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about amped asia

Amped Asia is an Asian lifestyle magazine for the modern Asian man.

hot asian models

The only magazine out there devoted to exclusively showing off Asian import & glamour models around the world.

fashion & style

Learn about the latest trends & brands in fashion, from Asian guys that have done it before you.

dating advice

Be a man. Do the right thing. Dating advice from the top Asian seduction gurus and columnists like Will Legend and JT Tran.


Get tips and learn from the inspiring stories from some of the world's top Asian entrepreneurs.

Asian Issues

We discuss what's going on in modern Asian-America -- interracial dating, racism, and other cultural issues.

film & tv

Asians are entering Hollywood and TV more than ever -- we have the latest coverage.


We interview the hottest underground rappers and artists and feature the hottest music videos.


The funniest Asian videos on the web and famous YouTubers.

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Here's some sample pages inside Amped Asia magazine