10 Up and Coming Asian Starlets

How did we choose this list? The people we selected to be on this list had to be only of moderate fame. We didn’t include established older stars like Lucy Liu or Zhang Ziyi. Also younger stars that are already super famous didn’t get included either (like Vannessa Anne Hudgens and Misa Campo). Lastly, older Asian women who seem to be on the end of their career also didn’t get included (like Kelly Hu). The girls we chose also had to be at least part Asian and working primarily in the United States (we didn’t include girls who primarily work in Asia).

Jenna Ushkowitz – Glee

She has been in the entertainment business forever! Recently she’s been doing some Broadway musicals, but she shot to fame after she landed a role on the hit television series, Glee! She’s an incredibly talented girl and since her appearance on Glee, seems to definitely be on her way up in the industry.

Moon Bloodgood – Terminator: Salvation

Although she’s one of the older ones on this list, Moon Bloodgood isn’t a household name yet. However, she did play a major role in the recent Hollywood blockbuster, Terminator: Salvation, and now she seems to be on the road to bigger and better roles. Her half-Asian looks are also incredibly gorgeous. With some more roles under her belt, she is poised to be the next big Asian sex symbol.

Navi Rawat – Numb3rs

Just an overall beautiful half-Indian woman. While her resume thus far is not as impressive as others on the list, I personally loved her in Numb3rs, despite her limited role, and also in The OC. We’ll see very soon whether she can start taking some larger roles.

Grace Park – Battlestar Galactica

A beautiful and talented actress, Grace Park is probably most well known for her role on Battlestar Galactica. However, it wasn’t until I happened to catch her Maxim pictorial that I realized how beautiful this Korean woman is. She will most definitely be one to watch in the upcoming years.

Shay Mitchell – Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell is relatively unknown to the world unless you are one of the fans of the ABC family TV show, Pretty Little Liars. While Pretty Little Liars might be a bit insufferable for anyone with a penis, Shay Mitchell is one of the only redeeming quality of the show. Now if only they made her lesbian scenes a little bit steamier… now that’s a good plan for attracting male viewers!

Kristin Kreuk – Smallville

She’s already getting pretty famous, but she’s not A-list yet. Kristin Kreuk has played a number of small screen roles, most famously on The CW’s Smallville as Lana Lang. Although the recent, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li quite possibly took her a notch down on the popularity chart, Kreuk still has the beauty and the talent to become the next big thing. Watch out for her in the next few years.

Jamie Chung – Dragonball Evolution

Who knew that you could be on The Real World and still have a decent acting career. Jamie Chung is proving that you can become an actress in many different ways, including being on a trashy reality TV show. Although she hasn’t had any great roles yet, that should change once the movie Sucker Punch! is released (trailer looks amazing…) .

Freida Pinto – Slumdog Millionaire

She’s beautiful, and we all know that beauty gets you everywhere in Hollywood… Just kidding. She’s incredibly talented, as we all witnessed in her portrayal of Latika in Slumdog Millionaire. Although we haven’t seen her in any new roles yet, she is set to be in a few more movies coming up, and we’ll get to really see if she’s as talented as she is beautiful.

Charice Pempengco – Singer

Although many are calling her the female Justin Bieber, she’s not quite there yet. Although she’s made several appearances on TV shows (she will be on Glee), she has still yet to really make it bigtime. She did release a single with Iyaz called “Pyramid,” and while that was a great song, she’s still not as popular as the aforementioned Justin Bieber. Will she be #1 on the billboard charts in the future? We sure hope so.

Brenda Song – Suite Life

Probably the most famous girl on this list, and also the one with the most potential. Brenda Song just has that star quality of past Disney actresses without the trashiness. That to me seems like a recipe for major success. We’ve seen in her The Suite Life, but now she’s set to play more serious roles in major Hollywood movies like The Social Network. Without a doubt, Song will be a huge player in Hollywood within the next 2 or 3 years.

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