian non-Muslim men, you guys have problems for lowering your status down and trying to be American wannabe, and this is the fate of being captured by West. If a white man looks up at a Pakistani girl, she will get his balls eaten live by our dogs. Less than 0.0001 percent Muslim women are allowed to date Christian guy because our people are proud of their identity and culture.

    • Brian Bailey

      How many times can you post the same idiocy. Must be some kind of a world record. Get lost.

  • shahjahan

    Whites think they are superior, but Asian non-Muslim men, you guys have problems for lowering your status down and trying to be American wannabe, and this is the fate of being captured by West. If a white man looks up at a Pakistani girl, she will get his balls eaten live by our dogs. Less than 0.0001 percent Muslim women are allowed to date Christian guy because our people are proud of their identity and culture. Muslim men convert so many white women, so white men end up in Asia.

  • shahjahan

    Whites think they are superior, but Asian non-Muslim men, you guys have problems for lowering your status down and trying to be American wannabe, and this is the fate of being captured by West. If a white man looks up at a Pakistani girl, he will get his balls eaten live by our dogs, which happens a lot. Less than 0.0001 percent Muslim women are allowed to date Christian guy because our people are proud of their identity and culture. Muslim men convert so many white women, so white men end up in Asia. Tell you what, Asian friends, whites are the scariest looser on Earth. Why do think white Americans dread Black Americans so much, you guys know kung fu, use your skills, they will never ever look at your women.

    • Nicole H

      An off-topic post that is so hateful and misguided requires a reply.

      Do you even notice that you are directly promoting racism here, trying to pit whites and blacks against each other? People like you are what hold the rest of us back in the times we want to move away from. There is no excuse for that. And please, don’t refer to any women as the possessions of men. Also, where are you getting your statistics? And you allow genital mutilation for a look that you, and only you, equate to sleeping with a girl and disrespecting you? You think all blacks sum total know Kung Fu? Where is your head even at right now?

      You believe that whites tout superiority, but your entire post is filled with your own superiority complex based entirely on self-loathing. You even went so far as to post three times in a row, reiterating the same points and adding more lunacy as you saw fit. Calling yourself a “shah” also seems to reveal further insecurity, but I could be wrong about that. In any case, I feel sorry for you. But Allah doesn’t, because He knows you can do better, yet you continue to disappoint Him.

      There is pride in your people and in your identity, and then there is taking it so far that anyone who isn’t the same is labeled as inferior, and you shun the mixing of your people with “outsiders.” You do not measure up to the ideal of a true Muslim man. Allah tells us to invite love into our hearts for all humans. The true Muslim man who pleases Allah does not hate other humans whom Allah saw fit to create and let exist. Or do you think that you know better than Him? Do you think that by hating whites you are seeing something He doesn’t? If you were Allah, you would kill all whites, I’m sure. But the true Allah doesn’t. Ask yourself why not.

      You should check out a short article called “The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror” by Jamie Glazov. Many Americans view Middle Easterners as sexually repressed, and therefore angry, and they love joking about that. It’s a low blow, but there is truth to those jokes. Unfortunately, Americans who joke like that also don’t know just how many Muslim boys are sexually abused. Their sons will be too, because it’s all one big cycle, and their mothers are the ones who suffer the blame for the male sex drive.

      White women do convert to Islam, but don’t kid yourself that all of us are moving away to Asia or wherever you think we go. As for “dreading” blacks, only backwards racists do that. The sane ones realize there is nothing TO “dread”, or so you imagine otherwise (emphasis on the word “imagine”).

      You should take time to learn about your “enemy” — or does the idea of not having any enemies frighten you a little too much? Maybe once all those “enemies” are gone, the only one left to point fingers at will be yourself. The hatred you exert is really only a reflection of the hatred that comes from within.

      Truly happy people don’t have room for hatred. For your sake, and for the sake of those who profess to belong to Islam, I hope you come to terms with your own anger and stop displacing it on other cultures in such an immature fashion. Grow up. Deal with your insecurities and stop blaming others for them, then ask Allah for His forgiveness.

    • TodamnAwesome

      just so you know that sounds ridiculous, where do you get this that white people think they are superior? I am just curious.. sorry you may have been bullied or had bad experiences with the white race but that does not give you the right to rationalize on a whole group of people, we were all intended to be different not one of us is the same and to be honest you should really rethink your own life and find out why there is so much hate in your heart… as for this muslim pride thing you have going here thats all great and everything but I am almost positive that religion was intended to spread peace and bring about unity amongst our people so stop being a hater and learn to judge a person by their character, it means so much more, I am a white man and I dont envy anyone because this is the way I am and the way god intended me to be and I have no quarrel with that, and as for white men not wanting to go after other women because of there men’s skills thats crazy, I have dated all races I dont discriminate because there are good and bad people in every race you egotistical bastard go rethink your life and set some standards for yourself instead of being an ethnocentrist dick.

    • travon jones

      ah would luv to meet u ah luv pakistanni men too. ah luv there hary asses. ah luv the feel of stubble on the ass when ah doin it ta them.

  • G Nice

    in the article she cleary states shes not racist, nor generlizing, shes giving her OWN PERSONAL opinions, and everybody just bashes her…

  • nikki

    all these hate comment below r just losers who dont wanna face themselves truthfully. this gal didn’t hate her own race but she’s just pointing out the obvious and it’s her own choice to pick who, what color person she pick to date. it’s dating , not a job interview. the government can’t sue u for not dating your own race now, dont they? whites are prettier, females or males regardless. and who here didn’t turn their heads around on the streets when u see someone pretty or handsome walkby? i know i do. even ABC acts like either homeboy or they act like gangsters. white boys seem to be the ‘normal’ ones. they might have more players among them but who said asian don’t? how many married men dont have affairs? look at jackie chan, he even got a love child. if gal want someone handsome, she can totally have it, just like these loser man here want big boobs and firm round asses 17 yr old. yeah, may be 15yr old. who the fxxk r u to judge? lol

    • wankersforniggers

      I like them younger :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mariano.kranz Mariano Kranz

    u need a black or mexican in ur life then bitch…. u date white guys cuz ur a typical asian hooker bitch…. dont be afraid of the darker side of the cock!

    • mariano kranz is a wetback

      dont you have a lawn to cut? get on somewhere.

    • Lily W

      No body like da burned hotdog on da barbeque man!

    • http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/trotsky-assassinated-in-mexico TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      The real mystery is why so many black and mexican little boys come to these articles about white men and asian women.

      It seems Mariano is also obsessed with dominate White Men.

    • Metronil

      oh u mad!! tiny dick little azn boy hates the truth?

  • Jack Armstrong

    I’m an Asian male adopted to a white family and I grew up here in the south.I can certainly respect her views but for me I find most white guys to be weak and shallow. They usually are middle of the road types and simply live uninspired lives. For me they are quite boring and bland but they tend to be civil. I have similar views of white women as well…simply boring but cordial. So each to his/her own. Peace

    • Richard Nixon

      Except the largest empire in the world was European( % of world land area)…. if they’re weak then what, all of the other races were sleeping?

    • John Smith

      You should tell that to your Dad then. Lives in white country, uses white inventions, raised by white people, racist against whites. Maybe you should be put in a camp so we can keep an eye on you. You should let all prospective employers know of your views as well. You know, so you aren’t a complete hypocrite. Also I love your view of white weakness when whites have made the world go round for about the last 1000 years. Tell me more.

  • ssec1968

    As a white guy, I can’t answer for if or why Asian women like white men, but I can tell you why we white guys go crazy over Asian women. First, there’s something about Asian women’s features that we find beautiful. Asian women appear delicate and feminine to us. An Asian woman who’d be considered a 5 by an Asian guy would be considered an 8 or 9 by a white guy. Second, Asian women don’t act like we owe them something. There’s no “chip on the shoulder” like white women often have, the attitude that we’re out to oppress them. They might like us because unlike many male-centric Asian cultures, we white male Americans have been socially conditioned to treat them as equals.

    • Nicole H

      I’m a white woman, and I agree with your points, especially those about white women! It’s almost like they WANT to be hurt because it makes them more “edgy” and gives them “permission” to treat any guy they come across like dirt. It’s very sad, and I wish more white women wouldn’t behave that way. It just reveals a lot of insecurity on their part. You really don’t find that attitude among Asian women. But of course, stereotypes aren’t all-encompassing, either which way they go.

    • ABC girl

      Male centric asian culture that don’t treat asian women as equals? What century are you in? American born asian men do not treat their women like they are beneath them. This “culture” you speak of do not exist when it comes to dating an asian in the American life. I have no idea where you get that this still exists now but what you’re doing is stereotyping. It’s never my friends that date asian guys that have problems, it’s usually my friends that date white guys that have major problems – not fitting into her family culture, unwilling to try new things, CHEATING because the guy can’t keep his penis to himself, always using money as a solution.

      So please, before assume asian men treat their women like shit, why don’t you get some real experience first around the American asian society and then make your judgment.

      Sources: personal dating experiences and being that I grew up around mostly American Asians.

      • TodamnAwesome

        What he is saying does seem to be stereotyping but to be honest it has nothing to do with culture because most races that live in american society have little or no relationship to their true culture and as for your friends having major issues with white men over asian men, to me it has nothing to do with race because there are scumbags in every race so it would not make a bit of difference if the guy was white, black, green, purple or orange a man who has a screwed up agenda is going to continue to be that way regardless of how we categorize him.

  • dert

    White men go crazy about black women too actually. And as a matter of fact most men and most women from all races would like to date other races.

    • travon jones

      whit men do black women because thay like to do anal. men who be circumsise have no feelin and when they do anal it feel good. so black womens popular with circumsise whit e man.

    • reality check

      too bad black women dont feel the same way about white men. Most of the Asian women are mail order brides who end up marrying serial murders child molesters rejects from the white community.

      • Richard Nixon

        You’re an idiot! Lol, you do not know what you’re talking about. Do not mix white communities with Indian communities you dolt.

  • pocho916

    This just sounds like a bunch of insecurity to me. I respect all cultures but would never pick a mate just because they “seem” to be more dominate. How insecure is that? Some women have zero pride, honor or self-respect.

  • brian taylor

    im a guy has no problem with any culture of women asian girls tend to be sneaky but what they do is no concern to me as long they dont cheat im now single my chance of getting a girlfriend is next to zero i dont care looks money they mean nothing to me at all i got not family no friends nothing im considering giving up on women im not turning gay for anything or no one it took 5 year to get one who knows how long before the next

  • lol

    this is why i never approach asian women oh wait i dont approach any women at all cuz i think they think bad about asian guys

    • DurkaDurka

      That doesn’t make any sense. You act like an ahole because people think you are an ahole? Did you miss the entire “ASSERTIVE” WHITE GUY reasoning above?

  • Lily W

    I am CHINESE!!! And I am a girl. How can you date a white man!!??? I am CHINESE and god damn proud of it man and I will only marry a CHINESE man and have CHINESE babies!!! God damn.

    • Richard Nixon

      You’re stupid and racist. Go live in China, then. Where the air is terrible and the freedom rating is among the worst in the world.


    • SMASH

      Good luck with his gambling problem and rasing those kids ALONE. Haha. Dumbass.

    • Guest

      Good luck with that. Say goodbye to Hybrid Vigor.

  • Lily W


    • dsar

      Who cares? marry a chinese dude then, there are more than a billion of them

  • Lily W

    I HAVE more social prowess than white man
    I have more balls than white man
    I am more unique than white man
    I am more beautiful than white man!!!

    • DurkaDurka

      You are a girl or a transvestite. WTF are you talking about? A white man could break you in half and piss on the leftovers. This isn’t a gay pride article.

    • Greg

      I wish I could find a Asian girlfriend.

  • Jason Priestley

    I can milk and penetrate any asian girl I want. It’s built into their DNA, as it is built into European males. There is a reason why white males and asian females pump the living sht out of each other.

    It’s because they are one of the FEW mixes that produce better results than the original phenotype. Aka NOT Kanye West And Dummy Kardashian. The goal is not to produce a monkey swinging from trees. It’s to produce the most advanced human being possible. It’s Also Know As Asian/White KIDS ARE BETTER LOOKING THAN YOUR UGLY PIECE OF SHIT RETARD KIDS. Ahem… Too much?

    Secondarily, White Male, Asian Female Couples are statistically the Wealthiest ON PLANET EARTH- ANYWHERE- IN ANY COUNTRY- AT ANY TIME. They are the literal power couple that kicks everyone else’s ass and beats them to death. The wealthiest aka most powerful Women on the Planet are Asian women married to White men. Not by a little. By alot. A fking lot. It’s the different between noodle slurping inbred Chinamen and the Rothschild’s collapsing Nations.

    And one last statisitcal tidbit, that you maybe don’t quite grasp yet. Their kids are fking hot. They are always fking hot. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Thanks for playing- and Fk you kindly inbred jackholes. AW=FTW

    • dsar

      You’re dumb, asian women are hot, but they do not produce white children or asian children, only bastards, races should be kept pure, because I am not racist against whites or asians

      • Richard Nixon

        You are racist. Races should be kept pure? Science disagrees, you ignorant bastard:

        “Outbreeding can be thought of
        as avoiding the bad effects of having two broken

        copies of the same gene.
        Heterozygous advantage deals with the extra flexibility one

        may get from having two good,
        but slightly different copies of the same gene. It is a bit

        like having one thin summer
        coat and one warm winter coat; this is often better than

        having two identical coats of
        a type that is neither cool enough in summer nor warm

        enough in winter. A more
        concrete example might be the immune genes, the genes

        we use to fight disease.
        Immune genes tend to be very variable. In a population there

        will be many different copies
        of each gene, each one tailored to fighting one particular

        disease or disease strain.
        Here, having two different copies will protect against two

        different diseases and make
        for a healthier person.”


        “Broken genes are usually rare, so to inherit two broken copies of the same gene is unlucky. However, the

        chances increase considerably if your parents are related. This is because the more related your parents are,

        the greater is the chance that any particular pair of genes inherited by their child is identical ‘by descent’; both

        copies can be traced back to the same single copy in, say, a great grandparent. With more genes that are

        identical by descent, a child will have more genes where both copies are broken.”

        I know the truth hurts, you idiot.

    • yyuko

      Wow Jason I’m full Japanese and you are exactly why we hate white people now my people are constantly proved right about you sick men the world calls you the white devil and if your were smart and read outside your fairytale history you guys fooled almost the whole world with you would know that asains are the closest descendents to Africans there’s a saying in Japan you can not be full Japaneseif you don’t have African blood in you so do your research and another thing Europeans are the only singled out race in the world no other race has nothing in common with because you guys do not have manelin looked that up only browned skinned races have it and everybody in the world is some type of brown except for Europeans so if you like us then you that means you wanna be us asshole

      • ttr

        a black guy pretending to0 be Asian, lol stuiped nigger

        • mike

          Wow..so that’s how you spell STUPID..

        • yyuko

          No im 100percent japanese once again white devils indenile about majority people in the World you may have fooled most of them But not all you tuya are the minority in the World and it shocks how you guys are still in power like I said do your research if you look at our true ancient art before the white devil tampered with it you will see that your people have been lieing about every thing about colored history and Yet your people said they discovered América we all know ITA lies just think asains and africana both use to praise the same gods the Buda hair look at it my people know who we decenteded from But as for asains and africana being niggers we are far from if thats only the american hispánica and blacks we have nothing in common with them they are your brain washed slavesour people are intellegent and speak more than two languages and we do not believe in the lies you told the World once again you guys are the that discovered the maneline in our bodys so why dont guys noticed that your the odd ball race of the planet all you guys dois take take take you rape our women kill our fathers we had enough now your military wont leave our island in Okinawa pretty soon you will fall from your High chair and look how much colored people wantsto be white because you made fuel haré

          • travon jones

            I am a black guy livin in Tokyo and I am really itno japanese men. I wannna meat u somewere yyuko. how bout the mcdonalds in ginza at kawasaki road tomorrow at noon. you will know me because i look like a cros between obama and kanye west. weat someting sexy.

          • Richard Nixon

            For god’s sake, shut up you racist fraud! You’re ignorant and stupid! Using a computer invented by white people, using internet invented by white people, using electricity discovered by white people! You sure love white devil inventions, since you’re USING THEM!

      • Richard Nixon

        Haha, is that why Europe and North America have been more advanced than Asia for centuries and centuries on end? The Renaissance was started in Europe. The Chinese love stealing technology from white people – USA, Russia, UK, Germany, etc. If being European means I am a part of a singled-out race, then I am happy, because my race has by far worth being proud of. Issac Newton, A. Einstein, Darwin… all white. Who invented Republicanism and Federalism? Europeans. So, continue on with your jealousy and racism.

      • SMASH

        Ummm…… your men like little girls and can purchase their panties from a vending machine. And they do. There is something bad in the water in Japan. And isnt there another better reason for the Japanese to not like whites? Sit and think for a sec. And please dont let a couple white American dickheads make you think we are all like that. Most of us are good people who respect everyone.

        • yyuko

          E No your wrong very few of you are good i say about 3.9% percent you white Men are very manipulative and I know a great deal of my history so dont tell me is there anothr reason for us not to like you because there thousands and I speak for all the colored people in the World d neither one has to do with your skin color we hate you because of the evil and pain you causes our ancestors our people got along well around the World until you came slaughter begin and wars and desies so why you guys keep pretending like you never causes these things and wonder if your girlfriend WHO is
          chinese knows her history of What the white Man did to them blow them up with dynomite hung there necks and shot them to death so you should read the savageness of you people WHO calls people of color savages you white are trying to still figure out a way to destroy the colored race you even tired to breed our menlin so we could be white like you and you did and áfrica and you tired to do it in austral read the evil history of your people you guys are study causing asains and african americana to have
          low self of steam thats why you get some
          of them so Easy if they are taught every thing about them is ugly and bad because there are black or Brown by the white race for years they are going to feel that the white people are powerful and strong the trick them into beliveing in your white god he looks just like you so What do think oír people are going to want to be like or be with white you make it seen that white is right and if ITA not white ITA not right ITA simple we see your people plans trying to kidnap children out of Asia and áfrica to experiment on the menlin and taking there organs and making them into sex slaves we dispize you for many reasons and once agaon its nat you color thats the difference thats why we as colored people cant be racist unless ITA against another colored person now tell would forget if you ancrstors wer rapes and beaten byours for centries your grandma tapes because of the color of her skin your gandpa hung because of the color of his skin your family you will never feel the pain you all causes us for years never so tell me do you really think your people have changed much all they are doing is just sleepin with oír people to hide there racism when there always will be nomatter how many of our people they show called date tell me if you feel the pain and crys of the World that you all causes date one of us dosent stop you from being raíces it just camofloges it thats all tell do you feel the pain of our people the depression

      • John Smith

        Japanese don’t need any help hating. They are some of the most xenophobic people in the world. What other country can you go to that will have signs outside clubs saying ‘No Whites’? The USA used to have the same kind of signs for ‘colored’. Japanese women are a dead fuck laying there making crying mewling sounds. Fucking weird. Your men like buying girls panties out of vending machines and your women like dressing like schoolgirls. Tell me more of how much better your country is Hoji.

    • supahot92

      lol ur an idiot. It’s the Asian guy white girl couple that makes the better looking mix babies.

    • Kris

      The main reason Asian women date white men for social status. The white men who date Asian women have small penises and are hoping the Asian women won’t notice.Btw.. Their offspring look very down syndrome if you ask me.. Not fcking smoking hot AT ALL!!!!

      • Richard Nixon

        “The white men who date Asian women have small penises” Actually, on average, North American White people have above average penis sizes. And Whites, overall, have larger penis sizes than Asian men. And have you not seen W/A mixes? They are GREAT looking, and in fact AMAZING looking. Go to California (wait, nevermind, don’t want you near me) and look for yourself! And stop being an ignorant racist.

        • yyuko

          Ryou are a under cover racist I proved my point so stop trying to make seen like your not by going around saying your a racist to everybbody whos against the europeans white devil you proubly love gays to and support them getting married just like the rest of the white devils you guys are the reason for gays in the World today no asain tribe or african tribes ever had problems with there sexuality because we know we are only supposed to be with the opposite sex but then you guys came molesting our boys as well as our girls look at the history ebooks you will see WHO causes gay in the World you guys with those drugs that loosens your buts gosh learned the true history befor you speak you white gay devil

          • Richard Nixon

            More loads of rubbish and personal insults to just prove my point you’re an ignorant racist. Enjoy using that microprocessor invented by western scientists, or that operating system invented by western scientists OR that internet invented by western scientists. Thanks for making my job much more easier and proving that you are an unutterably debauched coccydynia and a malingering odiously suffocating deplorable calamity of birth. You uneducated buffoon.

          • yyuko

            no you havent proofed anything about yor evil people true of the matter is every country of color you people came to contact with you all hurt some Type of way physical and emotional show why do you think the majority of the colored race despise you all if your dont know then your just plane dum or playing dumb because most white people know there in power I stay in farfax v.a in a area thats completly segragated from whites theres almost everytype of color person here in my town and the next city over is whites chantilly there some colored but very little and there thousands more like that all over the country you really need to read before you speak your people jumped asain Boy for no reason he didnt speak english deben white devils one asain kid that really up ser oír community and it happened in chicago they near him and call him nigger just because he was asain im pretty Sure you seen it all over the news and dont pretend you didnt nomatter wat you say oír people are going to feel this because of your people evil ways they will never break so your are the Morán if you honestly dont see the nature of you people

  • pedro101

    I’m a white white American living in China. I love Chinese women. Very beautiful, kind and positive. I am very popular with the women out here, but I am not a player. Even though Chinese women love white men, it is obvious that Chinese women can also be very happy with Chinese men. And that is for good reason. Many of the Chinese men that I’ve met are very kind and devoted to their women, and they win a woman’s heart through that devotion among other things. Still, I enjoy the attention from such stunningly beautiful women. :-D

    • YourHusband

      pretty sure most chinese women in china are ugly as fuk lol

  • Common Sense

    This varies for numerous amounts of reasons, and I’ll explain the reality: If you grew up in an Asian-American community, you’re almost expected to date Asian guys, however White guys are a special novelty.
    If you didn’t, then you’re expected to only date White guys anyways. Because your perspectives of cool and strong males are oriented towards whites, living in a White-majority nation. This of course doesn’t apply to the other races, who aren’t eager to appear socially strong and-or break a barrier of racial identity. (Black-Americans and White-Americans for example have no issue being perceived as ‘American’ by the rest of the world. Whereas Asians are usually presumed to be foreigners, regardless of origins).
    Same applies in Asia, to an extent. If you’re in one of the poorer nations, or China, again much favoritism goes towards the Whites. From my experiences, the White skin is a symbol of Westernization, which is a symbol of superiority and economic wealth. Every Asian nation goes through this phase of thinking, some proceed out of it, like South Korea and Japan. Those that proceed out of it begin to mold a thinking similar to Westerners, and like whatever Westerners like. (For example, White women’s appeal for Blacks has made dating Black men in Korea and Japan a new styled novelty since the late 90’s.)
    The ultimate point is that Asians lack–en masse–a good identity. Perhaps it will come with population growth. Everyone group seems to like each other and scolds their sexual counterparts for doing so: (Asian Women with White men is scolded by Asian men, Black men with White Women is scolded by White men, Latina girls with either/or is scolded especially by Latino men, ect). White women are a symbol of power, which makes it easier for them to get what they want. Yes, many Asians are narrow-minded, welcome to the real world. The least exposed race to the Modern times, as Whites has crafted the new world, and forced Blacks to assimilate, so give Asians times.

  • Metronil

    This is going to hurt some peoples feeling…LOL!

    good first article. ;)

  • ChanKowWei

    I prefer white women

  • Darwin

    Maybe some brave intelligent Asian girls just want a grown-up relationship. Seriously how much AKB, Hello Kitty crap would you be able to take before you started reaching for your passport.

  • Nat

    This is by far the silliest article I ever read. Thanks for confirming my thoughts that Asian girls are superficial and shallow. I am sick to the stomach.

  • lily

    I’m not even asian but this blatant sort of self-hate and put-down is so gross to me. you DO realize that as far as “western concept of beauty” goes, the same goes for asian women? these attributes are features that asian women do NOT have. i can’t even name 5 asian current lead actresses or models at the moment. i can name a hundred white, black or latina though.

  • Seriously?

    This is fucking disgusting. You are straight out of a moron factory.

    • Kitty

      Then you realize the kind of people who go on this site in the first place and then realize the target audience for this writer. Then you realize you are one of the readers or then you realize you googled “why do asian girls like white guys,” but then you should of realized that all races like each other, but white people are the largest concentration of people deemed by media as beautiful. Then you ask Why? Then you realize most paintings, films, and even Jesus have and had been portrayed as a white, the very essence of beauty depicted by arts and media have been defined as so for centuries. And then you realize there is no reason except that. No one is better, it’s just along time ago one race decided to invade, colonize, conquer, rape, burn, and destroy.

      • thesecretdog

        We are all just people. Asian girls are beautiful. White girls are beautiful. Black girls are beautiful. The differences are less than the things we have in common.

        The most important thing is to be able to trust and share. Without trust and caring there is nothing, even if you are with the sexiest person in the world. In the end race is just one of those details like skin colour that doesn’t really matter.

        So when you are dieing of old age in 70 years time, what will matter? Beauty? Race? Colour? Maybe having friends and remembering loved ones will help you then. Better to start now living and thinking in a way that you will be proud of.

      • Richard Nixon

        One race decided to do that? Ever hear of Imperial Japan? Japan even attacked the US. Ever hear of the Persian empire? How about Muhammad’s conquests? He wasn’t white. How about the Maratha Confederacy? Ever hear of the Mughal Empire? How about the Aztecs? Damn, you know VERY little about history. All races have done this, you moron! Next time take your racism and ignorance somewhere else instead of posting such stupid comments. That was by far the dumbest/most idiotic section of your comment. Learn a little about history instead of throwing everything on ONE group of people.

      • yyuko

        Kitty you are absolutly right that stupid white jerk wants to pretend like our people did the same things they did and thats how they try to throw us off but you know the saying the one WHO conquers make they rules and the one makes the rules breakes the rules so of course they will try to turn it around to make seem like we did things like them they controlled most of our history for years white devils are What they relly are

  • Nathaniel Elliot

    Hey Rochelle,

    Somewhere along the way when you’re writing, think about what you are writing and attempting to deem to the world as fact…remember that you are Asian and representing Asians. Your heritage is Asian. Your Country is Asian. You are Asian because Asian men defended their identity, thousands have died so that you are Asian. You are on ampedASIA. How can you be so crass about your own identity, as to publicly claim these things about the general population of Asian men? I don’t know how white men can love Asian women who have no respect for the people of their own culture and heritage, but it might have to do with reason number two, I question your concept of self-worth and hope you write something that proves us otherwise.

    • reality check

      Ever notice the Asian mail order brides marry these white guys who could not otherwise find a wife? Many are serial murders, child molesters perverts. Lastly, how many Asian/white couples do you see past 62 ? Exactly. Its just a passing fad where the white guy dumps them after 10 – 15 years of sex service. They dont marry for life just to pad the ego. Strange how the Asian woman cant see that. And no white women are marrying Asian men. I actually feel sorry for the Asian woman.

      • Guest

        at my college, the white guys that are with asian girls are usually weird and ugly too. not attractive.

        • Richard Nixon

          Still making stuff up, lily? Jealous that no one will date you? I wonder why. You’re an annoying cretin who loves to lie and spew racist hatred.

        • John Smith

          Asian people look like squids. Weird bulbous eyes and that fat eyelid. *shudder* not attractive.

      • Kurt Vonnegut

        I feel sorry for you. And for the people in your life who have to deal with you.

      • John Smith

        You need a reality check. Blacks are more likely to be a pedophile. You think they have a higher crime rate for everything BUT that? Give me a fucking break.. The reason there seem to be a lot of white pedo’s is because there are a lot of white people genius. Statistics be raciss.

    • Richard Nixon

      “Thousands have died so you are Asian” – Dumbest thing I have ever heard. Asians have been fighting among themselves for years. And the identity “Asian” wasn’t used in Asia until the last 200 years. Her country isn’t Asian, unless she was born in an Asian country.

    • kevin

      you mad bro? she speaks the truth

      • H.G.

        Well, then she speaks the truth relative to people who think like her, and that happens to be you kevin.


    This is shit read this http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/asian-woman-dating-asian-men-jenny-an instead for the real reasons why.

  • jonblaze1hq

    Lord and behold another Asian woman making a blog post about why she dates white men. Instead of articulating some really thought out truths, we get blanket statements wrapped in superficiality and vagueness. Here is some truth for you I can say this and not feel the least bit uncomfortable about it. Asian Women like you are no different than “uncle Tom ass niggas”. To devalue Asian men then give praise to white males for generic character traits found in any and most red blooded Americans is your fail. You should really check out the movie Imitation of Life.

  • reality check

    The reality is Asian women have no self esteem. Because of their ethnicity, and slant eyes, they do feel they are normal human beings. They see white men as normal, and so they feel as if getting a white man will make them normal.

    James A. Michener wrote about it repeatedly. Read Tales of the south pacific.

    • Kurt Vonnegut

      Racist idiot.

      • Reality Check

        Were you referring to James Michener, who wrote on the subject,( he was white by the way) or me, ( my girlfriend is Chinese, and also states as much, Seems this slant eye/round eye inferiority complex started with the British and French occupancy of Indochina )

        I think your ignorance is damaging. Facts are that Michener and others have written about the subject long before I was of age. Denying a problem does not make it go away. I love and care for all people and as I said, my girlfriend is Chinese.

        If you are addressing the fact that 98% of all serial murders are white, or 96% of all child molesters are white, as being racist, well, It is what it is. The numbers speak for themselves. There is no poverty causing this type of behavior. This is a spiritual issue. Crying “racist” for pointing it out does not help heal that group of people who chose to rape little boys and girls and commit serial murders. A better answers would have been to say what can we do to make the world better.

        And since you mention racist, add that to the sour fruits that white men have brought to the world in Asia, Africa, America and South America. no one breeds and promotes racism like the White male.

        The very subject of this article is racist, I hope this helps your ignorance and I wish you a good day, Kurt Vonnegut But facts are facts.

        • William

          “If you are addressing the fact that 98% of all serial murders are
          white, or 96% of all child molesters are white, as being racist, well,
          It is what it is. The numbers speak for themselves”

          Where do you get your statistics from exactly? With population ratios taken into account there are more black serial killers in the U.S when white ones. Think next time before you spout nonsense.

          • William

            *then white ones

          • John Smith

            But statistics are racist and per capita is latin for ‘blame whitey’.

        • John Smith

          Cite your source.

    • Medic

      You’re an idiot!

  • mik

    I agree with the guy below, i just think that 3 reasons are enough, 1. Shallow, 2 want to be more american therefore want hslf breed kids, and 3. Want to be something they arent…..incidentally no. 3 is what i detest the most, keep it real pepple. Peace

    • Richard Nixon

      half-breed? Racist idiot. Nothing wrong with being multi-racial.

      • Josh

        Mate, I’m a half-breed and will openly refer to myself as a half-breed! Why? Because I’m ashamed to be born to such racist assholes like yourself!

  • Eli

    Ugh no. Even though I’m ABC I absolutely refuse to date white guys. I don’t care if you are Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you are fine. I get turned off my most of this. And I literally can’t get myself to be attracted to a white guys appearance. Even a really famous actor or singer I don’t like how he looks. But when i see Asian guys I want to squeal.

    • Richard Nixon

      You’re a moron! Haha. Your lack of normal IQ is astonishing, I guess you settle for the lowest.

      • Obama

        I see that you are having an inferior complex here when an Asian woman disagreed that her tests isn’t a white man. Calling her with a low IQ and certainly believing that all woman should only prefer white man as there number 1 choice; as your statement implies. Only prove to me who really have the Low IQ here. Let get this straight a white man point of view on social studies doesn’t suit will with real sciences of course that is something you lack.

    • Cathy

      I feel the same as you Eli. My friends and I date asian guys. Same culture and upbringing make love stronger. We love asian men.

    • John Smith

      I’m the same but opposite. I think Asian men look bad enough but their women? Fuck. No thanks. Yes you might find 1 out of 1000 that has nice facial features and body but most? No tits, flat ass, square hips, breath that smells like ass. Just like their men. And all the choices! Brown eyes and black hair, black hair and brown eyes, I could go on and on!

  • Disgusted

    Asian women have inferiority complex and hate their own kind. Many asian women wanna migrate to america ( greencard ) and use white guys who in return use them for sex.

  • Disgusted

    1) White guys like eating pussies and asian women really enjoy that. Asian males don’t like to eat.

    2) Asian gals think that white guys are slightly bigger than asian males

    3)Asian ameican women tend to go after dorky nerdy white guys who actually have small peepees. In fact hot looking hip white guys tend to go after better looking latinas and white blondes.

    4) White females have nasty attitudes and are gold diggers. Also they are turning into feminist lesbians in large numbers. Nerdy dorky white guys hate that and prefer nerdy dorky asian females.

    5) In a relationship white guys treat asian women better than asian counterparts.

    6) Asian women have inferiority complex and hate their own kind. Many asian women wanna migrate to america ( greencard ) and use white guys who in return use them for sex.

    • louis

      very true and perceptive

    • primepeng

      Mmm. Sometimes I think chinese women have lower gpa level than white women no matter how hard they give in. Anyway the fact provided in article concerning the nature of white is likely true given that I am a Chinese living among chinese I can see a lot of prohibition from their parents with regard to mating and dating. One thing I dislike about my own race is that they look down on other race which in reality is more inferior than them and would avoid them at any cost. Except for those stubborn minority very minority or close to non existence accept and interact FREELY with other race.

    • LetMeDie

      hahaha Disproportionate & provocative but relevant for the most

    • Tsu Young

      hey hey now, i love too eat da puss. i don’t discriminate

    • John Smith

      Sorry white penis is magnitudes larger than your little yellow shrivled thing.


    Why are all of you so angry about this editorial? She is just stating opinion. I am white and married to a Chinese girl and she backs up most of what Rochelle is saying. Asian men are good guys but tend to be reserved, quiet, soft and timid. Im confident and social with the biggest set of balls ever. Haha. She loves it because she knows she is safe and in good company with me. And us being a multi-racial couple has nothing to do with how much we love each other. She is just a great person whom I respect immensely.And she is gorgeous with the most beautiful eyes and body I have ever seen. Even after 2 kids!!!!
    All you haters that put too much race into it should just look around……. there are tons of White man/ Asian woman couples and there are more every day. And you NEVER see us fighting or arguing in public like the rest of you all. Its because we are happy with who we are with have vry tight bonds with our partners. Its the most perfect situation ever.
    So, angry Asian guy, let it go. Have the wanna be princess white girls. They are all yours!!!!!!!

    • Kjohnt

      Obviously they’re mad because she’s insulting them… Like if a white girl wrote an article about how we white guys were inferior to any other race. Look from the other side too you fool. I’m ashamed you’re part of my race b/c you seem to only have one perspective, the one that suits you. This girl is disgusting and if I were an asian dude I’m pretty sure I’d be annoyed as all hell.

      • Guest

        Thank you, haha. As an asian dude and after giving this topic a bit of thought, it’s become pretty clear that it’s not white men dating asian women that bothers me. It’s more just of a lack of respect for asian men, and especially coming from an asian girl, a female of my own race. It doesn’t matter that it’s “just her opinion”, it’s a completely disrespectful opinion. Hopefully she learns in the future not to label an entire race of men as inferior

      • YourHusband

        still doesn’t change the fact that Rochelle is ugly and is angry at asian dudes because they looked down on her lol

    • H.G.

      Your wife must “love you long time”. Did you meet her at the massage parlor? LOL What a douche you are!

    • YourHusband

      lol are you stupid, then explain why the asian girls who like asian guys ALWAYS seem to be of higher quality and more attractive than those with white dudes

  • William Thorton

    As much as some “white guys’ have so much to offer, there are many Asian Men that are very attractive too, physically and mentally, it just depends on the persons taste.
    No one can really legislate “Love” you marry who want, that’s all, so this “RACISM”
    towards Asian Women for wanting to be with White Men doesn;t nake sense, at all.
    I bet you, whoever is behind this just hates “Asians: , Pure Jealousy, for their own whatever personal insecurities, nothing else. Hateful COWARDS, get over it, MORONS !

  • Thehusband

    But this article fails to address why the asian girls with asian guys tend to be more attractive than the ones with whites. Perhaps asian guys have higher standards? Or prettier asian girls dont have the same self esteem issues as less attractive ones?

  • smarterthanyou

    What western standard of beauty?

    Just go to a public area and walk around and you can see for yourself that most whites are actually pretty ugly. Attraction has more to do with human nature than you think; some Asian men are just inherently more attractive than most white men, and this will be recognized in all cultures. Also, there is the genetic tendency for asian women to find their own race the most attractive; some bullshit “standard” can’t override that. this may explain why asian guys always get the best looking asian girls

    • Medic

      I can feel your jalousie and your hate in your comment. I’m white and my girlfriend is Asian. When I read this article I recognized what my girlfriend said about her past relationships with Asian men. You don’t seem so smart than you pretend when I read what you say. If you think you better than White men, good for you. My girlfriend is happy with me and I do my best to make her feels loved and respected as a woman.

      Ps: Before you say something about my English, it’s not my first language ;)

      • Josh

        All I say is that if you have half-breed sons like me, they’ll spot your hatred of Asian men from a mile away…

      • YourHusband

        no worries, if anything, we should thank you for taking one for the team and reinforcing the stereotype of unattractive asian women with white men :)

        have a nice day

  • hoffmann

    Maybe up to 95% Chinese & Korean women worship western men, this is their culture. But not for Japanese and Vietnames

    • Thomas Morris

      Not sure of numbers about japanese women to white men but I know it is high not guessing been married to my Japanese wife over 40 years belong to an Okinawa American group with members in all 50 states

  • Ven X

    Thank you for the article Rochelle, you sound like a cool, fun, down-to-earth girl. Too bad this topic always brings the haters & racists out in the comments section.

    • H.G.

      ?!?!? Cool and down to earth girl? She seems misguided and hates her Asianess except when it attracts the pervs with yellow fever. Rochelle is the hater and racist.

  • Guest

    Wow the comments x_x…
    With all honesty, I don’t really know how it is like for Asian-born-Asia-raised-Asians.
    But for Asian-Americans, or Asian-British as I am, or any foreign-raised Asian, I don’t think this article actually makes sense.. White men shouldn’t feel exotic to them– I went out with as much Asians as much as White people. I don’t think it was any matter but simply, that I connected with an individual, and that person just happened to be a certain race.

    If you are dating somebody who tells you “I like Asian girls” or “I like white guys” I think you ought to rethink exactly what forms the foundation of your relationship…

  • Diana

    Wow the comments x_x…
    With all honesty, I don’t really know how it is like for Asian-born-Asia-raised-Asians.
    But for Asian-Americans, or any foreign-raised Asian, I don’t think this article actually makes sense.. White men shouldn’t feel exotic to them– I went out with as much Asians as much as White people. I don’t think it was any matter but simply, that I connected with an individual, and that person just happened to be a certain race.

    If you are dating somebody who tells you “I like Asian girls” or “I like white guys” I think you ought to rethink exactly what forms the foundation of your relationship…

  • Timothy Phillips

    OK, I have been reading this debate for the last year and haven’t really felt like adding my 2 cents in yet, but here goes. I’m a white male and 40. I was married to a Korean-American who was raised by white parents. I can’t speak for every white guy or Asian girl, but it seems that nerdy or geeky white guys get the Asian girls, because they are usually passive and not overly aggressive and smart. They usually like the same stuff, like comics and video games or just gadgetry in general. I see a lot of Bookish-liberal Jews with Asian women, which supports the stereo-type. I think Asian women really like Apple products, drive Honda and BMW and like to shop for designer stuff, and look for bargains, which smart white dudes do as well. I work with all “red necks” and live in a pretty red neck city, so people think I am weird and there are very few Asian people in general here. I do know one thing, if your a white guy and you like Asian women, you better have a good job and make a lot of money, because they can be high-maintenance and like expensive things. I would say more so than white women, who are more into expensive houses than things.

    Sorry to get off track, but I think this article can be summed up by a quote form the movie “The Social Network” when Jesse Eisenberg, playing Mark Zuckerberg says, “Jewish guys like Asian girls because they are smart and Asian girls like Jewish guys because they can’t dance”. I’m not Jewish, but think I’m kind of smart and can’t dance.

    Here is some advice for the 1% of Asian women who are looking for a “Red Neck” white dude. Buy a cowgirl hat and some cowgirl boats. wear very high cut daisy-duke shorts and go to a mud bogging event. Make sure to also wear something comoflage and talk about how many AR-15s you have modified. Do this, and you’ll be the perverbial princess of the hillbilly ball!

  • yo

    This is really sad and somewhat depressing. As an Asian man, this article is still very insulting abd still feels racists towards Asian men. All you could say was good things about white men but almost nothing good about Asian men.
    I respect you for.being honest and stating your thoughts, but you still need to realize, that you are Asian, and your father is Asian, as well as your grandfathers and those before, it would be nice if you at least portrayed us in a respectful manner.

    America is a hostile territory for an Asian male, we are ridiculed not just by American media, but by our own women as well. And Asian women will never understand the trroubles we Asian men go through just to feel accepted.
    You see Rochelle, I actually believe you like Asian men… You were just bred to believe that you shouldn’t, if you think about it… It seems like a plan.
    Sorry for the ranting, but thanks for listening…. Asian girl.

    • YourHusband

      and yet, good looking asian men are still seen as superior to most white men in America. also, keep in mind that the rest of the world is hostile towards white americans; this is why white americans get no respect when they travel abroad, yet asian americans are treated much better as they don’t fit any of the Ugly American stereotypes.

      also, remember that many asian women in america are ugly and are angry that their own men looked down on them, but the pretty ones love asian men because they do not have the same self-esteem issues

      • John Smith


  • Cathy

    I understand how you feel. You are entitled to it. However, for me, I prefer asian men. Same culture and upbringing make love stronger. My friends and I date asian men. We love them.

  • Dawn Wang

    This article should be called “5 Misconceptions Insecure Asian Girls Believe That Deludes Them Into Thinking White Guys are Superior”

    I assume this is written by an Asian girl that likes white guys? I don’t think that anyone would respect an Asian girl more if she’s with white guy. I’m not sure if you’ve taken into account the fact that Asian men are more educated and earn more money that any other racial group in the US. I’m actually curious as to what you believe? When people see you with a white guy, they think “That girl must be really smart and special for dating a white guy. He must really respect her.”

    Balls?? You know who has balls? Your parents who came to America to give you better life. That takes balls, but you’re calling Asians coward and “they don’t have balls like white men.” You know who is perceived to have less confidence that Asian men? Answer: Asian women. Being submissive means not being assertive and standing up for yourself, which is the opposite of what confident people do. Why should anyone respect us and stop making generalizations about us when someone like you do the same thing to your own people. All this does is reaffirm these stereotypes.

    I bet you think you’re unique and “not the typical Asian?”

    There is nothing unique about an Asian girl willing to admit that the men in her race are inferior and somehow think it doesn’t reflect on her. The same people that hold these negative stereotypes about Asian men are those that believe that Asian women are submissive and don’t stand up or think for themselves. How can you make the argument that Asian men are inferior to white men and ever think that anyone believes you when you say you’re not ashamed to be Asian.

    Here are some actual reasons:
    1. They were ignored by their mom and dad who loved the son more and hate their families

    2. They’re misinformed and believe the negative stereotypes
    3. Asian men are more critical and treat beauty more seriously. They will not pretend like they will still love you if you gain 50 pounds.
    4. They live in tiny hick towns where there are no cool Asians
    5. Asian men are more involved in their families and some women find this threatening, while many white men only see their families a few times a year.

    I feel really sorry for you for writing this and being unaware of how you’re making a fool of yourself. Here is the truth: If the white guy is old, they will think you are a mail order bride. If he’s young and not good looking, they will say that he couldn’t get a white girl so he settled for you because Asian women are willing to date any white guy, because she is ashamed of being Asian. If he is good looking, people will assume he’s a pervert and has an Asian fetish and see you as a sex object. The women will interpret everything you do as trying to be white.

    Try to read your article and follow it up with “I am proud to be Asian” and you will find this argument impossible to defend. What makes you think you can make such insensitive generalizations about Asian men and not have it reflect on your own self-hatred?

    There are many good white guys out there, but in order to overcome these obstacles, one of the reasons better be the willingness to compromise and embrace another culture. I know I was a little over critical and harsh, but I feel very strongly about this and hate these articles written by women who try to be funny and are completely unaware of the implications their writings connote.

    Asian guys are hot, and I’m sorry you’ve never had one. They have soft skin and smell so nice :)

    • Kiwi

      “1. They were ignored by their mom and dad who loved the son more and hate their families
      2. They’re misinformed and believe the negative stereotypes”

      Do you even know how retarded these both sound together? For someone who criticize stupid judgement, you are quick to hop on the boat.

      • thug4lyfe

        ayyy gurl, You one of dem sheilas down under huh?

        How you doinn? ;) ;)

    • hernan cortez

      All true. White men put in Asian men’s position, wouldn’t be half as good. White men already are poorer than asian and kill themself in larger numbers. Self hatred is a major turnoff and issue in any race. I find it particularly accute in mixed race children who end up having a racist white parent, a self hating POC parent and hating half of them self for being half non-white.

      The irony is 95% of Asian women who are dating white men, IMO, are dating DOWN. They’d get a better Asian man than they could get a white man. Asian women will date an ugly lesser employed white man over a better looking Asian employed man. Its really foolish. Asian women claim they are avoiding nerdy asian men. But when was the last time you seen a built white jock or surfer with an asian chick? Almost never.

      • Joshua Sage Son

        Woah woah woah. Say everything else. But the asians definitely commit more suicides than whites. Japan still has the highest suicide rates in the world and China has pretty high ones. I mean there are more than 3x as many asians in the world as white people, we would need more than 3x their suicide rate to kill ourselves off more.

        • hernan cortez

          As far as i know lithuania has the highest suicide rate.

      • John Smith

        Says the beaner.

        • hernandayoleary2

          Lol, I stand by my comment, you won’t see the Brad Pitts or george clooney dating asian girls, its the bottom of the white barrel whoc an’t get white women doing it.

    • YourHusband

      “There is nothing unique about an Asian girl willing to admit that the men in her race are inferior and somehow think it doesn’t reflect on her. The same people that hold these negative stereotypes about Asian men are those that believe that Asian women are submissive and don’t stand up or think for themselves. How can you make the argument that Asian men are inferior to white men and ever think that anyone believes you when you say you’re not ashamed to be Asian.”

      and yet they are only shooting themselves in the foot, since they are implying that asian women are also inferior. also, they always lose the argument when you bring up the fact that the most attractive asian women always tend to end up with asian men, because they know it’s true and they can’t explain it without admitting to their own stupidity

    • early90s/late2000s

      You’re just another white cock sucker

      • John Smith

        “You’re trash.”
        “You’re a classless troll.”

    • brokedownsystem

      Thank you. I am proud to smell wonderfully of Dove soap, and soft silky skin to boot.

  • Yoyo

    Plus the some of the most beautiful models are half asian and white.

    • Thedonjuan

      SO a lot of half asian and white models are ugly too.

      • Joshua Sage Son

        There is a market for ugly models? I know some girls that should sign up

  • Mark

    This is generally true. I’m 31, 6’2 and 185 lbs. blond hair and blue eyes and physically fit. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area (Asian Mecca!) back in 2008. I started prowling the dating sites and most of the women who initiated conversations first were asian women. And when I would initiate the conversation, 95% would ALWAYS respond. Many of them even admitted that they ONLY date white guys. I think asian women have white fever more than white men have yellow fever, to be honest.

    • jonblaze1hq


    • YourHusband

      and let me guess, all of those asian women were unattractive? i mean, when i go on OKC and scroll through the asian women in the Bay Area, 95% of them are busted and ugly, or average looking at best.

      but go ahead, take one for the team and date one of those ugly asian girls. then whenever you walk around with her in public, you’ll be reinforcing the stereotype of unattractive asian women with white men lol

    • thug4lyfe

      okay bro, so what you saying is that you are a handsome white guy, but it seems that Asian women approach you more? So it implies that perhaps many pretty white girls would be hesitant to approach because by the time they are closer to your age they’ve already know that good looking white guys are bad news because they pump n dump, not to mention look at relationships lightly. So vice versa, handsome Asian guy would probably get more interest from white girls cause he doesn’t bring the same suspicion.

      Which means there is no fever.

  • Link

    Yes us white men are way better then Asian and Black men. We have the power. Wanna have sex?

    • Link

      Also as a white man I prefer Asian women in maid outfits catering to my beck and call. Ah the dream! Is my love for Asians a fetish or preference?

    • YourHusband

      yes most white men are ugly and are bland and cookie cutter. that’s why asian dudes always get the hottest asian girls :)

      • elejo

        You said it;)

  • rtflash

    Bullshit !! You are also an Asian, obviously… A Vietnamese to be exact. You live in the states for a few years and, you call yourself Asian-American ?? lol

  • Shecky

    She can call herself Asian American whether she has been here for a few years or a few minutes. You sir, are the one who is full of shit.

  • No Diversity

    but why don’t they like black people though? I live in the south with very little diversity (MS to be exact. Absolutely no diversity) and why are they only friends with asian and white girls?

    • Meadows-Choi

      Simple it’s called racism. Spend enough time on the blogsphere you’ll notice a trend of white passing non-black women who have internalized white supremacy. These articles do nothing but reinforce white sexual imperialism. These women never really dig deep in their supposed preferences for white men but merely gloss over superficial attributes. I think it’s fair by now we agree with all these thought, pieces coming from Asian American women in regards to White men we at least acknowledge the ingrained racism. Also am I noticing there are signs of a superiority complex centered around whiteness?

  • blondesarehotter.

    This makes me happy that I don’t find Chinese thru Vietnamese attractive. Most of these girls are shallow, boring and possessive. Made a big mistake dateing one in my 20’s never went back. Pretty face was not worth all she put me through. Friends of mine had a lot of the same issues. White guy’s help yourself your doing the world a favor.

  • whiteasian

    Bitch,please. Asian “girls” lust over white men kissing their ass so they could GET A PIECE and have a baby with cute features. Asian girls dont have any backbone what so ever. That’s the only reason why white men fuck them they know you never say no only yes to everything. She talks about rasizm. Leave them rasists alone and please go to your asian muchos with huge cocks!! by the way asian men once they adopted north american culture are very attractive.

  • Sighh

    This is honestly disgusting. I’m a white woman, and even I can feel the racist stereo types in this. White guys are so assertive because they are often more privileged and sometimes quite disrespectful. Also, the ‘asian men tend to work slower at relationships’ thing, is a distorted view. The actualality of it is that white men tend to subconciously feel like they have a right to you, and that it is their place to claim you. Many men of certain other races (obviously not all) are more respectful and don’t want to tred on land that they aren’t yet sure they’re welcome on. If that’s a problem, then make more of an effort yourself to let them know that you’re interested in taking things forward. Like, I can’t believe a white person had to inform you of these things lmfao

  • Dobby

    RACIST AS hell.
    Asian women are often just cheap.
    Go to Ivy league or high ranked unis with “smart” Asians chicks and they just turn to any autistic pimpled white guy. They blame Asian guys and society LOL. It’s hilarious to see an Asian girl with a law degree from an ivy league get beaten by her white bf then say it was just a “misunderstanding. WHUT?!

    Aisan girls are cheap and nasty as the stereotype goes – well they earnt it.

  • Rohani

    “It’s a pity you aren’t whiter”
    My Korean “friend” to me, I’m half White and half Bangladeshi (but not muslim).
    I cut her off after that.

    South East Asian girls are the nicest I found (of Orientals) and Mongolians for that fact.
    As an asexual male I’m not into sex. I would like a good friend. And relationship wise another asexual girl. Sadly East Asians are just exceptionally racist and generally only whites are liked. My 2 years working there was just regrettable.

    All the time Asian girls JUSTIFY their RACISM by saying its a result of Confucianism and colonization. That is such a cop out especially for girls born and raised in Australia, US etc. it’s a get out of jail card for being horrible and racist.I personally make a rule to avoid Asian girls like the plague. Even if they are cool so many chase or demean themselves over white guys. In Korea I saw really educated and middle class guys cheapen themselves for white guys esp in the military. One incident that happened at a prestigious uni (hint SKY) was a Korean girl was forced to take part in a gangbang with her bf’s military mates that was recorded and put online. Hanging around Hongdae and Itaewon was interesting. At least Kroean guys tended to go for most women except Africans but then is aw soem couples in Sincheon so… Korean guys seemed more multicultural in comparison to the hoardes of white guy (often 10-20 years odl or fat) with a young Korean girl. What’s hilarious is Koreans look down on South East Asians well South East Asians marry as they are poor. Most Koreans girls are not poor – they enjoy and want to be the doll of a white man. They come off as bigger whores!

    If you are white and skinny guy you can easily get many hot girls in Korea same too for China.
    Some girls are changing but they now like the gangster African or Arab. Not sure what to make of that!

    For me if you are colored male and you like Oriental girls avoid East Asian girls like HIV.

    • Rohani

      Sorry middle class girls (korean) demean themselves.

      And yes my post is bitter and tiny bit racist. But life is about avoiding toxic things and bad situations. So I recommend that. I have met nice Koreans but they were all older. In fact I have a halmmeoni and she was like my real grandma I still talk to her on kaokao talk! Sarange haeyo halmeoni!

    • YourHusband

      um you know that the majority of asian girls are ugly right? after all, how come the asian women you see with white men always seem to be unattractive or average? not to mention they have the bodies of 12 year old boys and have the personality of a potato

      • Violet

        I’m not asian, but it seems like you really have an intense dislike for asian women with white men. There is a majority of white girls that are obese and with cellulite hanging everywhere too. What’s your point again?
        Bodies of 12 year old boys? Body-shaming isn’t something you should be proud of. (I only mention white girls that are obese in relation to your “bodies of 12 year old” quote.) Personality of a potato? Where are you seeing these girls? I know a few asian girls and they sure as hell aren’t boring or resemble anything like a twig.

        Maybe you should stop being such a racist douchebag. Don’t bother retaliating with some good comeback because it’s redundant to me. Peace out lol.

  • jasper

    one of the worst articles i have ready for years. not accusing this article of racism, but the way it is written shows the writer has limited life experience. Horrendous article. Experience life a bit more first b4 becoming a writer…

  • asdsfe

    Asian men have higher IQ than white men. Consistent statistics throughout multinational studies.

  • asdsfe

    I don’t think being talkative and annoying means social prowess. It’s still just majority rule; like white men in China would never become president. Quiet people are usually better leader because of strategic planning, while talkative white men usually say garbage like the past white US presidents

  • John Smith

    So many racist and jealous Asian men in the comments.

    • elejo


      • John Smith

        How can you not be when you need a booster seat to reach the table?

  • International Observer

    Another self hating Asian woman. I’ll bet when the census comes she will mark on the census form that she is White.

    The truth is she can think she’s White all she wants in an attempt to cover up her self hatred and insecurities but the rest of the world will see her for what she is: a self loathing pretender.

    Newsflash…she might think of herself as being an honorary White but in he eyes of the rest of the world she’s still a slanty eyed Gook. She was born a Gook, she is a Gook and she will die a Gook. That is all.

    • YourHusband

      maybe she just wants to reiterate the well-known stereotype of ugly asian women hating the fact they’re asian and wanting to marry white guys to escape from their asianness.

  • Mick

    I’d be considered small for a white guy but average to medium for an Asian guy.

  • Mick

    I love being a white guy.

  • Mick

    It’s also probably because a lot of Asians guys look pretty much the same. I mean white people have different coloured hair and eyes and facial features.and are more distinctive.

  • Stat Crux

    I’m not attracted to all asian girls, but there are certain features I’m attracted to. And they are Much more common in asian girls. Why do I look for them? I can’t explain it. I have no idea. It’s almost like being stunned, and hearing ‘Holy Sht! That’s it! Holy Sht! That’s it’ in my head. So I looked into it, trying to figure it out- because ‘yellow fever’ is something that goes away. This doesn’t. It’s hard wired.

    There is a theory that the human brain can integrate your body type/phenotype and your potential mates in seconds. It can extrapolate what your offspring would look like if you were to have children with that person. The mutual love at first sight shock you get that stops you in your tracks thing. That may be part of it. But the reason for that trigger is genetic.

    For those that haven’t taken genetics, here’s a quick summary of mutt’s. Mutt’s are usually ugly- less beautiful that pure breeds. BUT.. When a mutt ends up being more beautiful than the parents/pure breed, that’s amazing. Secondly, mutt’s have fewer errors in their DNA. The further apart a race is genetically, the more error checking RNA has to do when the sperm meets the egg. It doesn’t just bind as if you were brother and sister, which is aka incest, which is bad because it just binds without error checking. That’s how you get deformities.

    In any case, the deal with Asian girls and White guys is that it’s genetic. Some asian girls don’t have a chance in hell with getting with a white guy and vice versa, but the majority do. And you see it today. All things being (un)equal, the white guy will pick the asian girl every time. And their kids a F’ing hot, in case you’ve not been paying attention. Hotter than you. And richer than you, as the stats now show.

    • YourHusband

      that’s funny, i’m full asian and most hapas i’ve seen are less attractive and less intelligent than i am. if i entered a room full of hapas, i guarantee you that i will immediately experience a self-esteem boost. but then again, i have high standards, so who knows

    • john

      ive studied genetics and you have no idea what you’re talking about

    • thug4lyfe

      I get the same thing with white girls brah… sure I am quite attracted to attractive Chinese girls from Main Land China as well, but pretty white girls seems to always have that extra something for me…

  • Johnny

    There are many types of Asian. To lump them together is misleading. Typically the East Asian keep among themselves. Inter-racial relationship I see on the street are mostly Asian from Pacific Rim (Filipinos), Indo-China (Vietnamese, Myanmar) or other Middle Eastern or South Asian. Hardly come across East Asian mixing with others. Even in College and work place.

  • Tsu Young

    I’d say to all my asian american brothers, go chase different women. There are so much out there if you take the initiative and courage to get out of your comfort zone. You would be surprised about the amount of women that are interested in you if you give them the same interest back. For an instance, my ex girlfriend and the one before that was latina, el salvadorean and mexican to be exact. When i go out, to public places or shows i usually talk to white girls, middle eastern girls, etc whatever you name it. i dress good, act confident, speak with a easy tone and keep things smooth, and keep my life in check as well. If you keep that up, you will find success in the dating game.

  • Senssine

    Just many American ,Canadian, Australian, British and Hollandese men like Asian women, because for easy control ,and Asian women work hard, and saving more. But most European and South American men do not like Asian women, because for unsexy bodies, unpretty faces, and different cultures.

  • south american

    the above blog doesnt explain why asian women have such poor taste in white guys and why the young asian girls will flirt with an ugly fat pasty old white guy preferentially and ignore the younger atheletic guys. I think its because they also have a fetish for satisfying an old white men. They will generally prefer really pale and redheaded men than the south american or southern european men as they are clueless about culture and have been taught that the paler northern europeans are superior because parts of china was a colony of the british for so long. They also seem to be think a white man with glasses is smarter and more sensitive whereas in reality he just has faulty genes which have damaged his eyesight. He is probably just as much of an ignorant insensitive pig as the next man.

  • Guest

    Thanks for writing this post. It helped me clarify a lot of thought lately. I actually didn’t notice a lot do Asian girls dating white guys growing up was a problem until I accidentally start reading these post. Then in a few weeks I start to see there are a lot of white guys with Asian girls.

    There are some Asian girls that date white guys are hot and I would definitely fuck them. There are also a lot of ugly ones with white guys as well. I was jealous and angry about the hot ones. But after reading your article, I realize that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Your mentality just shows you are time bomb waiting to happen. And I don’t know those hot girls so they might be so as well.

    To give you a background about myself. I have zero problems with confidence and tend to be way more aggressive then most guys. I never had a problem getting girls that were average. I even got 1-2 10s in my life (half luck half skill). I spot the girls both Asian and non Asian that like me and I do close the deal. I am only average looking as well and no I am not short and no I am not a nerd. I am the exact opposite of what your version of Asian is.

    One day when you do wake up, I do hope you look around. Amid all those white and Asian girl couples there are also a lot of different people out there. There are Asian girls that only date Asian guys and there are Asian guys that date others. None of them go around thinking I am better than others. In fact most Asian guys that date other races seems to be happier than white Asian girl couple. Probably because it wasn’t a superficial relationship to begin with.

    I would go on to point out why you are wrong but I think you are too racist right now to see through those tinted sunglasses of your. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time and don’t make this world any worst than the day you were born.

    • YourHusband

      i would also point out that the asian girls with white guys who you thought were hot weren’t actually that hot; chances are, they were wearnig a lot of makeup and are actually quite plain looking without it. not to mention they are boring and aren’t as educated as the asian girls who date their own race. naturally beautiful asian girls always seem to end up with asian guys because they don’t have the same self-esteem issues as the less attractive asian girls and are thus proud of being asian

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      If you have no problem getting laid, than why do you care? You should be proud that you are Asian. The amount of interracial dating involving Asians is very low compared to other races. Think of it like this, and it might make you feel better, at-least they are looking for security by monetary means, respectability and social confidence, all things which are easily attainable no matter the race, rather than trying to date black guys due to the curiosity of their d*ck size like many white women. Asians are much more conservative in that regard. It all depends on how you look at it.

  • xycyxcx

    Another race traitor from a whore (named Rochelle….a typical asian name I guess).

    You`re the worst of the worst. You`re everything we all coloured people don`t want to see: defeat. Whites with their white propaganda machine aka Hollywood destroy our self esteem, our own values, races, cultures, mentalities, culture. You`re really the typical white-boy worshipping whore.
    You`re a traitor and a shame to your family. Hope the world will get rid of you soon!

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      Another butt-hurt black man? You guys get way too jealous. Instead of whining about everything, and blaming white people and everyone else for your problems, you should go out and make something of yourself, and maybe more races would actually wan’t you besides the bottom of the barrel. Now before you go on and say you are not black, don’t go there. No Asian would refer to themselves as coloured.

  • YourHusband


  • john

    This is an example of a woman who has heavily internalised white supremacy. Most of these features can be found in black men too, but she still prefers white. Her standards for attractiveness come from the features of white people. It is white fetishism, which is racism, plain and simple.

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      What is wrong with you black guys. You seriously come up with some of the most ridiculous excuses. Internalized white supremacy? Give me a f*cking break.

      As I have said to others of your race, go out and make something of yourself, and stop blaming others for your problems, and you will find that more women will be attracted to you. Women like men that take accountability(this includes children being brought into the world), can provide financially, and have confidence. Blaming white people shows a lack of accountability, and absolutely no confidence. It shows a jealous black man who is living in poverty, that wants to bang Asian white women, and wants to post ridiculous liberal no-ball crap in order to feel like it is the white mans fault. You are using recycled talking points created by liberal white girly men and un-bathed college women to make your case, try harder than that.

      If you work on building your own house, instead of trying to tear down everyone else’s, you will it is much easier. You will also find that it is not about supremacy, and there is enough room for everyone up here. Give it a try sometime.

    • Steve Beineke

      you are completely wrong in every regard.

  • Grazhdanin 4

    As a white man married to an Asian women, I am used to hearing/reading this kind of disgustingly negative commentary (I’m not referring to the article itself but rather what is bellow it). Could it possibly be that my wife and I simply love each other for who we are? Must it be that either I have “yellow fever” and she has some sort of white fetish? Why is it that the white male/asian female relationship is so criticized and despised?
    Let me answer the last question for you. The answer is simple: because in recent history (by that I mean not ancient history, but rather from approximately 1500 till the present) white males, mostly through geographical luck, managed to colonize, exploit, and oppress most of the rest of the world. It isn’t that they (and yes I say THEY not WE because only idiots accept the concept of collective guilt) were some how more evil than everyone else. It isn’t that Asians or Africans wouldn’t have colonized as cruelly as Europeans did (if you doubt this look into the colonial practices of the Empire of Japan or what happened to the native San peoples of southern Africa when the Bantu came knocking), but rather that Europeans were simply dealt a better hand of cards in recent history (this is a big topic that I don’t fully intend to address here, but suffice it to say Europeans “took over” neither because of racial superiority NOR moral inferiority/greater malevolence, but rather because of luck). The result is that in order to be politically correct one must only refer to white men in a negative way and never in a positive one since the white man is the arch villain of recent history.
    This is why when black men date white (Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Seal and Heidi Klume, and many many others), the media celebrates it, which it should! Are these unions based on love rather than race? Often, but not always. Are White male/Asian female relationships based on love rather than race? Often, but not always. The difference is that you NEVER hear this kind of criticism aimed at the BM/WF relationship because it is politically correct! One would never claim that a white women is dating a black man because of a sense of racial inferiority, racially-based self hatred, daddy issues, etc.. Might it sometimes be true? Yes, but rarely and why assume it? Why then is it ok to make those same awful claims about Asian women who might happen to be dating a white man. It isn’t! Why are you totally silent on Khloe Kardashian’s extremely racist interview with Howard Stern in which she explains why she NEVER dates white men and ONLY black men (ironically this author is not saying that she NEVER dates Asian men, but rather explaining what some of the initial appeal might be).
    In summary, it IS wrong for Asian women to think less of/refuse to date Asian men because of racial stereotypes. It is equally wrong for the white women to think less of/refuse to date White men because of racial stereotypes. However, you guys won’t be commenting on that, will you? No, you’ll keep it here, aimed at white men/asian women, because it is safe! And to those who seem to despise the white male/Asian female relationship, I offer you a very heart felt “F@#k you racists!” from a white man who is happily married to and Asian woman. And yes, we will be having incredibly hott interracial sex tonight, so think about that while you’re hating.

    • early90s/late2000s

      Shut up bitch.

      • Unite2014

        Typical, no rational rebuttal just abuse. Clearly you agree with Grazhdanin you just can’t accept he is correct.

        • early90s/late2000s

          I apologize for my language but some stuff is complete rubbish

        • early90s/late2000s

          Shut up

    • thug4lyfe

      I know where you are coming from bro, all of it would not have happened if the renaissance was not hijacked and perverted by the church and imperialist powers. The Renaissance actually was initiated by transportation of Chinese philosophies of governance, moral values and social structures to the west. But the kings and religious leaders were terrified it will completely affect how they do things, so the true teachings proposed by these exchanges were changed and suppressed.

      See, the Chinese empire would not have done the same thing as the European colonials and the Japanese empire does not represent “Asian values” as they actually learnt step by step from existing European models from the west that initiated their imperialistic dreams.

      So while you should not feel “collective guilt” you should at least realise the true part of your history as what it is… There is a lot of backlash against BM/WF, check your prevailage… what you don’t know makes you angry….

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      I was with you until this line:

      “This is why when black men date white (Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Seal and Heidi Klume, and many many others), the media celebrates it, which it should!”

      I do not believe the media should celebrate this, it is just the liberal media trying to pat their progressive ego’s on the back. The liberal media is obsessed with race, which ends up making things worse.

  • early90s/late2000s

    I live in the bay area. I see it all over and it’s so sad.

    Asian women will settle with the fattest…baldest…sloppiest white guy, all for status.

    I really feel sorry for some of them…I really do. It’s obvious you get with them for money or the illusion of money. I see it all day ..everyday and it bothers me for some reason.

    Probably because I know you hold white guys on a pedestal.

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      Here is an idea, go out and make some money, and you will have the cream of the crop. This is much more effective than complaining about another race out of jealousy. Money and confidence talks. It doesn’t matter what race you are as long as you have those. Looking insecure and jealous is not what most women wan’t. It may seem humbling and easy to believe that it will just show her your affection and love for her, but in reality it just opens the door for you to be walked all over.

      So let’s recap. Money + Confidence = Women

      Women like security in all forms.

      • early90s/late2000s

        I agree. I said this the other day. It’s about money. In today’s age women want more than some good sex and convo. The hot ones at least.

      • early90s/late2000s

        But to think it’s as simple as making a couple bucks…that’s funny.

        The world is a little more complicated then that.

        The fact that this article was even made shows the favoritism …it’s not a secret.

        • stopcryingyoulefties

          It may seem that way. You will see alot of psychoanalysis online, butt hurt people making excuses, and also people with superiority complexes tell you it is more complicated than that. There may be some women out there like that, but if you have success, it will talk. If you can provide that, and present yourself as such, than you are golden. Many men wan’t women that are sexy that they can show off to their friends and family, many women want men that are successful that they can use to humblebrag about to their friends and show off to their parents to show them that they are doing good.

          Psychoanalysis of the situation does not work as the human brain and it’s make up of chemicals and balances is very complex, and no women is the same, though money and success is a social construct that has been embedded into their minds as the product of western social constructs, which is why it is a sure fire bet. It all goes back to the primal instincts of finding the best provider.

          Take this from someone who used to be broke as a joke and now has money to retire many times over, it is truly as simple as that. It is not favoritism, it is preference. In general there is a belief that white men are more successful, and are a sure bet(this is not always the case, especially with Asians). Women like success. There aren’t enough men out there with the type of success that sets you out from the rest, therefore if you have it, you will stand out, it doesn’t matter your race.

          It is as simple as that. In Western countries there is a predisposition for white guys because they are the majority so success is more prominent. They know more white men, and they know white men will approach them more. Many Asians like to keep to themselves to to their friends. There is a predisposed to believe that Asian men are mousy and are looking for other Asian women to settle down with. It is all about predispositions and project constructs.

          Now I am not talking about going around looking like a narcissistic and mentally ill freak who brags about themselves to stand out, over confidence is bad. While money and confidence/security are the sure way to get women, most people interpret that wrong and it has the opposite effect. For instance, after articles like these, you will see Asians and black men out of insecurity post ridiculous comments that make them look like insecure over embellishing freaks. Don’t do that.

          Get the money, and you will be more confident and seem that way to others, or will be more interesting in itself. That alone will be enough.

          • early90s/late2000s

            I can see why this article generated racism. It honestly should be deleted. A horrible idea in the first place.

            I don’t want money to instill confidence. I have enough of it. I still think it’s sad choosing money…and in this racist country the majority shares most of it.

            There’s so much that goes into wealth despearity it’s going off topic. But anyway… Cool response.

  • Daniel

    Our Father who art in heaven, halo be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done, one earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.

    On day you shall be judged.

    • fartsong

      Your mother sucks cocks in hell.

  • Norbu

    Its all about benjamin and some wanna be white shit cuz bitches these days are too materialistic.

  • thug4lyfe

    This article is strange… because the type of “white guys” described within are usually not the ones that actually dates “Asian girls”. There is more of a tendency of the White guys that displays all the assigned negative traits to date Asian girls. The “confident white guys” will probably use Asian girls for sex, but not relationship material. So these confident white guys would actually contemplate having a relationship with a high quality white girl or Asian girl, but by then, race won’t matter so much.

    Another case is that if the white guy is really into Chinese culture he will tend to go for a Chinese girl with high culture qualities, so that tends to destroy the equations that’s described in the article.

    Confident Asian guys with all the positive traits will be able to spot these “white chasing Asian girls” from a mile away so they would not be bothered with them. Likewise they will go for high qualified women who are either Asian or white.

    Likewise, white girls who are into real Chinese culture will go for those men of high quality as well.

    There is also the case of kind hearted Chinese girls going for good hearted by shy white guys so that also destroyed the assumptions in this article.

    The same goes for Asian and white couple who both experienced hurt in past relationships so they becomes successful, as in the Asian guy was taken granted by his demanding Asian girl friend and white girl getting abused by her “Alpha” white boy friend.

    So this article is baseless, this article is describes someone who is “self hating” and “shallow”.

  • thug4lyfe

    Likewise, attractiveness is universal, so if you are at that level of your physical and spiritual development, then race doesn’t matter anymore, but careful consideration of cultural, religious values, principals, personality and morality. So really, in the end having knowledge and actually practiced the essence of one’s high culture is what’s important.

    People are blind to their worth and other’s worth so they dream about what they deserve/not deserve, hence unnecessary greed and anger arises….

  • Confused

    Everyone is different and opinions vary. All I know is for the first time ever I met a American born Korean girl that completely consumed me with her radiant inner beauty first. She had a boyfriend at the time but we stayed friends for a yr now and I’m trying to date her but she is not giving in, posting a pic of us on social media as “great friends”. She knows I really like her and wish to know her on that level but I just get the friend treatment. I have only asked her to functions and a dinner once but she makes me not want to try and kiss her bc she is very quite, just listens a lot. No body language so…Not like the typical American or Asian girls…so I’m lost:/

    • fartsong

      I find that if you rub circles on their clitoris it really loosens up the situation.

    • fartsong

      Also try it inserting a digit or two into her anus when she’s not looking. Or hey, maybe you could stop being a fucking douchebag hitting on unavailable women and she might respect you.

  • elejo

    I live in Japanese and am Japanese women. I HATE white men. There are so many girls who still think white men as princes and gentlemen. They say they want mixed children (Hafu). And you can see a lot of women who think white men and “Hafu” children are their accessories.
    I know tons of white men that believe Asian women love white men and treat like slaves. These white men usually have inferiority complexes. I don’t know what to say in English, but I just really hate white men. Sorry for my bad English.

    • Janik Litalien

      Thank you for reminding us that racism and prejudice are no limited to only whites.

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      Treat them like slaves? I think someone with an inferiority complex themselves has you brainwashed into believing this.

      • StarD678980

        I disagree. The hate is one thing I don’t like in her post… but she has guts calling out the system. She knows what is going on.

        • stopcryingyoulefties

          What system is she calling out? I don’t see anything in her post about that.

          Though I will now admit that I believe this person created this account with the intention of persuading Asian women into believing white men just wan’t to use them.

          The account was created around the same time the posts were made, and the only other posts on the account was a single post 5 days ago. Which is really not an indication that it is a frivolous account, though in the last month I was doing research on this subject and found out that Asian men have a habit of spreading a false notion that white men only wan’t white women to be their “slaves”. Apparently this actually began from an article that wen’t viral in Asian online communities in the early 2000s that said exactly this, that white men believed Asian women were easy and wanted them, and that white men wanted them to be their submissive slaves. Since then there has been many Asian males that have repeated this on student forums, and other Asian online communities. It seems to be a recurring theme that was based off of a lie, created by none other than an Asian male.

    • StarD678980

      What?! An Asian woman that actually hates White dudes? Would you marry me? XD Just kidding of course. Personally I would not chastise white dudes themselves, but rather the social system. Its unfortunate that that is how the world works.

    • Steve Beineke

      Can’t get one, eh? So you hate them.

  • John Smith

    Whats interesting is all the hate towards whites in the comments. I wonder if I went to China and started telling everyone that the white man was just so much better than the asian man, how do you think that would go? What you idiots don’t realize is if the white man had enough of your bullshit, he would just roll over on you. Feel pretty lucky you are in a country filled with a race you hate so much, when that race affords you the luxury of bashing them like you have in this comment section. You should start saying this shit to the white mans face so they can see your true colors. If whites in this country ever have enough of the ‘white is evil’ pc bullshit thats going around lately, double standard, ok to be racist to whitey, you better have a boat ticket ready. It won’t be good for you at that tipping point. Maybe Asians should go back to Asia? Blacks back to Africa? Mexicans back to Mexico? Then you wouldn’t have to put up with the evil white man? Oh be sure to keep buying and using all whiteys inventions that make your life so much better though hypocrites. 8)

  • Dark Side of the Moon

    i am a single white male, successful and am in a very special BDSM relationship I’ve given my soul for. I serve an Asian Goddess i am so deeply in love with and there are NO words in my vast vocabulary i can put to the experience. She is Total Perfection, and i definitely know how lucky i am, so its no question of ultimate submission that i would do anything for Her and She knows it. i look at my friends in their vanilla relationships falling apart and know i am not missing a thing. They look at me as an enigma and they don’t have a clue what they are missing… How is that for a future topic Rochelle?

    • stopcryingyoulefties

      Even if she wanted you to watch her being gangbanged by a group of guys?

      • Dark Side of the Moon

        Its not her thing … She knows I’m in love/lust with her and thats not her thing. She is very considerate and private in Her affairs which adds to her mystique :)

        • fartsong

          Can I fuck her for 1 million?…

  • Lee

    As a very handsom tall man, mixed, with black and hispanic, I find it easy to get with multitudes of women. Asian women are the hardest because they’re hard to read. But there are the few that are outgoing and down to get together.
    Asian women seem to go after white men, the proof is in the pudding. The dudes usually have more money, and speak their mind more. And seem proper. Men like me are dirtbags, and only want sex most of the time, and generally don’t give a crap about women. Unless she is classy and dresses conservatively, then she’s marriage material and the game changes.
    I really don’t have a problem with it, I generally go after white women and latinas anyway because my odds are better there. But there are some beautiful confident asian women out there that I WISH i would have pulled the trigger a d gona after..but I second guessed myself because I figured they might be hard to get.

    There’s millions of women out there, I say just find the ones that want you and go champ.

  • StarD678980

    Haha, this article should really be named: “5 Reasons Why Rochelle Nguyen likes White guys.” I rest my case, I am through with this.

    • fartsong

      You would be less bitchy with a nice big white cockatoo

      • gag9 9gag

        Lol whites dicks are fucken disgusting! It’s filled with STDs. White men will stick their sick in anything, dead or alive, sleeping or not. Just like the Standford rapist :) Whites just love raping!

  • Jayden Fong

    HI Rochelle, thanks for taking the time to share your opinions. One thing I’ve noticed is that some white guys seem to be suffering from some yellow fever. I’d really advise that women out there make sure that if some guy is ‘pulling the trigger’ that they are really into them and not because they are asian. Tx.

    • fartsong

      You saying that people shouldn’t like someone because of the way they look?… Yeah that never happens.

  • ToBeHonest

    lol this is stupid and most of your comments are too its 2016 I’m not white I’m not Asian I’m not blk I’m just another person that stumbled onto a stupid thread, but this thing about Asian girls and white man come on ppl,lol as a millennial in this day of age I could care less but hoho the amount of ppl who got so butt hurt over this is gold, oh and a lot of u are very racist not something youd say in some ones face just behind your phone or computer screen huh,..yeah I thought as much annnnyywaaay, yes I find Asian woman attractive well some and yes I realize some have a big thing with white guys but its no use putting them all on the same boat huehue ive also met some who liked blks Indians other Asians etc and I notice when a Asian girl is with there white guy frnd its not like they don’t think about it, and I’m pretty sure they see the eyes looking like any other interracial couple and feel a bit of insecurity, u cant get mad at someone for likeing who they like lol, and who ever the person who accused that person as being blk man your just as racist as what that guy commented so quick to judge haha but then again isn’t that what I’m doing (x first ok mister blk accuser this thread has nothing to do with African americans, second mister blk accuser man, even though what he said was terribly messed up, he mentioned colored, pretty much everyone but a genuine white person is colored its a fkn rainbow out here lol yellow blk brown even red lol, so don’t be so quick to blame a imaginary blk guy, as a british coming to America the Asian woman are different Canada the same but so what everyone is different no one is the same always talk about the racist white guy but never talk about the good ones always talk about the short coming of an Asian guy but never there pros this thread talks about Asian and there little wonder bread fetish but never talk about the ones who dgaf which is a lot by the way, always talk about the blk guy that u see on a corner or in a bad neighborhood but never the ones who made something of themselves and are successful, thing is in every country every city theres always a gang or drugged up person in a corner fk I can name a couple white ppl who been brainwashed by there family ties have the fkn Nazis and skin heads blks have there bloods and crips, Asians have there triads and yakuza lol and etc for other lool getting carried away ok bye ppls

    • Diabolicus Rex

      Stick with beating off.

  • Jason Chaotic

    It’s kind of funny because typically, these white guys just use you and move on in the long term after a certain sexual mileage has been reached. Social prowess? Wow big word. Most whiteboys can’t dress outside of Old Navy or Gap (unless, of course their asian girlfriends dress them up). Most of them are quick to insult and act stupidly by comparison to Asian cats in social settings and have zero interests, tastes, or class by comparison. They also lack drive and skill IMHO. I think most of their arrogant bravado stems from societal stupidity, they’re programmed much like the Nazi’s convinced themselves they’re the ‘master race’. Especially when they soon discover ‘Americanized’ asian girls are materialistic white girl wannabes in yellow bodies and lack anything that actually makes them asian besides exterior looks. So they can’t cook, clean, do dishes, fuck, or behave any better than…a white girl. I think the only differential quality that sets Asian girls apart are that they’re vainer, more insecure, and shallow than some white girls and hence more ‘high maintenance’ and thus more expensive, for lack of ROI. Soon those chinky eyes, small tits, black hair, bitch atittude, and revere racist (againt Asian males) makes them not only less attractive but downright weird.

    I’ll give white girls some mad props, they might not have their heads up asian guys arses like white boys do for asian chicks, but they’re nicer and more civil to a degree than asian girls are now. And many of them have become wiser and more attuned to dating asian guys (for a reason, we don’t cheat and we’re more emo iq, plus we’re all rich blahahah).

    So get your facts straight, you’re only embarrassing yourself in trying to put down asian guys sweetheart.

    • fartsong

      You sound like you’ve been with a lot of white guys. This must be the case otherwise you’re just talking out your ass, and you couldn’t be doing that could you? Or maybe you’re just a racist twat with an inferiority complex and a dash of paranoia.

      • Diabolicus Rex

        Shut up, I’m ‘batin.

    • Diabolicus Rex

      TLDR – she wants my schlong, not yours. Yay!

  • Happy WHite

    Next, why do asian women find white men attractive? Fairly simple. We
    have things they want, with only 1 negative to speak of. Here it goes:

    1- White skin. Paler skin has been desirable in asia for thousands of
    years. Look at old chinese/japanese/korean etc paintings. All the
    Emperors, holy people etc have all been painted as very light
    complected. Ever seen the ads in asia? I would say the majority of
    models used are mixed white/asian.

    2- White men are seen as higher status/succesful. Everyone knows white people won. A lot of
    people hate that. Almost everywhere in the world, people wear european
    clothes, use european technology and English has become the trade
    language. Asians admit and realize this, its not white worship its just
    understanding the facts. Getting your ass kicked in war will do that.

    3- White guys have bigger dicks, in general. Yes there are some white
    guys with asian sized dicks but they aren’t the majority. THere are no
    asians with 10 inch dicks. Period.

    4- White men treat asian
    women the way they want to be treated, often better than the men. I was
    shocked at how low the maturity level was of asian men regarding dating
    in asia. They acted like 11 year olds in the states.

    5- Taller. Sure there are tall asians, and short whites, but on average we
    are taller. Thats changing some with interbreeding and hormone fed beef
    but not much.

    6- the one disadvantage: Facing disapproval from other asians and family.

    • Happy WHite

      P.S. – I just said the thing about white people winning bc I knew it would piss people off ;) lts true tho. But in 100 years who knows? Maybe the chinese will be top dog. You never know.

  • Diabolicus Rex

    I don’t even know what you look like (other than ‘Asian’ [which flavor?], but you’re hot and I love you… really really love you! <3

    • Diabolicus Rex

      Ooops, just saw your name. Vietnamese, you so horny!

  • William

    This article just makes me laugh. Asians are so pathetic.

    Asian women are proud to be willingly whores to white society and Asian men are emasculated pushovers that aid white society. Both genders act like dogs to their white masters.

  • Pat

    Testosterone is the base and cure for all this hoopla gents. Doesn’t matter what race you are, if your attractive your attractive. Eye of the beholder. I’m an Asian dude that loves and appreciates women of all ethics. You know how many cunt Asian girls I’ve dated? Their out there just like any other race. This is not 1920 where females were expected to be submissive or obedient. You bring good energy you get good energy. Get your testosterone levels up, workout, be funny, be easy going, have career goals, have passion, confidence, have a spine, learn the difference between fucking and making love-women need both. Asian ladies love white guys because in my theory their primal urge is to make healthy babies with healthy good looking guys. Bottom line, I understand Rochelle. Though that could be applied to anyone male or female, black, white, Asian, Latino, Eskimo, Indian, whatever. Why do we wanna sleep with attractive people ? Cause we perceive them as suitable mates to have our healthy babies. It’s so simple folks, if you fit the bill, your gonna be wanted. Race is only an issue if you let it be.

  • Lelantos Oosa

    This is a waste bitch lost, fucking the beast! Don’t touch that thing, ull get sick

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