My Encounter with a Gentleman

Sunny, age 24, has a little secret. All of her friends and family regard her as the unassuming and excitable little Asian girl who works a respectable job. However, behind her goofy smile hides an insatiable goddess in the sack. A very eager girl who is willing to try anything once, Sunny loves nothing more than giving - and receiving - pleasure. Interests include lengthy blowjobs, meeting interesting people, and cuddling.

These are her TRUE stories. Part of our new NSFW section on Amped Asia. All about sex sex sex.

First impressions always count, or at least, that was what was drilled into me at a very young age. Don't look sloppy! Sit up straight! Dress decently! Don't shake someone's hand while cock is still in your mouth! An obvious side product of these aggressive lessons is that most people wouldn't expect me to be the ravenous succubus I truly am, when first meeting me. However, in spite of this, I quickly made my mind up about Michael - a gentlemanly film finance associate I met off a dating site, with an affinity for white wine and Mahler. He only ever took me to 'proper' restaurants, kept a respectful distance when standing or walking with me, and never let me foot the bill unless I insisted. He had kissed me goodbye the last time we saw each other and he imperceptibly pulled away when I flicked my tongue against his lips, so I figured he was a slow starter when it came to fucking. Fair enough, I thought, I wouldn't want to force anyone to do anything they didn't want to. But that meant I had no expectations for sex anytime soon, and you know when you read a Sunny article, that can only mean one thing.
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  • Howler

    Damn, great story once again Sunny!

  • pokerastin8r

    Nice detailing and hot story Sunny!

  • john

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  • Sahba

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    Love the story …. a naughty pantiless girl will draw out the beast in even the most controlled gentleman.

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  • Kenji K.

    Naughty girl, very tempting for any man would even try hard not to stop keeping an eye on you. You’ve definetely tempted me from commenting.

  • Molatov

    First one of your stories that I’m reading, but can’t wait for the next. Hot and sexy.

  • khubra

    wow! hotter than summer

  • Full Tang

    Wow that’s a hot story. Wish I could do the same to you, Sunny, this story sounds very much like something I have done.

  • Henry Lin

    The temptation involved…

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    One of the best stories I’ve read!

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  • Harry_Hogfart

    If it was a true story she would have laughed at his tiny asian penis then went to her white lovers home